The Brilliant Fighting Master
958 Jiang Chen’s Younger Brother
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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958 Jiang Chen’s Younger Brother

The Ancient Race in the Realm of True Force was going to swear black was white. To twist the truth was what they were going to do. As for the witnesses on the ship, they would just claim those people were Jiang Chen's accomplices.

"All we said is true."

"Even if the guy is right here, I'll still tell you the same thing!"

"That's right!"

The elders of the Tangs promised in all kinds of ways.

Those from other forces nodded slightly. It was difficult to tell whether they had bought it or not.

"Yeah? You're so damn awesome."

Jiang Chen changed back to the same look he had when he was on Golden Ship. Kicking the door open, he walked in holding up his head. People were given a scare. They all looked toward him.

The five elders of the Tangs, who had been so confident a moment ago, went weak at the knees due to fear. They had thought it would be safe for them in the Tang Mansion. It was beyond their imagination that this guy had the nerve to come here.

"Didn't you just say you would say the same thing even if I was here? Why did you chicken out?" Jiang Chen said, feeling it was funny.

Those from other forces realized who he was. They kept retreating. None of them had the nerve to come forward. The humans in the Realm of True Force were vulnerable before Jiang Chen.

"How dare you!" The lord of the Tangs was pissed off. He said in anger, "What place do you think this is? How dare you come here?!" This reminded other forces of the existence of a strong Holy Wings in the Tang Mansion. They did not have to worry about this guy at all.

"All we said is true." Getting to his feet, an elder plucked up his courage to say.

"Yeah?" Jiang Chen asked. He flicked his fingers, and that elder's body and head were split apart.

Other elders who had intended to come forward were scared out of their wits. Standing there, they did not even dare move.

"You survived thanks to me. Now I'm going to take away the lives you owe me," Jiang Chen said.


Seeing himself being ignored, the lord of the Tangs was extremely annoyed. It did not seem Jiang Chen was here to reason with them.

"It's really hard to believe you. You're not very convincing," someone from the other forces said.

"Who told you I was here to convince you, or to reason with the Tangs?" Glancing at these people, Jiang Chen said, "I'm here to eliminate the Tangs. After today, the Tangs won't exist anymore in the Realm of True Force."

The hall went into an uproar.

The lord of the Tangs could not sit still anymore. Getting to his feet, he said, "Stop being so arrogant. If you really have the guts, do you dare come with me?!"

"Why not?"

"All right!" The lord of the Tangs led him out of the hall. They were going toward where the strong Holy Wings were. The lord of the Tangs had been calling for the Holy Wings, but somehow he did not get any response.

Other forces hesitated. Thinking Jiang Chen did not have any reason to attack them, they stayed calm and followed the two.

"What happened?!" Walking out of the hall, the lord of the Tangs saw many corpses lying everywhere. They were all members of the elite force of the Tangs.

"How do you think I managed to walk into your hall?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

The lord of the Tangs was in a fury, but he did not dare say a word. He had built all of his hopes on the strong Holy Wings. Soon, they came to the courtyard. Pushing a door open, they walked in.

"Jun? Why are you here?!"

People soon saw a middle-aged man sitting in the yard, upset and distracted, as if he had lost his soul. He got extremely panicked seeing so many people there. Then he exhaled and lowered his head, as if a weight was off his mind. People got confused. This middle-aged man was the lord's son, the future lord of the Tangs, Tang Shiya's father.

All of a sudden, a woman's wild laugh came from the room, along with an inviting moan. Everyone present there was shocked. Even Jiang Chen was surprised. That woman was Tang Shiya's mother, Li Rong. She could not be alone. If they listened more attentively, they would hear a strong Holy Wings' vigorous laugh. People tumbled to what was happening. They looked toward the middle-aged man with empathy and disdain.

"Are the Tangs destined to fall?" The lord of the Tangs had experienced a lot in his entire life, but it was still a great shock for him. "Who are you?! Why do you hate the Tangs to such an extent? Is it only because of Tang Tianjun? You are way too cruel!"

"You want to know?" Jiang Chen smiled coldly again. His look changed, and he showed his real face. However, not many people present there recognized him. Jiang Chen did not tell them who he was either. He explained in this way, "Jiang Qingyu is my father. Jiang Chen is my elder brother. Now you know who I am?"

"Jiang Qingyu! Jiang Chen!"

These two names were quite a blow for everyone. The folks of the Realm of True Force were not stranger to these two names.

Jiang Qingyu eliminated the Sacred Martial Arts Institute with one sword attack. Jiang Chen was crowned as the winner of the Great Competition of the Three Realms. After that, he went to the Three Middle Realms. It was said he had made great achievements in the Three Middle Realms. Some people said he was already dead.

Now, his younger brother suddenly appeared. How strange that was. However, they totally believed him because, taking a closer look at him, he and Jiang Chen were really alike.

"Jiang Chen...."

The lord of the Tangs turned pale. He finally realized what this was about.

Jiang Chen!

The Tangs did not have many grudges with Jiang Chen. If he had not given the order during the Great Competition of Three Realms, it would have been quite peaceful between them. However, he gave the order because he was afraid Jiang Chen would be a great threat to them in the future. It was exactly that order that had brought the Tangs this disaster. The lord of the Tangs instantly looked extremely old, as if all of his vigor had been drawn away.

This news was really striking.

"Who is out there?"

The people in the room finally found there was something wrong. They put on their clothes. Then Li Rong pushed the door open and walked out. Her hair was quite messy. Seeing so many people out there, she was also shocked.

"You useless thing!" Then she cursed the middle-aged man, "I told you to watch the place. You can't even do that well."

The middle-aged man was speechless. He did not dare say anything.

"What a misfortune for the family. What a misfortune for the family!"

"Ha, ha, ha. What misfortune for the family?" Li Rong was not ashamed at all. She said unscrupulously, "I failed at my practice and left my threads of love in your son's body. He improved greatly in this way. And then? He got bored with me after I gave birth to Shiya. Then he married a young woman immediately. Over 20 years, he hasn't touched me even once. To him, I'm just an old woman!" If Tang Shiya hadn't given me the elixir to recover my youth and help me achieve Star Venerable, my life would have been miserable!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Outsiders were really not in a position to comment on such things, but everyone knew when these things spread, the Tangs would be humiliated and ashamed.

"I heard you were talking about Jiang Chen?" Li Rong brought up the important thing.

"He is Jiang Chen's younger brother." The lord of the Tangs said. Then he stepped aside, trying to figure out what he had done wrong so that the Tangs had fallen into such a situation.

"Jiang Chen's younger brother?" Throwing Jiang Chen a glance, Li Rong thought that made sense. However, this had happened so suddenly that she was totally puzzled.


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