The Brilliant Fighting Master
954 The Most Powerful Expert of the Three Realms
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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954 The Most Powerful Expert of the Three Realms

The man turned into a raging flame before he attacked his target. His ferocious flames increased the might of his punches. The other three Ancient Race's experts didn't attack and just observed this silently. The Fire God Clan's members were all good at fighting and were known for their bravery, and many famous War Gods had appeared among them.

Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows and thrust back at him his fist, which was then engulfed by flames.

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Upon witnessing how Jiang Chen faced the enemy's attack, mockery appeared on the faces of the members of the Ancient Race and the Tang family. One would need great power to face a Fire God Clan member head-on, and humans didn't possess such power.

The Fire God Clan man who was attacking had revealed a faint smile. What he was most worried about was Jiang Chen dodging his attack. This was how most Ancient Race members thought about humans. Many of them even called them monkeys. When weak humans faced Ancient Race members, they could only depend upon dodging and cooperating with others to defeat them.

"Die!" He didn't hold anything back, and the flames on his arm rose drastically and the might of his fists became even greater.

When their fists collided, it could be seen clearly that Jiang Chen's fist was smaller than his opponent's by a lot, and it seemed likely that Jiang Chen's fist couldn't withstand a single blow.

Their powerful attacks sent shockwaves spreading throughout the surroundings and forced back the crowd, while many cracks appeared on the ground. It seemed like the courtyard's walls were on the verge of collapse. However, what was most terrifying was that the Fire God Clan member had been repelled and forced back by the attack.

"What?" The three Ancient Race's experts were stunned.

Even the Fire God Clanmember was stunned. However, he still held a trump card and he fired up his blazing flames. Jiang Chen was quickly engulfed by the flames, and it seemed like his chances were far from good.

The Fire God Clan was like the Fire Spirit Clan, but the former's flames had a high temperature and possessed great destructive power.

"What a foolish human!" The Fire God Clan member swung his numb arm, while he cursed inwardly. He had wanted to send Jiang Chen flying with a single punch and set him aflame. But it didn't occur, and such a victory wouldn't seem great in the eyes of the Ancient Race's members who revered great brute power. However, it was still fortunate that Jiang Chen didn't win.


After the flames disappeared, Jiang Chen stepped forward and walked out of the flames unscathed.

"It was weak and feeble. It turns out that the Fire God Clan has had unwarranted fame," Jiang Chen said.

The man was infuriated by such words. His name was Bakeming, and he wanted to become the strongest fighter alive. He wouldn't tolerate such an insult. He breathed out, and little dragons like flames came out of his nostrils.

"It's better like this. If I ended up killing you like that, it would have been just an insult to me." After the man spoke, he flew to the sky of the Holy Martial Arts City, while wearing a provocative look.

If Star Venerables fought in the courtyard, they would find themselves restricted, and they wouldn't manage to fight to their heart's content and use their whole power.

Jiang Chen was also of the same opinion, and he followed him into the sky.

The other three Ancient Race's experts left the land and followed them up into the sky, while still keeping a certain distance from them.

The Tang family's members went to the courtyard and raised their heads to observe the fight. They didn't dare to join in the fun.

When they had just exchanged blows a moment ago, Tang Ming was so shaken that he spouted a mouthful of blood and almost lost his life.

"Why is this person opposing our Tang family."

"According to what the people who had come back said, it seems like he had a prejudice against our family long ago."

Tang Ao and the other elders were surprised by Jiang Chen's power, and they all rejoiced that the Ancient Race's experts had decided to help them. If they hadn't lent them a hand, the consequences would have been really dreadful.

"Fire Transformation: the First Move!"

After they went to the sky, Bakeming became more ferocious, and the two symbols on his checks shone brightly, while raging flames rose from his body once again.

"Humans like you just use the world's flames as power and you have lowly techniques. The bodies of Fire God Clan members possess an inextinguishable Fire Seed."

He thrust his fists once again and used an Original Method. Such a punch was different than the previous one which possessed just brute power alone. His brute power fused with the flames, and his two fists seemed now like two Divine Furnaces that were making an elixir.

"It's the Fire Punch Divine Technique. It seems like Bakeming will use his true fire."

