The Brilliant Fighting Master
950 Whatever My Sword Pointed at Is What My Heart Aspired To
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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950 Whatever My Sword Pointed at Is What My Heart Aspired To

Jiang Qingyu was a man from the Great Mountain and an outstanding genius, who should have lived proudly in the Three Realms and should have been respected and venerated by many people, yet he resigned himself to an ordinary life for his family. He polished his sword for ten years, before he shocked all Three Realms with a single sword strike. The man in front of them today didn't have his past graceful bearing and didn't have any life force left. His handsome face was lifeless, and his eyes were empty.

The Azure Demon felt sorry for him on behalf of Jiang Chen, and he couldn't help but reproach God for his unfairness.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Father!" Jiang Chen shouted. His cut-off arm was drenched with blood, but he felt no pain. "Father, I'm really too powerless and incompetent. I harmed you, and you ended up trapped in the Black Dragon Pool due to me, and you went through countless sufferings there, yet I can only look on helplessly as you exhaust your whole life force. Today, you have ended up in such a state, yet I still thought stupidly that I was able to achieve anything," Jiang Chen was thinking aloud, and it was unknown to which person he was talking.

"Your father? It's no wonder." Xi Ang treated his injuries, while he enjoyed such a show.

"A pair of father and son who fight to the death. It will be really marvelous!" Xi Ang laughed complacently, and he felt quite refreshed. When Xi Ang's gaze fell upon Jiang Chen's cut-off hand, he couldn't help but shake his head. He felt like this fight wouldn't have any suspense.


All of sudden, Xi Ang noticed that the cut-off hand turned into flowing light and flew toward Jiang Chen who was in the sky. When such flowing light fell upon Jiang Chen's wound, a mystical matter occurred, and Jiang Chen's flesh started growing back, and after a short while, Jiang Chen's right arm recovered. It didn't have any difference than before except for the fact that the skin of a part of it was fairer.

"How is this possible? Which clan he belongs to?" Xi Ang really wanted to learn Jiang Chen's secret. "It isn't important now, after I turn you into a Sword Slave, I will know everything about you." As Xi Ang controlled Jiang Qingyu, who was in the sky, Jiang Qingyu made a sword attack. The sharp sword in Jiang Qingyu's hand streaked across the air. He didn't have the least bit of hesitation and didn't care about his enemy's identity.

"Jiang Chen!" The Azure Demon could clearly feel the destructive power contained in such a sword strike. As expected of Jiang Chen's father, even after he had turned into a Sword Slave, he was still this powerful. However, what he was most worried about was Jiang Chen because as he faced his opponent's sword attack, he didn't do anything and just stood there in a daze.

The Azure Demon and the Black Dragon were forced to show themselves and obstruct Jiang Qingyu. After the eight groups of spiritual beings got boundless Buddhist Power's support, their power had already reached the Star Venerable Realm, but they still couldn't block Jiang Qingyu's sword strike.

When Jiang Qingyu became a Sword Slave, it was just his soul which was erased and he didn't lose his martial techniques. This was why Xi Ang chose Jiang Qingyu.

"Jiang Chen, lend us a helping hand. If we let him defeat us one after the other, you won't be a match for him." The Azure Demon shouted loudly. He was aware of Jiang Chen's current power and as aware of how thorny would be a fight against Jiang Qingyu.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen collected the eight groups of spiritual beings.

"Jiang Chen, what are you doing?" The Azure Demon was startled. Jiang Chen wanted to put them back and prevent them from fighting.

"You will die," the Azure Demon said anxiously.

It seemed like Jiang Chen didn't hear him, and he just continued and closed the scripture.

The gaze of Jiang Qingyu, who had lost his target, locked onto Jiang Chen's body. It seemed like he hesitated for an instant, but he still raised his sword as before.

Jiang Chen took a deep breath and unsheathed the Heavenly Fault Sword.

"He wants to destroy himself," the Black Dragon said.

"It's a pity, it's really a pity. He is a rarely seen genius." The Azure Demon couldn't keep his calm and wasn't willing to accept Jiang Chen's actions. He said, "It was difficult for him to walk down his path until now, and it will be a pity for him to just collapse like this."

"Every person has his own destiny," the Black Dragon had an open-minded view about this.

While the Azure Demon and the Black Dragon were discussing this, the father-and-son pair had already started fighting. They both had the Immortal Sword Doctrine, but it was obvious that Jiang Qingyu's Sword Doctrine's power was greater.

