The Brilliant Fighting Master
948 Vertical Eye
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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948 Vertical Eye

Xi Han was more excited than the others, and she spoke to him loudly, "Xi Ang, I'm still in the ship, and our clan's 1,000 soldiers are also on the ship." Her unspoken implication was obvious. They were all clansmen. So he didn't need to kill them to prevent them from divulging the secret.

"As long as a single person has slipped out, our Golden Eye Clan's plan will fail," Xi Ang's voice echoed again.

"Plan? It seems to me like you were deceived by someone and planted the Martial Divinity Herb by yourself," Xi Han said angrily.

Xi Ang quieted for a moment, before his voice echoed once again. His voice was extremely cold! "Did you really assume that I can get in contact with the Martial Divinity Herb without our royal father's permission?"

Upon hearing him, Xi Han's face turned pale, and she understood what he meant.

While the Golden Eye Clan's members were discussing all this, the humans didn't just wait for death but looked for a way to escape. There were many formation masters among a large number of people. But even though they took out their formation disks, they didn't manage to achieve anything.

"This is an ancient formation, and it isn't a part of the modern formation system. The formation disks are useless against it," Jiang Chen said.

Upon hearing this, many people fell into utter despair, and they all tried to charge away. But the Golden Ship's walls were extremely hard and firm and the windows were made of glass able to bear a Star Venerable's attack. However, such a matter wasn't achieved by the materials, but by the ancient formation's power.

After a short while, the crowd witnessed many strange symbols appearing on the walls, and every symbol shone with a devilish red light. Everyone felt intense danger, and they tried to escape at all costs. Many Reaching Heaven Realm's experts gave up on all hope and started wailing.

"It's all due to you!" Tang Tianjun went toward Jiang Chen and shouted, "If you hadn't taken such actions, we wouldn't have fallen into such straits?"

His words had reason to them because if Jiang Chen hadn't uncovered the Martial Divinity Herb, the Golden Eye Clan wouldn't have needed to set up a killing formation. As the crowd just started discussing this, Jiang Chen swept Tang Tianjun with his gaze.

Tang Tianjun came back to his senses, and he was just about to admit his mistake and beg forgiveness. But it was already too late, and a sword had penetrated his chest.

"Is there still someone who has something to say? I don't mind freeing you by killing you," Jiang Chen asked the crowd.

Regardless of who was in the wrong, Jiang Chen was still the most powerful person here.

"It would be better for the people wailing to calm down because if you affect me while I'm breaking the formation, then you really deserve death," Jiang Chen spoke once again.

Upon hearing this, the eyes of many people's lit up, and they all calmed down quickly.

Xi Han looked in disbelief at Jiang Chen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The Ancient formations were already replaced, and the modern formations took a path opposite to them. There isn't anyone proficient in them besides the Ancient Race." Xi Ang's voice echoed once again, while he speeded up the Golden Ship's formation. An ancient formation, which would kill them instantly, would need to build up power for a while.

"Is that the case?" Jiang Chen didn't bother arguing with him, and he just opened his palms and flickering lightning appeared in the air. As Jiang Chen controlled them, they turned into several thin arcs of lightning and flew toward different directions. When they reached their destination, the Golden Ship shook intensely and the symbols stopped spreading, while many of them disappeared.

Everyone became spirited upon witnessing such a glimmer of hope, and the only exception to this was the Tang family, who felt like Tang Tianjun had died in vain.

After his test succeeded, Jiang Chen went all-out, and as a rumbling sound echoed, myriad bolts of lightning appeared. The whole Golden Ship swayed unceasingly then.

"It's now," Jiang Chen shouted loudly.

The crowd who already couldn't wait any longer attacked once again, and they created a large hole in the ship, before they charged out and started fighting with the Golden Eye Clan's soldiers outside. The humans were weak and feeble, and large casualties appeared among them, and they were forced back into the ship by the Golden Eye Clan's soldiers. Jiang Chen shook his head, and walked out by himself before them.

