The Brilliant Fighting Master
951 None Can Enslave My Will
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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951 None Can Enslave My Will

"Godd*mn!" Xi Ang felt like he would shortly lose control. "Won't this human die?"

"He's willing to sacrifice himself for his son," Xi Han, who was next to him, explained this matter to him. She could clearly notice that Jiang Chen's Sword Realm's power was unceasingly rising, and it seemed like he was improving with every sword strike.

It was really the case. Jiang Chen was advancing by leaps and bounds in the Sword Scripture's cultivation, and he managed to quickly learn many of its moves. He had already reached the eighth sword move and learned it.

"Very good, as expected of my son." At this moment, Jiang Qingyu had already sobered completely and his flesh was burning like a piece of paper, and he would vanish shortly.

Jiang Chen was pained by such a sight and wanted to stop this, but he wasn't able to intervene.

The Golden Eye Clan couldn't refine and make Sword Slaves easily, and they would have needed broad knowledge to erase a person's soul and control his mind.

As for the most important energy core, they couldn't use any substance filled with energy to operate a Sword Slave and the Solar Golden Wheel possessed by the Golden Eye Clan was their secret treasure. It was only through many long trials that they managed to find a way for making Sword Slaves. Everything was connected, and it would be impossible for a Sword Slave to move without a Solar Golden Wheel.

Now, the Solar Golden Wheel inside Jiang Qingyu's body, which was suitable for just a Sword Slave, would start burning him to ashes, and since Jiang Qingyu had already lost his life force, even a Heavenly Golden Immortal couldn't save him now.

"Please offer my apologies to your mother for me."

After such words echoed out, Jiang Qingyu started being devoured by the flames.

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, and he caught a glance of Xi Ang who wanted to escape. He used the Teleportation Technique and stopped him.

"Human, you can't blame me for this. Your father would have died in any case, and we just helped him stand once again. Yet, he chose to destroy himself," Xi Ang still tried to force his twisted logic on Jiang Chen. However, upon witnessing Jiang Chen's ice-cold gaze, he realized that he couldn't get away with it. Regardless of what he said, he would still die.

All of a sudden, several golden beams descended from the sky, and they attacked Jiang Chen from all directions and repelled him.

"Elder!" Xi Ang sighted upon a glimmer of hope once again for the second time, and he felt like God doted upon him.

After such a long time had passed, the Golden Eye Clan's members finally rushed to the rescue, and they mobilized the Golden Eye Clan's strongest force. There was a Martial Emperor among them, as well as two Ninth Constellation Palace's Almighty Experts. They had all opened their vertical eyes, and there were two black lines in their eyes, which demonstrated how powerful they were. It was especially the case for the Martial Emperor whose lines were violet.

"You have killed our clansmen, destroyed our base. So, you must die!" They already understood what had happened, and their gazes were ice-cold. They wouldn't give Jiang Chen even an opportunity to speak. Golden rays shot out of the Martial Emperor's golden eye. They were engulfed by ripples, and they seemed like long arrows.

"He's done for!" The Azure Demon almost descended into despair. Jiang Chen wasn't in his demonic state now, and he couldn't block a Martial Emperor's attack.

All of a sudden, a dazzling sword light descended from the sky, fell before Jiang Chen, and deflected the light rays.


Everyone, including Jiang Chen himself, was surprised, and they all raised their heads and looked at the sky. They witnessed Jiang Qingyu floating there while holding his sword, and he seemed like a great being which had existed since the beginning of time. He had an outstanding demeanor and seemed awe-inspiring and intimidating.

The flames on Jiang Qingyu's body disappeared completely, and it seemed like he hadn't suffered any harm. However, he still changed slightly because his aura became extremely powerful, and such an aura was emitted by the Solar Golden Wheel inside his body.

"How is this possible? Since he broke free of his fate as a Sword Slave, how did he manage to survive? Moreover, the Solar Golden Wheel is still inside his body," Xi Ang shouted sharply. This was an inconceivable and impossible matter! If there was a risk that the Sword Slave's power would help said person, the Golden Eye Clan wouldn't have taken out their Solar Golden Wheels. Such a matter never occurred to them, and it wasn't the case for the Golden Eye Clan alone. It hadn't occurred to any Ancient Clans able to make battle slaves.

