The Brilliant Fighting Master
957 The Ancient Race“s Princess
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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957 The Ancient Race“s Princess

Just after this, Jiang Chen's gaze fell upon the three Holy Wings Clan members.

"You have really hurt me. I will ask my father to kill you and tear you to shreds."

"Damned human, you are really daring!"

"You should release us quickly."

The three Holy Wings Clan members still didn't realize their current situation, and the arrogant young girl was still shouting loudly.

"They are all Star Venerables," Jiang Chen muttered. The Ancient Race's members were innately powerful, and this was something which humans couldn't rival. Just those three youths were enough to overwhelm the True Force Realm. It was no wonder that they were reckless, and they didn't care about humans' lives.

"What is your name?" Jiang Chen walked toward the sole young man and questioned him while wearing an expressionless look.

"Piao Zheng!"

When the young man met Jiang Chen's gaze, he replied subconsciously. But just after that, he came back to his senses and flew into a rage due to such humiliation. He said angrily, "It would be better for you to quickly let us leave, or else, our king will..."

Before the young man had finished his words, a miserable scream came out of his mouth. Jiang Chen had used his sword arts and attacked the young man's lower body. His crotch became drenched with blood, which dripped from it.

A moment ago, the young man was talking about castrating someone else, yet this was now his fate.

It didn't end with just this, however. Jiang Chen used his sword once again and cut off the pair of wings on the young man's back. Now, he was thoroughly crippled!

Jiang Chen didn't spare him another glance, and he went toward the arrogant young girl and asked the same question as before.

"You are really daring! Since you dare to injure a member of our Holy Wings Clan, you are already done for. I will have to inform you about this." She still didn't understand her current predicament, and one of her golden feathers turned into a light beam and flew away.

This was a signal used to request help. Her father was now in the Tang family's residence, and he could come here in less than a second.

"Just wait! I will use a branding iron to brand your face," the young girl said.

If the girl was just judged from humans' aesthetic point of view, she would be quite beautiful. But she was vicious and ruthless, and people like her were quite rare in the Human Clan. Moreover, she still didn't realize that she was doing evil as if what she was doing wasn't any different than a human hunting demonic beasts.

Jiang Chen handed over the branding iron, which was heated until it turned red, to the unyielding youngster.

"You..." Upon witnessing this, the young girl was scared, and she unfolded her wings and tried to escape. However, she just collided against the ancient formation and was deflected back. At such a moment, her whole body became powerless, and the youngster took advantage of this opportunity to brand her face with a branding iron.

A burnt foul smell spread out and white smoke rose out, as the young girl screamed miserably.

"You unexpectedly dare to treat me like this! You unexpectedly dare to treat me like this!" She couldn't accept such a matter.

"How is it? You didn't expect this when you attacked us?" The youngster felt quite refreshed upon witnessing her current appearance.

"Lowly humans! You are all just bugs, and once my father comes, you will all die."

Jiang Chen didn't care about her meaningless shouting and went toward the other young girl.

"Don't..hit me, please, I'm entreating you. I really didn't want to do it." This young girl also possessed perfect beauty, and she revealed a pitiful look. She didn't torture them a moment ago, and she was just standing next to them, and she was still biting her fingernails as if she couldn't get used to such a sight.

"You don't need to put on an act in front of me," Jiang Chen said coldly.

The young girl was taken aback by this, and she raised her head in confusion.

Jiang Chen snorted coldly. This young girl really didn't do anything, and the tortured people could testify for this. But Jiang Chen saw more matters than other people.

The young girl really didn't do anything and was still biting her fingernails, as her body shivered. It seemed like she wasn't used to what was happening here. However, Jiang Chen's Heaven Eyes noticed clearly that her eyes were filled with excitement. Her body wasn't shivering with fear, but with excitement. This young girl was even more perverted than the other two.

As the young girl faced Jiang Chen's sharp gaze, she stopped putting on an act and revealed a strange smile. She said, "You are all done for! She's our princess, and you will pay for your actions."

This was the reason why the princess was still arrogant and haughty even after witnessing Piao Zheng being crippled. In her eyes, she wasn't just greater than humans, she had a lofty status even among the Ancient Race's members.

"I will get to enjoy the process of torturing you personally, and it will surely be interesting and fascinating." The young girl in front of Jiang Chen revealed a brighter smile, and spoke excitedly, while her body shivered, and her face became flushed.

Jiang Chen just shook his head and didn't attack her.

"How many Holy Wing Clan members are here?" Jiang Chen asked the ten captives.

"It's just those three, as well as another older one," the youngster threw away the branding iron, and replied while treating his injuries.

"It seems like the older one is quite powerful," someone immediately said. It was obvious from his tone that he dreaded him.

"That is our Holy Wing Clan's king," the young girl replied excitedly with her eyes filled with glee.

"It would be better for us to leave."

"That is right, we must announce the Tang family's evil and wicked conduct to everyone."

The other people assumed that Jiang Chen had come here just to save them, and they were all pondering about how could they leave.

"You can't leave. Once you remove the ancient formation, the people outside will learn of what happened here. Do you think that you will run faster than Holy Wing Men?"

The young girl said coldly, "I can inform you clearly that even if you separate and flee in different directions, our king can still capture all of you."

"Woman, are you courting death?" Upon hearing her, the other people couldn't keep their calm.

The young girl unfolded her wings and cast a provocative glance at the people charging at her.

Even though she was young, she was still a Star Venerable, and the ten captives were just young Venerables, and weren't a match for her.

They all cast their gazes at Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen didn't waste any time and said, "You don't need to worry about it. After a while, you should all leave, while I have to go fight against that king."

The ten people were startled at first, before they became excited. If this wasn't the Tang family's domain, they would still have wished to stay here and cheer for him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The young girl, who was shouting a while ago, looked at Jiang Chen with an odd gaze. She couldn't understand why he was so confident.

"A human isn't capable of achieving such a matter," she said.

Jiang Chen turned his head around and said, "I never once met someone who was so eager to die like you."

While Jiang Chen's voice just finished echoing out, he imbued his lightning and flames into the young girl's body and tortured her viciously. But, he still didn't take her life.

"You have crippled me..."

The young girl's Constellation Palace was destroyed, and it would be impossible for her to cultivate from now on.

"Let's start!"

Jiang Chen opened the ancient formation, and the people outside immediately realized that something amiss had occurred in the martial arts plaza. However, before they could speak, Jiang Chen took their lives with his sword.

The ten captives, who were riddled with scars, supported each other, as they followed Jiang Chen, and all the Tang family members they met on the way were killed by his sword. After Jiang Chen escorted the ten people out of the gate, he started walking around in the Tang family's residence. He managed to quickly find the main hall at the center of the residence, and many people were there.

Jiang Chen opened his Heaven Eyes and revealed a meaningful smile.

The Tang family's elders who were on the Golden Ship were now narrating what had happened, and it was obvious that they were narrating the fake story and lies concocted by them. Moreover, they were narrating it to the representatives of the True Force Realm's factions.


It was at this moment that Jiang Chen realized that there was a conspiracy hidden behind this. The Tang family wasn't helping the Golden Eye Clan hide their lies just because of Tang Tianjun alone. Moreover, as Jiang Chen thought back to what the Golden Eye Clan claimed, he felt like the Martial Divinity Herb affair wasn't related to just the Golden Eye Clan alone.


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