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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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947 Xi Ang

"How arrogant you people from the Ancient Race are. You take human lives for granted. What makes you think you are the boss?" Jiang Chen's voice rang out from within the golden lights.

When the whole world had lost its calm, Jiang Chen appeared with lightning and thunder. He came up to Xi Hao. He pointed at Xi Hao. The vertical eye emitting golden lights was heavily injured. Xi Hao was sent flying, screaming. His vertical eye bled. His whole face was covered in blood.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"My eye! My eye!!" Xi Hao screamed in pain. The third eye was a significant symbol for the Golden Eyes. It was the most important thing for them.

Jiang Chen had blinded Xi Hao's third eye.

"You!" Xi Han started to look at Jiang Chen in a different way. From this moment on, Jiang Chen became the enemy of the Golden Eyes!

"He is also a Star Venerable!"

Others had noticed.

Xi Hao had slapped the old Star Venerable's face, and the latter did not have any chance to dodge him. That meant he was stronger than the average Star Venerables. But Jiang Chen had blinded his third eye so easily. It meant Jiang Chen was extraordinary.

Those from the Tang family finally realized why Jiang Chen had the nerve to be so arrogant. If they did not have Tang Shiya behind them, they would have been thinking about how to beg for Jiang Chen's forgiveness.

"Tut. Tut. Tut. He wanted to kill me, but I only blinded the eye he used to kill with. However, miss, the way you look at me really makes me sad," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han looked she was struggling. She could not say a word.

"I came here today to deal with the Golden Eyes, because I think you're drugging the folks of the Realm of True Force with the Martial Divinity Herb. I can't set myself against you because I don't have any evidence, but you came at me yourselves. That's great," Jiang Chen added.

"Martial Divinity Herb? What is that?"

Most people were at a loss, including the Star Venerable.

"Ask some knowledgeable people about the Martial Divinity Herb. Or I can tell you what's written in ancient history about it." As he spoke, he showed a passage containing hundreds of words to people. It was a summary of the way that the Martial Divinity Herb had caused harm, which was written down by the Sovereign of the Sacred Zone.


"Really? It's so dangerous?"

"If it's true, the Golden Eyes are really sons of bitches."

"But we didn't see such things on the ship."

Xi Han interrupted their discussion. Coming forward, she responded, "Whatever you say, you shouldn't have slandered us. Martial Divinity Herb is such an evil thing. We would never cultivate it!"

"He, he, looks like Miss Xi Han knows nothing about it. Great! Guys, just follow me."

Jiang Chen had been investigating using his Eye of Heaven and he had found something. He walked in front, leading the way. Xi Hao's soldiers got the nerve up to approach him, with their third eyes all open.

"Go away!" Jiang Chen was extremely tough. He fluttered his sleeve. All of the soldiers were sent flying.

"He is strong."

The Golden Eyes soldiers were all young Venerables. They were elites among elites, but they were vulnerable before Jiang Chen.

Xi Hao kept stepping back when Jiang Chen walked by him.

"I might have let go of you before, but I won't now."

Then he punched him.

"That's not good!" Xi Han shouted in a high-pitched voice. However, it was still too late. This punch carried the power of thunder and fire. It knocked the arrogant Xi Hao down at one go. And the latter turned into ashes directly.


Those in the casino took a deep breath. Those from the Tangs felt very scared, thinking of the possible consequences if they had attacked Jiang Chen. They had thought they were just not strong enough to teach Jiang Chen a lesson, but since the Golden Eyes were here, Jiang Chen would not be able to attack them either.


Walking ahead, Jiang Chen suddenly thought of them too. He said, "The Tangs, kneel down and slap yourselves 100 times. I won't repeat it a second time."

Those from the Tangs exchanged a look. Their fear beat their dignity. They knelt down one after another. The sound of slaps kept coming. Among all of them, Tang Tianjun was the one who worked hardest. He slapped himself until his face got swollen, afraid Jiang Chen would not be satisfied.

Jiang Chen burst out laughing. He came up to one end of the casino and punched a hole in the wall instead of walking through the door.

"How arrogant!"

"This is the way the humans should be!"

"The Golden Eyes, go to hell!"

Many people went crazy, shouting emotionally.

Panicked screams came from the other side of the wall. Startled, some improperly dressed men and women were looking for clothes to cover their crucial parts. They were about to curse immediately, but Jiang Chen's aggressiveness shut them up.

Others explained to them what was happening. So these humans put on their clothes and joined the group.

Soon, Jiang Chen came up to another wall.

A team of Star Venerable soldiers dashed out of the door when he was about to punch the wall.

"First Sword: strike!"

Jiang Chen drew his sword out. He killed these Star Venerable soldiers without effort.

Those following him were getting used to this scene. They wondered whether Jiang Chen was a 100-year-old strong man who had rejuvenated.

Jiang Chen punched again. The wall collapsed. What people saw next made them petrified. Some beds were placed in a dark hall. There were humans lying on the beds, smoking. They looked like they were enjoying themselves so much that they did not even notice Jiang Chen and the others' arrival.

"How come...."

Xi Han knew what Martial Divinity Herb was. She certainly knew what she had seen meant.

"Eldest brother! How come you are here? The family have been looking around for you for four days!"

"Elder Brother Hao! Damn it. Who did this to you?!"

"Younger sister...god damn Golden Eyes!"

People walking behind Jiang Chen recognized their relatives and friends immediately, but no matter how they called their relatives and friends, the latter would not react to them. The Golden Eyes had made tobacco with the Martial Divinity Herb for them to smoke. Most of them were skinny. They did not even look like humans anymore.

"Don't go there! This smoke has the effect of Martial Divinity Herb too."

Jiang Chen stopped people from going inside. Warned by him, they stepped back due to fear.

"Miss Xi Han, I don't think you knew anything about this. Please tell me who is responsible for this place," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han was so shocked that it took her a good while to come to herself. She said, "It's Xi Ang, Xi Hao's biological elder brother."

"Why don't we see any Golden Eyes here?" Someone suddenly said.

It reminded Jiang Chen of something. He switched the Eye of Heaven on again. What he found next made him hate the Golden Eyes even more.

"The Golden Eyes have deployed a killing formation on the ship. They want to kill everyone here," Jiang Chen said.


"Darn it. They want to kill us so that we won't talk!"

"How can they even do that?! We have so many people here. If all of us die, it will cause an uproar in the Realm of True Force."

People got emotional. They started to curse one by one.

"Golden Ship exploded. The Golden Eyes lost a prince, a princess, and numerous soldiers. Numerous humans also died in the explosion. We are very sorry for what happened."

A voice suddenly rang out. Everyone quieted down.

"It's Xi Ang!" Xi Han told people who it was.

What Xi Ang said proved he was a cruel person. He was confident that no one would manage to leave the ship alive, so the truth would not be disclosed either.


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