"He can't bear it any longer because he was insulted by a human."

"If he can't get an overwhelming victory over this human, such an affair will stain his name."

The three Ancient Race's experts observing the fight were surprised by this, and they all drew back slightly.

The Fire God Clan's fighters might easily end up implicating innocent people because they couldn't completely control their own Original Method's powerful might.

When the two fists reached Jiang Chen, a shining disk with symbols surging with mysterious energy appeared.

"Let me see how powerful you are." Jiang Chen still planned to face him head-on, and he condensed the Sky-burning Evil Flame in his palm and used the Divine Dragon Martial Techniques.

This time, it was four fists that collided, and their collision sounds were as loud as thunder. It reached the ears of all the Holy Martial Arts City's citizens.

"Is there a human fighting against an Ancient Race's member once again?"

The crowd wasn't aware of this affair's inside story, and they just assumed that this was a fight between both races.

Many humans didn't have much confidence in Jiang Chen, because they all realized how powerful the Ancient Race's members were. Even though they were denouncing them, they depended upon the Seventh Realm and the Eighth Realm's sacred lands and divine sects to uphold justice for them. With the True Force Realm's current power, any Ancient Race's branch could easily unite it and rule it by force.

However, when they raised their heads to look into the sky to observe the fight, they witnessed Bakeming being sent flying away while spouting blood.

"Is that really an Ancient Race member?" Some people found it unbelievable, and it was only when they witnessed the Ancient Race's distinctive traits on Bakeming's body that they believed it. When they looked at the opponent of the Ancient Race's member, they discovered that he was floating in the sky calmly. It was obvious that he had gotten the upper hand. The humans were startled at first, before they started cheering.

The expressions of the three Ancient Race's experts in the sky became unsightly. The course of the event was quite simple. When their fists collided, Bakeming was shaken and ended up spouting blood. It was easy to understand the reason behind this. However, if they considered both sides' races and Realm Levels, then this matter would seem strange.

"You should thoroughly ignite your Fire Seed."

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!" Jiang Chen didn't show any mercy and, even though he didn't know his opponent, he still used a killing move. This technique didn't cover a great expanse, and the evil flame just turned into a little spark, which struck Bakeming's body. Flames quickly rose once again from Bakeming's body. But, this time, those weren't his own flames, and he screamed miserably.

Everything had occurred quickly, and the three Ancient Race's experts still hadn't come back to their senses. It was only when Bakeming was burned to ashes that they realized what had just happened.

"Did he kill him?" Did he dare to kill Bakeming?"

The three Ancient Race's experts flew into a rage. They were infuriated because this was a great insult to them.

The crowd in the city watching the fight were also taken aback. Wasn't this just a friendly match? Why did someone die?"

"Damned human! You unexpectedly dared to kill an Ancient Race's member."

"Pay for it with your life!"

The three Ancient Race's experts used their whole power and displayed their Original Methods. They wanted to kill Jiang Chen and uphold the Ancient Race's dignity.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk. When he used two killing moves against me, you just wore a proud look and mocked me. But, when he ended up killed by me, you become indignant at such injustice. Since this is the case, I will just use you to practice my swordsmanship."

Jiang Chen had made great progress in the Sword Scripture's cultivation and had been fretting because he didn't have an opponent. He didn't fear at all those three people, and he held the Heavenly Fault Sword and faced them.

The crowd below them became nervous because they all realized that they weren't just playing there.

The three Ancient Race's experts had joined hands now, and even the True Force Realm's greatest expert couldn't face them. However, the outcome still exceeded everyone's expectations.

As Jiang Chen fought against them, they unexpectedly didn't manage to get the upper hand, and as Jiang Chen's sharp sword streaked around, the Ancient Race's experts were quickly injured.

"This human is powerful and terrifying. Let's withdraw!" After a while, their anger died down, and they didn't have any fighting spirits left.

"I have just used three sword moves, yet you already can't withstand it? It's really disappointing! I will have to send you to the underworld."

When Jiang Chen's voice echoed out, the Heavenly Fault Sword emitted pure and holy sword light, and the phantom image of a bright moon rising from the sea appeared behind Jiang Chen.

"The Fourth Sword Move: Extinction!"


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