The Brilliant Fighting Master
952 Arrest Warran
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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952 Arrest Warran

One couldn't set his mind at ease with Jiang Qingyu in such a special state, and Jiang Chen was worried that an issue might come up. But he still didn't want to go to the Golden Eye Clan's residence and just wanted to take advantage of the time left until the Solar Golden Wheel was exhausted to go collect Desolate Spirits in the Three Middle Realms.

However, Jiang Qingyu was quite confident, and since he had slept for such a long time, he wanted to exercise himself and fight to his heart's content.

"Gathering Desolate Spirits won't be easy, and you also aren't sure that it's totally effective. I will go to the Golden Eye Clan's land so that we prepare both of them," Jiang Qingyu said.

"Let's go together, " Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Qingyu refused him. It was still fine if it was just a Star Venerable, but this matter was related to Martial Emperors, and Jiang Chen wasn't strong enough. This was why this pair of father and son appointed a location and time for meeting again, and they separated here in the Sunset Light Gulf.

Jiang Chen recalled that he would reach the 108 cities if he went through the Sunset Light Gulf, and he planned to go visit the Holy Martial Arts City. Before Jiang Chen started traveling, he changed his appearance once again and disguised himself.

The True Force Realm didn't experience great changes after the destruction of the Sacred Institute like people had expected, and there weren't any battles involving more than a few thousand people that had occurred

However, everyone was still aware that this was just a development period which all great factions were required to pass through after the destruction of the Sacred Institute. The faction who would go through the development period first would get a great advantage over the others. Moreover, such a development period had already come to an end, and many other clans appeared. None of the factions dared to make rash moves.

When Jiang Chen reached the Holy Martial Arts City, he discovered that this city, which was destroyed by the previous great battle, was already reconstructed, and it had become once again as prosperous as before. However, everyone in the city was quite nervous because they were close to the Sunset Light Gulf, and they had already gotten news about the Golden Ship.

There were many Ancient Race's members in the city, and once news about the Martial Divinity Herb spread about, they were all implicated and many people looked at them hostilely, and, from time to time, conflicts would occur in the street between the Human Clan and the Ancient Race.

"Get lost! This isn't your home." Some people started shouting, giving vent to their resentment.

However, the Ancient Race immediately started retaliating. The Golden Eye Clan stated that it was humans who had run into their Golden Ship and started a massacre there and instigated the humans in the ship to start a riot and steal all wealth there.

As for the Martial Divinity Herb matter? The Golden Eye Clan denied it firmly.

In the end, the upper-echelon of the factions present here was forced to show themselves and put a night curfew in the Holy Martial Arts City to prevent this affair from worsening. News about such disputes quickly spread to all Three Middle Realms, and they gave rise to different reactions and responses, and people had varied opinions about this. At this moment, it became obvious how important was a Realm Lord, and there was a need for someone to come out to deal with those issues, or else, the situation would only worsen.

But, the True Force Realm's Lord's trial was obviously more difficult, and even if Jiang Chen managed to pass it, he still wouldn't manage to convince the masses because he was young and inexperienced. "I must first take care of my own affairs."

Jiang Chen had gone to the Holy Martial Arts City's plaza, and he squatted down in a certain place and stroked the ground's stones. On that place, Tang Zhengyi had fought to the death along with his soldiers and had protected him and helped him retreat safely. Many people had attacked them then, and even though he would ignore the Three Middle Realms Constellation Palace for now, he still wouldn't let off any other faction who had taken part in such an affair.

The Holy Martial Arts City had branches of all factions, and the first one Jiang Chen looked for was the Tang family. The Tang family had managed to develop well and quickly in the True Force Realm due to Tang Shiya, and Jiang Chen had already heard of this before.The Tang family's residence in the Holy Martial Arts City occupied 15 acres, and its courtyard had tall and lofty walls, while there were still powerful soldiers of the Tang family patrolling the streets.

When Jiang Chen arrived, he noticed that many people were surrounding a wooden board, and when he walked over there, he discovered that it was an arrest warrant issued by the Tang family. The arrest warrant had his portrait, or, more precisely, it had a portrait of the appearance he took in the Golden Ship.