The elite soldiers had already opened their third eye and displayed their powerful Original Method. Jiang Chen furrowed his brows and swept them with his evil flames and repelled the Golden Eye Clan's soldiers surrounding this place.

The other humans could now finally run away.

"Kill them!"

However, the Golden Eye Clan's soldiers in the Golden Ship, who were behind their backs, started attacking them.

"Stop!" Xi Han issued this order. However, the soldiers didn't obey her, and they all wore bloodthirsty expressions and tried to kill all the humans.

"You should leave first so that you don't end up killed by them." Jiang Chen didn't ignore them and he used his Heavenly Fault Sword and summoned Heavenly Lightning. A large number of the Golden Eye Clan's members were annihilated by the lightning, and the humans could finally leave the encirclement and they fled in all directions.

Upon witnessing that they were already incapable of preventing the news' divulgence, the Golden Eye Clan's soldiers didn't chase the others and just encircled Jiang Chen.

"What an interesting human! You unexpectedly know even ancient formation techniques."

Xi Ang, who was behind the soldiers, slowly landed in front of Jiang Chen. His appearance and temperament were similar to Xi Han, but he was more gloomy and sinister.

"Your ancient formation has many flaws, and its efficacy is really laughable," Jiang Chen spoke in mockery.

Xi Ang didn't fly into a rage, and just laughed, while his gaze became ice-cold. "You are quite confident, but it seems like you forgot that humans are always just weaklings," he said.

Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders and caught up the Heavenly Fault Sword. He said, "What familiar-sounding words and tone." As Jiang Chen's voice echoed out, he started using a great sword move. "Ksana Sword Method: the Second Move!" Jiang Chen charged forward while holding the sword. He seemed faster than time itself, and he turned into a shooting star. But unlike before, this time Xi Ang reacted in time, and the ice cone-like sword in his hands changed five times.

One couldn't clearly see Xi Ang's move because he was changing from one move to another instantly. Jiang Chen put away his sword, and stood straight. He looked at Xi Ang who hadn't suffered any harm and examined him seriously. This guy was wearing a purple-gold armor and was already at the Fifth Constellation Palace Realm. He was the sole Star Venerable Jiang Chen had met who had other strong points besides his Realm Level.

There were two darks line beneath and above his vertical eye, and this meant that the Golden Eye Clan's royal family distinctive Original Method was already mastered by him. One could easily discern the disparity between Ancient Race's members through their outward appearance because they had many distinctive traits. Xi Ang could depend upon his third eye to see through Jiang Chen's sword moves and block them.

However, Jiang Chen had just used the second move because he wanted to leave him alive, and it wasn't strange that he managed to block it.

"Are you surprised by this? Even a person who hasn't lit his First Constellation Palace dares to flaunt his power here." Xi Ang sneered coldly, and as his vertical eye blinked, dazzling golden radiance emanated from it, and engulfed the region where Jiang Chen was. Just after this, Xi Ang charged at him while holding his sword.

The golden radiance didn't disappear for a long time, and it blocked Jiang Chen's line of sight and Holy Awareness, and he was tantamount to a blind man here. While Xi Ang wasn't affected by it, he revealed his great speed which helped him block Jiang Chen's Ksana Sword Method's move. He was as fast as lightning and was unstoppable.

"The first mistake made by you is that you assumed that I will let live until you make your second mistake."

Jiang Chen collected the Heavenly Fault Sword and didn't bother with using his eyes to look at anything. He struck both hands against each other, and boundless evil flames emanated from them. Xi Ang who approached him was caught off guard, and he ended up charging into the evil flames.

"You really have many techniques, and you should be quite outstanding among the Human Clan."

However, Xi Ang absorbed the golden radiance into his body, and he used its power to block the evil flames temporarily, while he thrust his sword at the region between Jiang Chen's brows.


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