"Father?" Jiang Chen was quite nervous, and he shouted out to sound him out.

"No one can enslave my will, and no one is allowed to bully my son," Jiang Qingyu spoke proudly.

Jiang Chen laughed heartily. Even though he didn't know what had occurred, such an outcome was still quite good and satisfying.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Arrogant human!" The Golden Eye Clan's members didn't take them seriously, and the Martial Emperor attacked once again. His golden eye shone brightly, as he spoke in a sharp voice, "My clan's secret treasure isn't something the like of you can possess." His vertical eye emitted a sea-like golden radiance, and it engulfed this region and everyone in it.

Jiang Chen and Jiang Qingyu turned into blind men and they couldn't see anything. However, after a moment passed, the golden radiance disappeared, and Jiang Chen discovered that Xi Han and Xi Ang wore dumbstruck expressions. They both opened their mouths widely and couldn't close them even after a long while.

When Jiang Chen raised his head and took a look at what had happened, he had the same reaction as them. The heart of the Golden Eye Clan's Martial Emperor was penetrated by a sword, and he was killed while he still floated in the sky.

Jiang Qingyu was holding his sword while wearing an apathetic expression. It was like killing a Martial Emperor wasn't anything worth mentioning to him.

"Both this father and his son are devilish geniuses." The Azure Demon was startled and delighted and he shouted, "I really ended up worrying for them in vain."

Jiang Chen was confused by this. His father was just a First Constellation Palace's expert, and it would be impossible for him to kill a Martial Emperor. The only explanation for this was that his father was still in a Sword Slave's state, and his power came from the Solar Golden Wheel. But Jiang Qingyu was obviously not a Sword Slave.

"Let's run away!" The other two Golden Eye Clan's Almighty Experts were frightened, and they didn't dare to stay here for long. They immediately turned around and ran away. However, Jiang Qingyu didn't plan to let them off the hook and he chased after them while holding his sword.

This time, Jiang Chen finally came to his senses and he took a glance at Xi Ang and thrust his palm at his chest.

"You should also experience the pain of being burned alive." Jiang Chen infused the evil flame's True Fire into Xi Ang's body, and it started burning him from inside his body. As pained miserable screams echoed out, Xi Ang was burned into charcoal.

Now, it was just Jiang Chen and Xi Han who were left here.

"You should leave," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han nodded and didn't say anything else. She flew off in a different direction.

After a short while had passed, Jiang Qingyu came back with his sword stained with fresh blood.


"Chen'er!" Jiang Qingyu was clear-headed and sober. It was just his face which was slightly pale and he hadn't suffered any real harm.

"It's your blood."

When Jiang Chen inquired, Jiang Qingyu explained it clearly, "When I was burned by the object inside my body, your blood which sprinkled atop my body had gone through my injuries and invaded my body, and it helped me control the Solar Golden Wheel."

As for why Jiang Qingyu's fighting prowess was this great, it was because Xi Ang planned at first to make a Sword Slave at the Emperor Realm, which obeyed all his orders.

"Is it my blood?" Jiang Chen was taken aback by this. He had a divine body, and he had once heard many rumors about divine blood's mystical and amazing effects. But he still didn't imagine that it was true. Jiang Chen immediately condensed blood essence and passed it to him.

"That is right, your blood really possesses boundless power." Jiang Qingyu absorbed his divine blood, while wearing a spirited expression.

"Father, let me take a look at your body."

After Jiang Chen inspected Jiang Qingyu's body, he discovered that it was really like he expected. Jiang Qingyu still didn't have any life force and his internal organs weren't working. The reason why they didn't start falling apart was that Jiang Chen had once used his Needle Techniques on them. The Solar Golden Wheel became Jiang Qingyu's life force source, and it supported his body and soul.

"However, you don't have the true Solar Golden Wheel, but just a duplicate made from the source. Once it was used completely, you will turn to the same state as before," Jiang Chen said gravely.

"It doesn't matter, we will just have to barge into the Golden Eye Clan's residence, and take the true Solar Golden Wheel," Jiang Qingyu said.


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