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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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955 That Guy

"This sword move..."

Upon witnessing the aura of Jiang Chen's sword, everyone in the Holy Martial Arts City went into an uproar. They all felt sure they had seen it before. Even though they weren't positive, they still noticed some clues. In the past, there was a man who wore snow-white clothes named Jiang Qingyu in this city, and he managed to destroy the Sacred Institute alone. The sword move used by Jiang Chen on this day burned their memory of that incident bright in their minds again.

"Is he that man's disciple?"

The crowd looked at Jiang Chen. When he faced the three Ancient Race's experts, he recovered his normal appearance. Many people found him familiar-looking, but they couldn't recall where they had seen him before.

Jiang Chen couldn't use sword arts directly like his father, and he needed to depend upon the Sword Doctrine. After he used the sword move, the three Ancient Race's experts who had fled in different directions, all lost their lives.

Jiang Chen sheathed his sword and landed slowly without paying any attention to the shocked citizens.

At this moment, the Tang family members felt like a lofty mountain was weighing on them.

"Quickly escape!" Tang Ao was aware that they were in danger, and he immediately ordered them to escape. However, their movements were obviously slower than Jiang Chen's.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

Jiang Chen once again used his evil flames, and he turned the whole residence into a sea of flames. The flames started spreading from the hall, which gave the residence's servants enough time to escape. However, Tang Ao and the others all died in despair. They never did understand where and when they had offended this person. Did everything happen just because of Tang Tianjun?

Jiang Chen floated in the sky and collected the evil flames in time so that the Holy Martial Arts City wouldn't be implicated and harmed.

"A debt of blood must be paid by blood. I will exterminate the Tang family, and anyone who dares to obstruct me will bear the consequences. Remember my name, the Heavenly Fault Sword's Master." Jiang Chen left these words behind when he left the Holy Martial Arts City.

When the crowd heard what Jiang Chen had said, they guessed that he would go to the Tang family's main residence, and that was really what Jiang Chen had planned. He wouldn't willfully slaughter the innocent and exterminate all of the family's members, but he must still destroy the Tang family and disband it.

Now that he thought harder about it, he didn't really have any feud with the Tang family. Everything started because Tang Shiya used him to cultivate the Love Thread Tribulation Technique. Moreover, since they were both using each other, he didn't really have an intense desire to take revenge against her. However, who could have expected that the Tang family wanted to guard against the unexpected and attacked him along with other factions.

"By the way, I didn't see Tang Shiya in the Title Battle?"

"At that time, it was rumored that Ning Haotian managed to make great progress because he got my divine blood, and at that time, he had really come to ask for my divine blood."

"It's impossible for Ning Haotian's simple mind to come up with such a complicated plan."

Flames of anger rose in Jiang Chen's eyes. He was almost completely sure that Tang Shiya was the mastermind behind that, and, even if that wasn't the case, she was still mixed up in it somehow. The reason behind this was quite simple, because only a few people knew that he had a divine body, and Tang Shiya had in the past had an intimate relationship with him and knew many secrets about him.

Some of the enemies who had appeared in the Spirit Zone came to take revenge, but most of them just wanted to get his divine blood. So Xue'er's tragedy was surely related to Tang Shiya.

The next time we meet, you will surely die. But for now, I will first exterminate your family, Jiang Chen said to himself.

After a short while had passed, he reached the Tang family's main residence before news about what had happened in the Holy Martial Arts City spread there.

The Tang family had established a majestic city on a mountain range, and its walls were tall and sturdy. This city seemed like a giant beast sleeping in the depths of the mountain. The city was bustling with noise and excitement and had an endless stream of horses and carriages in its center.

Jiang Chen managed to quickly notice many Ancient Race members in the city and couldn't help but think of the Golden Ship's Tang Tianjun, as well as the four Ancient Race experts who had attacked him in the Holy Martial Arts City to help the Tang family.

"It seems like the Tang family has a good relationship with the Ancient Race experts." As he thought of this, Jiang Chen sneered coldly. It seemed like the Tang family was opposing him on purpose.

