The Brilliant Fighting Master
949 Sword Slave
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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949 Sword Slave

Since Jiang Chen's rebirth among the flames, this was the first time he had run into a worthy opponent in the younger generation. The sword pointed at the region between his brows let him feel a sense of crisis, and, after he hesitated for a moment, he found himself forced to use two-thirds of his power and recover his true appearance.

"He's so young!" Xi Han was shocked. When did the Human Clan possess such a great genius?

Xi Ang's killing intent became more intense. He mustn't leave such a person alive because it would bring many troubles to them in the future. However, Xi Ang ended up overlooking the fact that Jiang Chen's power rose after he took back his true appearance.

Jiang Chen held his opponent's sword with a single hand, and infused it with berserk lightning power, and it went to his opponent's body through the sword. When Xi Ang's body just started convulsing, he let go of the sword decisively.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!" Jiang Chen struck while the iron was hot and thrust his palm at him.

Xi Ang wasn't surprised by this, and he curled the corners of his mouth slightly and closed his third eye. When Jiang Chen approached him, his vertical eye opened up, and its golden radiance formed a thin light beam, which shot toward Jiang Chen's heart.

Xi Han sucked in a breath of cold air. She didn't expect that Xi Ang had already cultivated the Original Method to such a level. However, as she thought back to his talent, she felt like it was a matter of course.

The Golden Eye Clan's members depended mainly on their third eyes, and it had many marvelous functions. One of the most famous was seeing through all illusions and seeing the true form of all myriad matters, which was why they didn't need to fear any formation or barrier. Besides this, the golden eye was still extremely useful in a fight, and once its golden radiance was fused with an Original Method's power, its power wouldn't be any weaker than lightning. It was difficult for Xi Ang to condense boundless golden radiance into a thin light beam, but once he succeeded, it would possess terrifying might which could penetrate even a defensive Doctrine Artifact.

Jiang Chen charged at Xi Ang and ended up falling into his trap. Moreover, they were already close to each other, and Xi Ang was targeting his heart. So this was why Jiang Chen would surely die. Xi Han couldn't bear observing such a sight for some unknown reasons. She didn't want Jiang Chen to die!

However, it was a pity that the golden light beam succeeded, and it struck Jiang Chen's heart region. If nothing unexpected occurred, the light beam would quickly penetrate Jiang Chen and come out from his back.

However, Jiang Chen just continued proceeding forward and forcefully repelled the light beam, while the lightning power condensed in his palm didn't weaken at all.

"This is impossible!" Xi Ang couldn't understand how Jiang Chen had managed to block it because Jiang Chen didn't wear any defensive equipment. However, he was still aware that he couldn't block Jiang Chen's palm strike. After he suffered such a palm strike, his purple-golden armor was shattered to pieces and even several of his bones were shattered, while he spouted a mouthful of blood.

It was fortunate that his golden light beam still helped him in the end, and Jiang Chen stopped in time, and dodged to the side. Black smoke was rising from Jiang Chen's heart, and if one observed it carefully, he would discover that a hole there was quickly healing.

"You aren't a human! Are you, are you a member of the Alien Clans? Or, are you something else?"

Xi Ang lost his calm, and he was quite frightened. It was impossible for a human to possess a body powerful enough to block his golden light beam.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen pulled out his swords, and went toward Xi Ang and used the swords wheel to heavily injure him. However, when Xi Ang was about to lose his life, Jiang Chen stopped. The Golden Eye Clan's soldiers in the vicinity were all frightened, and they had already started considering escaping.

"Is it you who planted the Martial Divinity Herb on the island?" Jiang Chen asked.

"Even if it was the case, so what?" Even though Xi Ang was injured heavily, he was still as arrogant as before.

Jiang Chen didn't waste his breath with him and infused lightning into his body, which made Xi Ang start screaming miserably.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stop!" Xi Ang shouted.

"You don't seem like someone begging forgiveness," Jiang Chen said coldly.

The lightning in Xi Ang's body started becoming more intense, and it wouldn't just torment him now, it might even endanger his life.

"If you want to know anything...just ask!" Xi Ang was obliged to give in. The lightning torment was too painful, and he couldn't withstand it.

"There was an unconscious person on the island. Where is he now?" Jiang Chen said in a deep voice. He had come here today just for this, and this was why he mustn't expose himself before taking control of the situation because that person would become his fatal weakness.

After Jiang Chen asked, his murderous aura locked into Xi Ang. If he dared to try tricking him, he would attack without any hesitation.

"It turns out that you have come here for that person." Xi Ang started talking to stall for time. But when Jiang Chen revealed an impatient expression, he said, "That is right, that person was taken by me, and I still crossed off a line of words there. Those should be related to you, aren't they?"

"When it was up to you to ask questions here?" Jiang Chen said.

Xi Ang couldn't accept the fact that a human was ordering him around, but when he got angry, he recalled his current situation and found himself forced to concede.

"I will bring you to him," Xi Ang said.

"Do you take me for a fool?"

"What do you want then? Do you want me to give you an address and believe stupidly that you will let me off the hook?" Xi Ang said.

His words were reasonable, and Jiang Chen couldn't help but furrow his browsmand ask, "Why did you take away that man?"

Upon hearing this, an odd look appeared on Xi Ang's face, and even though he covered it well, Jiang Chen still noticed it.

"If you aren't honest, I will have then to stab your eyes and blind them, before ordering you to bring me there," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Ang knew that Jiang Chen could surely do such things, and he was forced to speak, "That person doesn't have any lifeforce left, but his body could be considered a perfect human body, and what is rarer was that he's a swordsman. This is why we planned to refine him into a Sword Slave."

Xi Ang spoke bluntly and stated the truth. It was obvious from his tone that he didn't feel ashamed of such actions at all.

"A Sword Slave, is it?" Jiang Chen flew into a rage. The Ancient Race was really fond of enslaving humans.

The Sword Slave was just a walking corpse which didn't have any soul or consciousness, and even though his father had lost his life force, he still had a soul, and there was still hope left for him. Once he became a Sword Slave, his soul would be erased, and the Golden Eye Clan would use special energy as a substitute for life force. Since then, that man wouldn't be his father any longer, but just a puppet.

"What a terrifying human!" Xi Ang was startled when he detected Jiang Chen's ice-cold murderous aura, and he said, "It still hasn't started, and there is still hope left."

"Show the way!" Jiang Chen stated three words and bore his impulse of slaughtering people.

Xi Ang nodded and led him toward the Sunset Light Gulf. As for Xi Han, she hesitated for a moment, before she followed them.

"If you dare to play any tricks on me, you will surely die before me," Jiang Chen warned him and put his hand on Xi Ang's shoulder.

Xi Ang who still harbored other designs was forced to give up on them, and he changed the direction and proceeded on the right path. After a short while had passed, they landed among a group of boulders on the seacoast. Jiang Chen walked toward a big blue boulder, and an entrance appeared below it.

"Well?" Xi Ang detected something, and he was overjoyed.

In the next second, great sword energy emanated from there, and a sword light attacked Jiang Chen's hand, which was on Xi Ang's shoulder.

Jiang Chen screamed miserably, and his right arm was chopped off from his elbow. Moreover, the sword light still followed him closely.

Jiang Chen found the sword wielder quite familiar, and he had a bad feeling then.

"Ha, ha, ha, God is really on my side, and it succeeded at the last juncture. Human, this is God's will, and your destruction is foreordained." Xi Ang laughed complacently.

As the sword light weakened gradually, a person was revealed, and it was Jiang Qingyu.


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