The Brilliant Fighting Master
960 Break the Rule with a Single Artifact!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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960 Break the Rule with a Single Artifact!

"Doing something to the utmost is better than doing thousands of mediocre things." The Holy Wings King said in a cold voice. As the holy wings on his back flapped rhythmically, an invisible hurricane swept over the sky. "You human beings never understand this, because you don't have such great talents." Then the Holy Wings King launched another attack.

It was as fast as lightning. While he was moving, no one could even catch a glimpse of him. In the end he showed up in some unimaginable place. It was really unfavorable for Jiang Chen. His rival was too fast for even his Eye of Heaven to follow.

Each Ancient tribe had its own strengths. For the Holy Wings, it was their incredibly fast speed. It was said that the strongest Holy Wings could even beat the clock!

He has at least achieved the completeness of the conception of wind. Jiang Chen thought to himself.

Of course, the Holy Wings King did not know any Martial Techniques of Lore. He could only move so fast thanks to his holy wings and his Original Method.

"You have the strongest power in you. However, you're not proficient in it. You're using fire, sword, and other things all at the same time. How stupid you are." Jiang Chen kept hearing the voice of the Holy Wings King, but he could not see him. Because of this, Jiang Chen received consecutive heavy blows, which pushed him into a passive defense.

"It is because you're destined to be able to master none of these."

"We have nothing when we were born, but no one can master everything." Jiang Chen went all-out as he spoke. The Buddhist mind and the Taoist temperament turned his power into a sea. His entire body was illuminated, giving off radiance, as if he was an inviolable God.

"Ridiculous." The Holy Wings King did not hesitate. He confronted Jiang Chen face to face. Flying before him, his holy wings drew a radiance in the form of a crescent moon.

Receiving this attack, Jiang Chen should have been split in two, but the radiance around him parried the Holy Wings King's radiance and emitted dazzling sparks.

"You Holy Wings will never be able to achieve such defenses," Jiang Chen said.

"Huh, the Holy Wings can fly and go underground. Do we need such defenses?" Surprised at Jiang Chen's defense, the Holy Wings King tried to stay calm, as if he was not affected. "Is this the best you can do? You can die then."

The Holy Wings King's wings suddenly illuminated. The flame-like red faded into a pure white. His bones changed with some cracking noises. His holy wings soon achieved ten yards long. The Holy Wings King transformed into a deity standing in the air. The people on the ground found they even felt the impulse to worship him.

The Ancient Race is really great. The human race isn't a match for them. Those in the Tang Mansion involuntarily thought.

"Don't forget about the age of Jiang Chen's younger brother. This Holy Wings King is already a father." Someone said.

It reminded others of Jiang Chen's power. They could not help but nod their heads. This fight wasn't over yet.

"That's true. He killed many Holy Wings of his own age."

"What a pity. He shouldn't have come here!"

"He'll be something when he grows up."

These comments made Li Rong unhappy, but she also had to agree with them.

"A young genius like his elder brother was already fascinating enough."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

She still could not believe that guy might be Jiang Chen. The news from the Three Middle Realms said Jiang Chen was dead. Besides, this guy was too young. Since they were brothers, it was not so weird for them to use the same weapons.

In the air, the Holy Wings King and Jiang Chen made some changes respectively. Then they started another round. This time it was a little different. Jiang Chen was not as embarrassed as before.

The Holy Wings King moved faster. He could stay invisible for more than ten seconds before he launched an attack. His rival would not perceive him at all.

Jiang Chen's divine body moved around. He did not look like a human. Holding Artifact Swords in his hands, although he was at a disadvantage, he managed to stand upright.

"Wind Whirling Sphere!"

The Holy Wings King had to exert a powerful Original Method to resist him. People heard him flapping his wings. Then the area where Jiang Chen had been became occupied by the wind. Jiang Chen felt like he was stuck in a swamp, restricted in every sense, unable to move at all.

Soon, that wind began whirling at even higher speeds. Similar to Wind and Fire Swords Wheel, it could strangle people to death. The Holy Wings King's wind was far more powerful than Jiang Chen's. The wind was everywhere, blowing into every crack. Jiang Chen's thunders and flames did not have any influence on the wind.

"The wind is invisible. Don't waste your energy. Just wait for your death." The Holy Wings King's voice came from the wind.

Jiang Chen's clothes were being ripped into strips. He was feeling more and more pain.

"Explode!" The Holy Wings King shouted in a profound voice, intending to kill Jiang Chen.

When the wind had achieved its utmost, its power soared to the critical point and a horrible tearing force broke out. Jiang Chen would be smashed into pieces like a cloth ripped by numerous scissors. However, the Holy Wings King soon found the sound was not quite right. It was muffled, not like the sound given off by an explosion at all. He took a closer look. The wind around Jiang Chen was distorted, and he was bathed in lights. His injured body was healed rapidly. In an instant, he was totally fine, as if nothing had ever happened to him.

"Xuan Ming Qi?"

The Holy Wings King had dealt with humans before. Recognizing which Qi of the Four Qi Jiang Chen was practicing immediately, he felt he had found a reasonable explanation for Jiang Chen's strength.

"You're able to work on Xuan Ming Qi. It means you must have a special body. What is it? A fighting body? Or a sacred body?" The Holy Wings King asked tentatively.

"That's a load of crap," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"You're so stubborn. You only know how to work on Xuan Ming Qi. As to how to put it into use in a fight, you know nothing. Did the last attack consume the majority of the Xuan Ming Qi you had in your constellation palace?" The Holy Wings King asked.

Jiang Chen looked calm, but actually, he was shocked. As his rival had pointed out, the Xuan Ming Qi in his constellation palace had been exhausted. It would take some time to recover. Apparently, the Holy Wings King would not give him that time.

Even if I call Azure Demon and the black dragon out, they still can't beat his speed. It will be useless, Jiang Chen thought.

His rival was too fast. He was not a match.

"For me, you are only a sandbag that I can punch for a long time. Stop struggling. Wait for your death quietly." The Holy Wings King knew it clearly. He was too strong to be scared of anything. This was the good thing about being fast. "That's the only way."

Jiang Chen ignored him. There was no worry in his eyes. He held the Heavenly Fault Sword horizontally before him, with the handle pointing at the middle of his brows. A powerful sword energy immediately gushed out of him and the sword. The sword chimed like a dragon.

"Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack?"

Seeing Jiang Chen's movement, the Holy Wings King raised his brows, smiling sarcastically. "Show me how good you are."

Holding his arms across his chest, he was not going to fight back. He was giving Jiang Chen the time to accumulate strength.

In the audience, Li Rong was extremely anxious. The Holy Wings King really should not have looked down on his enemy. The consequences could be tragic. However, she did not have the nerve to say anything, because the arrogant Ancient Race did not like to hear such comments.

Break the Rule with a Single Sword Attack was a popular saying.

In fact, the original version was Break the Rule with a Single Artifact. It was a martial arts state that everyone would like to achieve. No matter how great the enemy was, no matter what wonderful movements or trump cards the enemy had, people who had achieved this state could just ignore everything. They could defeat the enemy with their weapons anyway.

It was a mysterious state.

Some young practitioners in lower states could achieve it, while some stronger ones could not.

Jiang Chen had achieved it a long time ago, but it only worked for enemies below Star Venerable.

Facing the Holy Wings King, he had to have a breakthrough!

Only in this way would he have the chance to win.


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