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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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956 Torture

"If he's a man, he should come out by himself." Li Rong enjoyed such a moment and enjoyed the crowd's attention and reverence. She had hoped for her daughter to get success in life, and her wish was finally fulfilled. When it came to choosing who would become a Star Venerable, Tang Shiya chose her, which let her status in the Tang family exceed the Family Master. She didn't need to use any schemes or plots, and she managed to achieve such an affair smoothly through her daughter's influence, as well as her current Realm Level.

This was where cultivation's charm lay, and this was why many experts weren't really shrewd and just depended upon their power to resolve everything. They would directly kill anyone who disobeyed them.

When the crowd in the street heard Li Rong's bold words, they were as confused as the Holy Martial Arts City's people when they witnessed the arrest warrant. When did the Tang family get enough power to challenge that guy?

When the crowd here was just about to ponder the same matter as the Holy Martial Arts City's people, someone walked out of the gate. The crowd exclaimed in alarm, and they couldn't help but draw back. This was a man from the Ancient Race. He had a handsome face and his skin was glowing faintly. It was impossible to guess his age.

Most people here were scared when they witnessed the pair of giant wings on his back. They were pure white, and their feathers were shining in a holy light.

"The Holy Wings Clan?" Jiang Chen furrowed his brows, and then he realized who was the Tang family's backer. With the Holy Wings Clan's great power, they wouldn't sink so low that they would need to come into the True Force Realm. Even if they didn't manage to establish themselves on the Three Upper Realms, it wouldn't be an issue for them to reside in the Three Middle Realms. The only explanation for this was that the Holy Wings Clan wasn't residing in the True Force Realm and just came here to help the Tang family.

"Is it once again due to Tang Shiya?" Jiang Chen really wanted to know how this woman managed to get such great influence in the past year.

"I will also ask everyone here to provide us information about the guy, and you will surely be rewarded generously," Li Rong said.

Just after this, she went back to the residence along with the Holy Wings Clan man and the Tang family members dragged the other six people into the residence.

The people in the surroundings, who had observed this matter, left, and most people in the city revered the Tang family more than before and firmly believed what they had claimed. This was also why Jiang Chen ended up hearing many people curse him even though they didn't know his true name and didn't know that he was in the vicinity.

Jiang Chen took a glance at the Tang family residence and went inside quietly. He wanted to find out how many Holy Wings Clan members were inside.

Jiang Chen hid in a treetop and opened his Heaven Eye to look for the six people so that once the Tang family was about to kill them he could intervene and save them. However, he discerned that the Tang family didn't plan to kill them for now. The six people had been brought to the residence's martial arts plaza, where there were still four other people being tortured.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that the people dealing with them were youngsters from the Holy Wings Clan. They were two women and a man, and they were all still youthful. They had pure blood flowing in their bodies, and if one observed their outward appearance, one would notice their pair of shining wings. They weren't torturing those humans because they had been given a task, they were just having fun with them.

The Tang family members were observing this from the area and they all wore respectful expressions and didn't dare to offend them.

"I don't believe that humans are unyielding." A young girl from the Holy Wings Clan with snow-white skin was using a torture instrument against a young man. This man's whole body was drenched with blood, and he was cursing loudly.

"Your Tang family colluded with the Ancient Race and distorted the facts. You are all making a serious mistake."

"The Martial Divinity Herb is an object that can extinguish the Human Clan's bloodline. Your Tang family are monsters."

The tortured people were cursing loudly. They all had a firm will and warm blood and had come here bravely to announce the truth.

Jiang Chen had witnessed human nature's ugly side many times, but he still couldn't help but admit that human nature could shine brightly at times, and all myriad races couldn't rival them.

The Holy Wing Clan's young girl didn't care about his curses and shouts and put the scalding piece of metal against the body of the youth, whose curses were the most vicious. Pained screams immediately echoed out, and the six people who were brought here lowered their heads and didn't dare to observe this.

"Raise your heads!" Another youngster from the Holy Wings Clan rebuked them angrily, "Look clearly how weak and feeble you humans are."

The six people were left without a choice, and they had to look over.

"Quickly give in." Upon hearing his screams, the young girl became more spirited, and she shouted excitedly.

Jiang Chen understood what was happening. The captured ten people were being used by those three Holy Wings Clan members to compete against each other. The ones who succeeded in getting those they tortured to confess would win.

The results of the young girl were the worst. She didn't manage to subdue even a single one, which was why she was quite annoyed and irritated. After the piece of metal cooled down, the young girl wanted to verify whether the human had conceded.

"Birdwoman!" The youth cursed without giving this matter a single thought.

"Ah! It's really infuriating!" The Holy Wing Clan's young girl stamped the ground and thrashed the youth's face with a piece of metal.

"Princess, your method is wrong. Just physical torture alone won't show any results if used against such a person." It was another youngster from the Holy Wing Clan who spoke, and he had a maturity which didn't conform with his age. He strode forward and said with a smile, "It's only psychological torture which is the most terrifying." It seemed like he wanted to give a demonstration to the young girl, and he went toward the tortured youth.

The youth was still indomitable, and he stared back at him.

"I won't kill you, and I will still release you. I already have information about you. You have a pretty fiancee, and it seems like you have many rivals. I was just wondering whether, if I castrate you and send you back, what will occur in your current life?" The Holy Wing Clan's youngster spoke slowly, and his handsome expression seemed quite ice-cold.

Upon hearing the youngster's words, the youth's expression changed drastically.

"It's really effective." The eyes of the Holy Wing Clan's young girl lit up, and she walked over to him.

The youngster sneered coldly and extended his hand. The Tang family members immediately handed him a sharp knife.

"Don't! Don't do it..." The youth panicked, and he struggled, but he was bound firmly on a wooden frame and couldn't budge by even an inch.

"Ha, ha, ha, it's all because you were so unyielding and arrogant." The young girl clapped. She seemed quite happy and was amused by such a game.

Even the Tang family members in the vicinity couldn't help but criticize inwardly those freakish Ancient Race's members. However, even if they were beaten to death, they would still not state what they had in their minds.

When the Holy Wings Clan's youngster was just about to do it, a person intruded.

An ancient formation had been quickly set here before the people in the martial arts plaza detected anything, and it isolated the plaza from the outside world. When the Tang family members outside detected it, they ran over there.

"An ancient formation? It could have been set by the Holy Wings Men. Don't worry about it," a butler said. 

The butler said inwardly, Since they needed to set up a formation to avoid arousing suspicions, then how horrifying was the sight of what was occurring there?

People would have never imagined what was really happening in the martial arts plaza.

The Tang family members were all killed by Jiang Chen, while the three Holy Wings Clan members unfolded their holy wings and pounced at Jiang Chen.

However, Jiang Chen managed to send them flying with just a single punch.

"Sorry, I was late." Jiang Chen landed before the fettered four people and released them.

They didn't recognize Jiang Chen at first, and it was only when they witnessed the Heavenly Fault Sword in his hands that they recognized him. They were all extremely excited. Even the six people who had already submitted became spirited, but their expressions quickly became gloomy.

"You don't need to brood over it. You were already quite brave," Jiang Chen didn't blame them, and he still comforted them.


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