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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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963 Realm Ship

When the morning came, Xuan Qing Qi and Xuan Kong Qi had shown up in Jiang Chen's constellation palace. Since he had also gotten Xuan Ming Qi, Xuan Ling Qi was the only kind of Qi he lacked. He would be successful with the First Constellation Palace soon.

"This feeling..."

Jiang Chen touched his Constellation Sea. He had not gathered all of the Four Qi yet, but he could already feel the excitement of the constellation palace.   He was thrilled. He knew there would be a qualitative leap when the Four Qi gathered in the constellation palace! By then no Star Venerable would be a match for him.

However, what puzzled Jiang Chen was the Four Qi only had practicing methods, but he had not seen any attacking methods yet. It was like this with the Xuan Ming Qi he got in the Ninefold Palace. So was it with Jiang Qingyu's practicing methods. Jiang Chen recalled what the Holy Wings King had said. If he could not attack, not even half of the power of the Four Qi would be exerted.

Although what Jiang Chen had achieved was already every powerful, how would it be possible for him to stop there? He did not forget about the most important thing. For the moment, the most urgent thing was to illuminate the First Constellation Palace.

Jiang Chen started to look for the practicing method for Xuan Ling Qi in the Realm of True Force. There were Star Venerables in the Realm of True Force, so he supposed it would not be difficult to find the method. However, gradually, he found he had overestimated the Realm of True Force. He could not find any Xuan Kong Qi. In addition, the practicing methods for the other three Qi were quite shallow and not very efficient.

He did not feel weird at all that the Sacred Martial Arts Institute had been eliminated by his father with one sword attack. Jiang Qingyu's practicing methods came from his master, Taoist Priest Skywind. As to how Taoist Priest Skywind got them, it was impossible to know. It was a pity that Taoist Priest Skywind had been killed by the Sacred Martial Arts Institute as soon as he broke through to Star Venerable. He did not even get the chance to work on his methods. Otherwise, Taoist Priest Skywind would have amazed the Three Lower Realms easily too.

While Jiang Chen was busy with these things, the whole Realm of True Force was in a mess. The contradictions between the human race and the Ancient Race were getting deeper and deeper.

When the story about the Tangs had spread, those forces that had collaborated with them were scared out of their wits. They asked for the Ancient Race's help. At the same time, they also informed the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect of the news. 

These forces had established communication with big forces above the Seventh Realm since the appearance of the Ancient Race. The death of the Holy Wings King in the Realm of True Force started a great disturbance in the Seventh Realm. However, the Holy Wings did not attack the human race. They only pressured the human race to give them an explanation.

On this day, some people from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect came to the Realm of True Force to investigate the incident.

"Bring that man here!"

"If he doesn't show up in three days, no matter what happens, it will be his own responsibility."

"You are wrong if you think we don't know who you are. Show up, stand up and be counted." These people announced to the world. They were not looking for Jiang Chen, but were expecting Jiang Chen to show up on his own.

The folks of the Realm of True Force involuntarily broadcast that those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect were up to something. The thing was whether that man would really show up. He claimed he was Jiang Chen's younger brother. Naturally, he should be from the Realm of Nine Heavens. If he did not show up, these people would go to the Realm of Nine Heavens, and it absolutely would be a disaster.

It was interesting that these people had chosen the Holy Martial Arts City as their headquarters. Jiang Chen and Jiang Qingyu were also in the Holy Martial Arts City. Jiang Chen, who had been paying much attention it, heard news about it.

It's time to negotiate with these people. I can't keep killing people. Jiang Chen thought. But I'm afraid they are not here to negotiate with me.

"Just go ahead. Don't worry. I'll be here no matter what happens." Jiang Qingyu's words put his worries aside.

"Okay!" Jiang Chen went out. He was eager to see how great those people were.


A giant ship was stopped on the square of the Holy Martial Arts City. It was from the Seventh Realm. It was different from average air ships. It was a Realm Ship! It was the model of war ship that was used to fight with the Planes World. It could travel through the Nine Realms at high speed.

Not until the situation in the Nine Realms had become steady, and the Planes War was history were the Realm Ships retired. It was only possible to see their pictures in history books. However, this day, there was a real Realm Ship on the square.

Seeing a Realm Ship with one's own eyes was much more shocking than looking at any vivid paintings. Whoever stood within a range of 60 miles of the Realm Ship would feel themselves small.

A false impression would arise if the Holy Martial Arts City was observed from far away. The city looked like a small quay at which a giant ship was berthed. Besides the shock brought by the Realm Ship, the people on the ship were also impressive. Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect were like immortals for the folks of the Realm of True Force.

Among people who had seen them, even the youngest ones were Star Venerables. Star Venerable was the lowest state for those people. They were the same age, but there was a huge gap. Many youngsters felt desperate. They realized no matter how hard they worked, such gaps had been decided at the time of their birth. As a result, when those on the ship looked around arrogantly and disdainfully, the people on the square involuntarily lowered their heads, feeling incompetent.

"You only have three days. No matter where you are, you'd better come here as soon as possible." A profound and magnetic voice came from the prow of the ship. People looked up and saw it was a youngster about 24 or 25 years of age. He was handsome and elegant. It was difficult to forget his face once you had seen him. Behind him was a group of youngsters. They were all talented and extraordinary people.

"Apprentice Brother Chu, aren't you afraid you'll scare him off?"

"Yeah. I'm curious about him. What would a person that had the nerve to kill the Holy Wings look like?"

"I'm 80 percent sure he won't come."

All of them were standing around the youngster, discussing Jiang Chen. The atmosphere was joyful. The youngster called Apprentice Brother Chu smiled. He said proudly, "If he doesn't come, we'll go to the Realm of Nine Heavens to catch him!"

"Realm of Nine Heavens? It's so far away."

"Darn it. I prefer to catch him in the Realm of True Force as soon as possible."

Others started to complain. None of them wanted to travel to the Realm of Nine Heavens.

"Apprentice Brother Chu Xuan!"

At this moment, someone ran over in a hurry. He shouted, "Coming. Coming."

"What is coming?" They were confused. Quite unhappy, they asked the newcomer to explain it to them.

"He is coming!"

They were struck dumb immediately. They did not expect him to come so fast. Only one hour ago did they announce the challenge.

"Looks like he has been in the city for some time. And he is very confident. He has come so fast. I don't think he even hesitated at all."

"Let's see how great he is. How dare he be so arrogant!"

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They had been talking about looking for Jiang Chen in the Realm of True Force. And then Jiang Chen came in person. However, they did not look so happy.

"Quick! Don't let others beat us to it!"

Chu Xuan said quickly as soon as he came to himself. Then he dashed out first. They were not the only group on this Realm Ship.

On the square, Jiang Chen was standing in front of the Realm Ship, shrouded in the ship's shadow. He could not even see the sun when he looked up.

"I'm homesick," Jiang Chen murmured. His family used to have a few Realm Ships too, which were placed on the mountains behind their house. He liked to run among the ships when he was a kid.

Each Realm Ship could be compared to an independent world. Even when he had grown up, he had not visited all of the corners. Seeing a Realm Ship before him, he felt nostalgic.

Out on the square, many people had gathered, pointing at him and discussing him in a low voice.

"He does look like Jiang Chen a lot."

"But he can't be Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen was 17 or 18 years old. If he were still alive, he would be 20 years old."

"Is he here to surrender? Doesn't look like it."

"If he is really Jiang Chen's younger brother, he won't surrender."


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