There were many pieces of information about him there. A day had already passed since and the Tang family had obviously managed to get many pieces of information about him through making inquiries. However, since it issued an arrest warrant while in such a state, it was obvious that the Tang family was determined to take revenge. After all, besides the Martial Divinity Herb affair, the other major matter that had occurred was the death of the Tang family's young master, Tang Tianjun.

The strongest in the Tang family are just three old men at the Star Venerable Realm, Jiang Chen thought inwardly.

"This guy is really daring, and he dared to kill even Tang Tianjun."

"What does this amount to? I heard from other people that he looked down even on the Golden Eye Clan. So why would he fear the Tang family?"

"I think that the Tang family assumed that he had been killed by the Golden Eye Clan's members, and it issued an arrest warrant just to put on a strong front."

"It's really possible. This bounty is the highest bounty ever recorded in the True Force Realm. How will they be willing to offer such a sum to someone?"

Most people also had the same knowledge about the Tang family as Jiang Chen, and they all believed that it didn't possess enough power to challenge him.

Regardless of whether it was the news the Human Clan got about the Golden Eye Clan's possession of the Martial Divinity Herb or the riot cited by the Golden Eye Clan, they were both related to a single person. That person was so powerful that even the Golden Eye Clan couldn't deal with him and all Star Venerables couldn't deal with him. However, everyone knew that the Golden Eye Clan had experts at the Emperor Realm, and this was why they all thought that it was likely that the Golden Eye Clan had already taken revenge, and had killed that guy.

"Pah! What do you know? Our Tang family has countless experts and is really determined to take revenge. It would be better if he was alive, and even if he had already died, we will still make inquiries to get to know his true identity, and we will take revenge against all people close to him."

The crowd's discussion reached the ear of a Tang family member, and he was obviously irritated by it. This was a Tang family disciple, which was in his 30s, and his cultivation was at the Martial Venerable Realm. He could be considered quite strong among the people in this street, which was why none dared to retort back.

"Humph! You should be careful about what you say," the disciple shouted, and was about to return to the residence.

"Wait for a moment." It was at this moment that Jiang Chen called him.

The crowd looked at Jiang Chen curiously.

"What is the matter?" The Tang family disciple spoke with displeasure.

"When I came back from the Sunset Light Gulf, I saw this guy," Jiang Chen said and extended his finger and pointed at the arrest warrant.

"What?" The Tang family's disciple was startled, and he wore a solemn expression. He asked, "Where is he now?"

Jiang Chen chuckled and pointed at the crowd who were listening attentively to them.

"Come inside along with me." The Tang family disciple understood what he meant, and he led him, entering through a door.

"Is what he said true?"

"Could it be that even the Golden Eye Clan can't deal with that guy even though he caused such a great disturbance?"

"Ha, ha, ha, if he's really alive, the Tang family's wishful plan will fail. Let's see how the Tang family deal with this."

In the residence, the Tang family disciple spoke bluntly, "This is an important matter, and if you are just making fun of me or if your info isn't accurate, you will bear such actions' consequences."

"I understand this."

The Tang family disciple led him into a hall.

"What is the matter? Tang Ming, who is this guy?"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

There were several old Celestial Venerables in the hall, and they all looked at them curiously.

"Grandfathers, this person stated that he has news about that murderer," the Tang family disciple said.

"What?" The expression of the people present in the hall changed drastically. They had just issued the arrest warrant a moment ago, and its ink still wasn't dry, yet they already had news about the murderer.

As they sized up Jiang Chen, they started suspecting whether it was really genuine.

"Quickly state it, where is the guy?" A middle-aged man came through the door and questioned him.

"If I inform you, can I take the arrest bounty?" Jiang Chen said. He seemed interested in the bounty.

Upon hearing him, everyone furrowed their brows, and it was obvious that they were irritated by this.

"Just state it. What do you take our Tang family for? We will surely offer you many benefits."
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》