The Brilliant Fighting Master
961 To Take Good Care of Her!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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961 To Take Good Care of Her!

Where the sword is pointed is where the heart aspires.

Jiang Chen repeated what his father had said to him silently. He felt like a way had been pointed out to him. The sword radiance turned into a silver pillar and gushed out of the Heavenly Fault Sword. He entered an extraordinary state. He looked like he was made of colorful glass, super elegant and super noble.

The Holy Wings King, who had been feeling arrogant, was surprised. His wings started drooping.

Where on earth is this human from? He cursed to himself. Not daring wait a minute longer, he decided to attack first.

"Wind Extreme Kill!" This Original Method was even more powerful than the last one. The Holy Wings King had gone all-out to exert it. It was powerful enough to endanger human Star Venerables. He flapped his wings slightly and then disappeared.

"The Sword Method of Ksana: the fourth movement!" At the same time, entering the status of Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack, Jiang Chen exerted the fastest sword attack ever. Like the Holy Wings King, he also disappeared.

The people watching were petrified. They obviously felt that both of the two were around somewhere. However, they could not see them with the naked eye. Neither could they perceive their energies with their holy awareness.

Fortunately, both of them relied on speed to attack. The onlookers soon saw them appear again. They saw Jiang Chen and the Holy Wings King had exchanged positions, and were standing back to back.

Jiang Chen looked like he was in pain, his back slightly arching. "What a pity. You almost got me."

The Holy Wings King turned around. There was a startling wound on his chest. Even his bone was exposed. "You would have succeeded if the wound were a little deeper. What a pity. You haven't even filled one constellation palace. How are you going to defeat me?!" The Holy Wings King felt lucky and complacent.

Jiang Chen's sword attack had really achieved Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack. No matter how fast the Holy Wings King was, the sword still went for him. Jiang Chen's sword movement was almost as fast as he was.

Fortunately, the two had a huge gap in their states. They were both injured, but Jiang Chen's injury was worse. He had a cut on his divine body. The radiances were disappearing rapidly.

The onlookers felt like they knew that Jiang Chen had already failed.

"I might have failed, but you are also dying," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

The Holy Wings King smiled disdainfully. He suddenly turned pale when he was about to make a sarcastic comment. People suddenly saw two souls behind him. They did not even know when the two souls had appeared.They were a human and a dragon. Although they were only souls, they were extremely magnificent and powerful, like two of Buddha's warrior attendants with fierce stares.

The Holy Wings King wanted to flee immediately. He only needed to flap his wings slightly to vanish in an instant. However, deva and naga had anticipated this. Their big hands and the Dragon Ball grasped the long holy wings tightly. Then, the two made an effort to tear the wings off him. He was bleeding. His tragic scream made all the onlookers pale.

Jiang Chen straightened his back. Extending his right hand, the eight groups of spiritual beings went back onto his hand. It turned out he had left the scripture book on the back of his rival's waist. Even though the Holy Wings King flapped his wings, the Azure Demon and the black dragon moved with him too.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Shame on you! You shameless human. I'm going to kill you. I want to kill you!" Losing his wings, the Holy Wings King also lost his senses. He was making threatening gestures in the air. However, without the wings, he could not keep his balance well. Leaning unsteadily from side to side, he could not move so fast anymore.

"I'm shameless? Your daughter is the same age as me. You are trying to kill me. And you feel proud of it?" Jiang Chen said.

Without the wings, the Holy Wings King was not threatening at all. Jiang Chen approached him fearlessly. He punched the Holy Wings King with the power of thunder and fire. Instantly, the Holy Wings King could not even maintain his flight, and he fell. He was lucky enough to fall on a house. Thanks to the buffer offered by its roof, he did not die immediately, but he was very close to death.

Grasping him by his hair, Jiang Chen came up close to thoseTangs with him.

"What else have the Tangs got?"

It was like thunder for the Tangs. They were as white as sheets, unable to say a word.

"Father, don't kill that human. It will be too good for him!" The voice of the Holy Wings' princess came from Li Rong's room, breaking the silence. She was only disfigured. Except for that, she was totally fine. She walked out of the room with a fierce look, since she did not hear any more fighting going on. However, when she saw the Holy Wings King on his deathbed, she was petrified. She flopped down to the ground.

"The Tangs killed more than half of the generals and soldiers of the Red Flame Battalion in the Holy Martial Arts City. A life for a life. Do you prefer to do it on your own or leave it to me?" Jiang Chen said.

His statement horrified the Tangs.

"The Red Flame Battalion... It was a troop with few Reaching Heaven States. Its soldiers were recruited from the lower Planes World. How can their lives be compared to ours?"

"Exactly. Besides, we were not the only ones who killed them. Why are you only targeting us?"

"We'll compensate you with treasures and money!"

The Tangs did not want to die. They were still arguing.

"You, come here." Jiang Chen pointed at a middle-aged man. The other members of the Tangs next to him all jumped away from him, afraid they would get into trouble too.

"Did you just tell me the lives of the Red Flame Battalion soldiers were worthless, that they were not as precious as the Tangs' lives?" Jiang Chen's look was extremely cold. His anger was rising.

"Nooo. I didn't mean that." The middle-aged man came to himself. He hurried to shake his head. He screamed and fell onto the ground when Jiang Chen was about to speak. Standing behind him, Li Rong had given him a palm attack. With her arm drooping, she looked toward Jiang Chen with her almond eyes.

"We made a mistake. Please let go of the Tangs," she begged.

"I didn't see any regret on your faces before I started the fight with the birdman."

"Since I've gotten rid of their king, the Holy Wings and I will have irreconcilable hatred now. I didn't do all of this in order to let you all go." Jiang Chen was very resolute. Opening the eight groups of spiritual beings, he said, "Azure Demon, send them to hell."

"Okay." Azure Demon was in the form of deva. Emitting abundant Buddha's light, he looked threatening although he was not in anger. "I've seen sins in you. Let me purify your sins," said Azure Demon seriously.

The Tangs realized the situation was very unfavorable for them. They all started to flee. However, how would they be able to overrun Azure Demon? In the end, they were all killed by him.

Li Rong was wiser. She did not run, because she knew it was a waste of time.

"It was me who gave the order. You only need to kill me to take your revenge!" The lord of the Tangs said.

"They followed their lord's order and benefited from it. They prospered from it. They certainly should pay the price too. For me, none of the members of the Tangs is innocent." Then Jiang Chen killed the lord of the Tangs.

"The Tangs are doomed."

The other forces present there were petrified.

The Tangs were one of the biggest forces in the Realm of True Force. For any force, it would need a war participated in by 10,000 people to eliminate them. However, Jiang Chen eliminated the Tangs alone, despite the help of the Holy Wings.

"My daughter won't forget you!" Knowing she would not survive, Li Rong showed her true colors. Her look was extremely malicious.

"Do you think I'll forget your daughter? Don't worry. I'll do what you told me on the sea, to take good care of her," Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.


By then, Li Rong was absolutely sure that the person before her was definitely Jiang Chen! However, she would not have the chance to tell others anymore.


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