Jiang Chen landed calmly in the city, and no one noticed him. The Holy Martial Arts City's news still hadn't reached this place, which was why they were still discussing the Golden Ship affair.

The Tang family's several elders who had escaped from the ship were now narrating the truth about what happened, and they were all on the Ancient Race experts' side.

Moreover, their story was even more detailed than the Golden Eye Clan's story. They stated that Jiang Chen lost all his family fortune in the Golden Eye Clan's casino and lost all reason and assaulted a princess of the Ancient Race. The Golden Eye Cla then dispatched its soldiers, and Jiang Chen was forced to escape, but he still encouraged the people who had lost their money to steal the Golden Eye Clan's wealth.

The affair continued developing until everything went out of control, and they were all worried and didn't want to bear responsibility for their actions. This was why Jiang Chen and everyone taking part in the riot slandered the Golden Eye Clan and stated that they had Martial Divinity Herb.

This story was narrated by elders who had survived only thanks to Jiang Chen, and they spoke firmly and indignantly. They stated that Jiang Chen was the Human Clan's great sinner, and he was an enemy of both clans. Moreover, what was worth mentioning was that they didn't state Jiang Chen's name, and just referred to him as that guy. However, everyone in the True Force Realm was aware which person such words referred to.

They are really shameless on an outrageous level. Jiang Chen felt like he had made the right decision when he had decided to come here. He really couldn't wait to see what kinds of expressions the elders would wear upon witnessing him. Jiang Chen wasn't anxious, and he knew he would savor such an interesting affair. Jiang Chen went toward the gate of the Tang family's residence, and he noticed that many people were encircling it.

Jiang Chen forced his way through the crowd, and he witnessed six people kneeling on the ground. Their bodies were riddled with scars, and they were all fettered firmly by ropes. The Tang family members were standing behind them wearing ferocious expressions. They were using those six people to warn the others.

"It's quite miserable, but those people are really stupid."

"That is right, they had run over here to start spreading rumors. They should have considered where they were."

"Such hoodlums are really vile, and they don't dare to even acknowledge their actions."

"If they ended up angering the Ancient Race, our situation would have become awful."

As he listened to the crowd's discussion, Jiang Chen realized that this matter was related to him. He asked the people next to him about this matter so he could understand this affair.

The Tang family inverted black and white and stated that their own family members witnessed the affair clearly. But it wasn't just the Tang family members who escaped from the ship. When the others heard the Tang family's shameless claims, they had run into the city to state the truth, and the citizens were all confused by their claims. Ten people had come over in total, and there were four other people still being punished inside the residence.

"Speak!" After a short while had passed, a Tang family member waved a blood-stained whip and a crisp sound echoed out as they waved it in the air. Upon hearing this sound, the six people were frightened, and they all shuddered with fear.

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"We were all bewitched by that guy, and it's because of him that we walked down the wrong path."

"We are willing to return the money and valuables we had stolen to the Golden Eye Clan."


The six people spoke one after the other, and they all confessed their mistakes and repented.


The crowd surrounding them wore disdainful expressions, and there were even children who threw stones at them. At this moment, the gate was opened and a beautiful woman walked out of it.

"That person made a mistake and implicated other people, and they all suffered due to him. He disgraced our Human Clan, and our Tang family will surely execute him and offer the Golden Eye Clan an appropriate explanation," the woman said.

Jiang Chen chuckled. This woman was Tang Shiya's mother. She had shown herself in the past to be a nasty, two-faced liar. She had once asked him to take good care of Tang Shiya and not betray her.

Jiang Chen was surprised to discover that this woman's Realm Level had already reached the Star Venerable Realm. Such a feat was no small matter in the True Force Realm! It was no wonder that the Tang family members were respectful to her.

"Her power is greater than even the Tang family's Master. It seems like Tang Shiya led a good life in the Three Middle Realms in the past year." As Jiang Chen thought of this, he couldn't help but sneer coldly.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》