Besides this, he still had the supreme treasure Solar Golden Wheel, which was put in his body by the Golden Eye Clan's members. The power of someone, who had become a Sword Slave, wasn't determined by his Realm Level, but by the energy controlling him. But even though this was the case, it was obvious that this was already Jiang Qingyu's limit, and if they raised his power further, his body wouldn't bear it and would collapse.

The Azure Demon wasn't mistaken. Jiang Chen was really not a match for him, and what was more important was that he didn't want to fight, and he seemed dazed and beside himself. Upon witnessing this, Azure Demon couldn't help but become more anxious. This time, Jiang Chen wouldn't get reborn among flames, and if he died, then he would really die for real.

"Jiang Chen, do you want to let your father be a Sword Slave forever and let your enemies live complacently?" The Azure Demon said.

Such words were quite effective, and Jiang Chen's eyes lit up, and his sword's aura changed. But he still wasn't a match for his father. Jiang Chen was always curious about how strong his father was. But he never expected that he would get one day get to experience it in such a way.

"I have done my best, and I don't have any means for dealing with him," Jiang Chen said.

"Let us out!" The Azure Demon spoke anxiously.

The Black Dragon couldn't help but ask, "Why are you this anxious? If Jiang Chen dies, won't you get back your freedom?"

"I don't want any freedom!" The Azure Demon observed Jiang Chen through his whole journey as he grew up and he treated him like his own son. However, Jiang Chen's achievements were too great, and he didn't dare to reveal such thoughts.

After a short while, Jiang Chen ended up riddled with scars, and his whole body was drenched with blood.

"Xi Ang! Give him an easy death!" Xi Han couldn't bear observing this, and she spoke with her clansman. She said, "Why do you need to torment him like this?" In her eyes, it was Xi Ang who controlled the Sword Slave and asked him to torture Jiang Chen.

Xi Ang's expression was solemn and he didn't reply until a short while passed. Then he said gravely, "The order I gave him was to take this guy's life."

Xi Ang was a prudent person and attached importance to the greater picture. So even though he wanted to torture Jiang Chen and disfigure him, he was still aware that if he tarried, many accidents might occur. However, the fight occurring in the sky wasn't something he could control.

"Father?" Jiang Chen came back to his senses. With his previous performance, he should have already lost his life long ago. So why was it tarried until now? When Jiang Chen raised his eyes and looked at Jiang Qingyu, he noticed that his eyes, which had been lifeless, were now staring at him intensely.


That was an incomprehensible gaze, but it still let Jiang Chen sober up, and it was at that moment that Jiang Qingyu thrust his sword at him once again. However, this time, Jiang Chen noticed something fishy about this sword's strike. Jiang Qingyu was trying to induce resonance with Jiang Chen's Sword Scripture.

Jiang Qingyu was trying to teach him and help him practice sword techniques. Jiang Chen had mixed feelings about this, and he was both surprised and delighted, and he raised the sword in his hand.

"Whatever the...sword...pointed at is what my heart...aspired to," Jiang Qingyu uttered several words with great difficulty.

"Father!" Jiang Chen shouted in delight. A Sword Slave couldn't speak and this demonstrated that there was still hope left.

"Humans' feelings and emotions are really annoying," Xi Ang started cursing loudly. He could feel that Jiang Qingyu was trying to break free of his control.

Xi Ang couldn't help but stand up and shout, "Human! If he breaks free of his destiny as a Sword Slave, the Solar Golden Wheel in his body will go out of control, and your father will die."

If this wasn't the case, a Solar Golden Wheel would have been enough to save Jiang Qingyu, who had lost his life force, and Jiang Chen wouldn't have needed to take any troubles. Jiang Chen's heart shuddered. Xi Ang wasn't mistaken!

"Concentrate!" Jiang Qingyu shouted and said, "I have...promised your...mother to teach sword method."

After Jiang Qingyu had spoken, his sword aura became sharper, and Jiang Chen was forced to get rid of all distracting thoughts.

"Golden Eye Clan, I will exterminate your whole clan for him," Jiang Chen shouted, while he waved his Heavenly Fault Sword with his whole power.

This was a bitter fight, and a fight to the death between a father and his son. Neither of them were willing to take part in it, yet they were both forced to fight.


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