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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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964 Yang Shuzi

While people were deep in discussion, various groups jumped off the Realm Ship. With three or five people in each group, there were 30-odd people in all, all young Star Venerables. They were all elite disciples from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect of the Seventh Realm.

They were sizing Jiang Chen up fearlessly and arrogantly.

"I can't believe he had the nerve to come."

"It's really surprising. Maybe it's only because he knew he had nowhere to escape to."

"He killed the Holy Wings King. How could he beg for our mercy?"

These people spoke disdainfully as if Jiang Chen was insignificant to them. Jiang Chen was surprised that these people, although not as good as the Holy Wings King, were behaving in such an arrogant manner. Touching his chin, he suddenly understood why. It was because he was so young. They did not completely believe that he was the person who had killed the Holy Wings King.

"Is it you?" he asked.

"What?" These people certainly did not understand what he meant.

"Is it you who threatened me and people related to me?" Jiang Chen repeated in a cold tone.

The people were struck dumb. Under Jiang Chen's cold gaze, they were at a loss for words for some time.

"This guy!"

"Doesn't he know what situation he is in?"

"He hasn't seen much of the world yet."

They all flew into a rage when they realized what he had said.

"Hey, are you here to accuse us?"

A man walked up to him, taking a devil-may-care attitude, but getting more and more aggressive.

"Of course. Do you think I'm here to beg for your mercy?"

Jiang Chen walked towards him too.

"Damn it!" The man flew into a temper. He was in the Fourth Constellation Palace. Seeing Jiang Chen having no constellation palace at all, he profoundly despised the latter.

"Zhao Peng, don't chicken out. Teach him a lesson."

"Show him how great the disciples of the Taiyi Holy Land are."

"Yeah. Beat him until he kneels down to beg for our mercy."

Others started to jeer, not afraid to make things worse. However, the strongest ones among them pulled long faces. Although they had not seen anything extraordinary in Jiang Chen, they had seen his achievements and knew he was not simple. They did not stop Zhao Peng. Instead, they were more than happy to see someone else test the waters.

Jiang Chen suddenly sped up when Zhao Peng was about to attack. Without any extra movements, he collided with Zhao Peng directly. Zhao Peng was sent flying, like an average person hit by a galloping carriage. He bumped against the hulk of the Realm Ship hard.

All of a sudden, the world went quiet.

"They've started!"

Seeing Jiang Chen so mighty, the onlookers on the square were shocked.

No wonder he had the nerve to kill the Holy Wings King.

Even the Ancient Races thought the same. The Ancient Races staying in the Realm of True Force were not as strong as the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect. They could only throw their weight about in the Three Lower Realms.

"He is so brave!!"

"He is completely lawless, completely lawless!"

"Break his bones. Feed him to the dogs!"

The disciples of the Taiyi Holy Land were extremely angry. They were eager to join the fight. However, at this moment, a middle-aged man appeared.

"Martial Uncle."

"Senior Yang Shuzi."

The youngsters present there all greeted him with respect, not daring to behave in a wanton manner.

"Martial Emperor!"

The square was full of exclamations. They were thrilled to see a real Martial Emperor. It was eye-opening.

Jiang Chen had back-up, so he was fearless. He sized up the person in front of him carefully. He was in his early forties. The way he dressed was quite plain. There was nothing special about him. His eyes were long and narrow as if he was always squinting. He was from the Taiyi Holy Land. Zhao Peng, who had been sent flying, was a disciple of this Holy Land.

"Is this what you came for today?" he asked.

"You threatened me and my family. What else am I supposed to do?" Jiang Chen said.

"So this is what you came for today?" Yang Shuzi asked again. He stayed calm, but his voice got colder and colder.

The people around were gloating, wondering what Jiang Chen was going to do next.

"Yes. So what?" Jiang Chen frowned. He looked unhappy.

Without speaking, Yang Shuzi pointed at him. The energy emitted from his finger, as powerful as an arrow shot at the sun, was going to pierce through Jiang Chen's body. However, when it had almost gotten to Jiang Chen, it was cracked by a sword.

"Eh?" Looking at the sword before him, Jiang Chen was greatly surprised. It was not his father. It was another man who had jumped off the Realm Ship.

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"Senior Tian Sheng!"

The younger generation present there greeted him with respect.

Tian Sheng, a grand supreme elder of the Tianyi School, was also a Martial Emperor.

"Yang Shuzi, your temper is still so hot. We've made a deal. Are you going to break the deal now?"

He was 60 or 70 years old, white-haired, but he was really energetic. His vitality was endless. His voice was also powerful.

"When we made the deal, we did not know what kind of person he was yet. In my opinion, the best way to deal with him is to fight with him directly," Yang Shuzi said coldly.

"I think he is fine. If he isn't proud at all, he won't be our man."

Their conversation made the onlookers confused. They only knew these two were planning something regarding Jiang Chen. The young generation on the square realized what they were talking about. They were all surprised and unconvinced.

The Wizard Race was going to hold a banquet in the Seventh Realm. All races would be invited. At the same time, the Wizard Race also sent invitations to young people of all races. What they were up to was obvious. Judging from the conversation between Tian Sheng and Yang Shuzi, it seemed they wanted to invite this arrogant guy as the representative of the human race.

Actually, none of the young people on the scene was given so much trust. Why was Jiang Chen selected?

"Whatever." Yang Shuzi did not argue. He went to check Zhao Peng's injuries.

Tian Sheng turned around to look at Jiang Chen. He said, "You eliminated the Wing Men in the Realm of Nine Heavens and then got rid of a Silver Wings team. Then you came to the Realm of True Force. Here the Golden Eyes and the Holy Wings became your targets. Are you going to continue traveling while killing the Ancient Race?"

This was to tell Jiang Chen people knew what he had done, artfully knocking on his moral door.

"I have a clear conscience." Jiang Chen didn't bother to elaborate.

"What you did had a bad influence on the upper world. Maybe you don't think you did anything wrong, but the Ancient Race and the human race are collaborating. You killed so many Ancients. Both races have been offended. Once your sin is greater than what you did, do you really think no one in the Nine Realms can take you down? You killed the king of the Holy Wings. You think no one on this ship can do anything to you?" Tian Shen could not help but start to preach. Gradually, he became a little extreme.

"I don't need others to understand me. You are ignoring the crimes the Ancient Race has committed. And you are accusing me, the person who is trying to stop them? Is it because no one in the Realm of Nine Heavens is powerful enough to make what they were experiencing noted, and no one can catch your attention?" Jiang Chen did not change his attitude.

Tian Sheng flew into a rage.

Jiang Chen knew Tian Shen was trying to make the thing sound severe and then tell him there were actually other options so that he would feel grateful and owe the latter a favor. He did not appreciate it. Neither did he need it.

"Young man, I stopped Yang Shuzi just now because I appreciate your potential, but the way you behave really disappoints me. If you don't change your attitude, are you going to take the matter on its merits?" Tian Sheng said in anger.


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