The Brilliant Fighting Master
946 A Divine Egg
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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946 A Divine Egg

The big piece of amber was being rapidly cut by the knife. It was getting smaller and smaller. Many treasures were fragile. They could be damaged when being cut. It had happened before. It was exactly because it happened frequently that some great genius had written down a few things to note regarding cutting amber.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The more profoundly you understood these suggestions, the more skilled you would be in cutting amber. There are professional amber cutters. Some rich people would hire these professionals to cut the spectacular amber they had purchased.

Jiang Chen was as good as the professionals, because the Over Cloud Palace had once found great amounts of amber in their mines. As a result, the amber became one of Jiang Chen's best pastimes in his adolescence. He studied with some amber cutters who had great skills and soon surpassed them. However, since it was impossible to tell which amber had treasures inside before cutting them open, he got bored gradually. Because of this, he did not get obsessed.

It was a surprise that such a peculiar thing as running into amber had happened after his rebirth. His heart had a strong beat when seeing this amber. It was even stronger than last time. Nothing had shown up when the amber had been cut to half its original size. Jiang Chen was tired and sweating.

Could it be Enlightenment Tea again?

The size of the treasures would decide when they would show up during the cutting. If it was really Enlightenment Tea, it would take Jiang Chen a long time to cut such a big piece of amber. However, since Enlightenment Tea had appeared once, no one thought this time it would be the same thing again.

"Or maybe it has nothing inside."

"Yeah, that's the reality. It's normal that sometimes there is nothing inside."

"It's unreasonable to expect him to get something whenever he cuts."

"After all, this is already the second time. As he fails more, people won't get their hopes up so high anymore."

"The same luck won't just repeat so easily."

People started to discuss it. Whatever comment arose, no one refuted it. It was too early to say anything before the final result came out.

Ten-odd minutes later, the amber was even smaller than the first one Jiang Chen had bought. And there was still nothing. At the same time, it was getting more and more difficult to cut too.

"There is nothing at all! Just cut it."

"As if he really has some technique."

Unfavorable voices started again. Soon, the amber was only as big as a pill. However, Jiang Chen did not give up. He was doing it more and more slowly and more and more carefully.

"This is...?"

When the last piece of fragment was cut off the amber, it gave off a horrifying energy. It shut up the mouths of those who were about to say something sarcastic. Gradually, people saw what it was.

It was an egg!

As big as a hummingbird egg, it had a jade luster on its surface. When the last piece of fragment had been completely cut off, it gave off an azure radiance.

"This is...this is a Divine Egg!"

"Exactly. It's a Divine Egg!"

The Golden Eyes present in the casino all shrieked. The humans were confused. They did not understand why the Golden Eyes were so excited. Since they did not even know what Enlightenment Tea was without others' explanations, they certainly would not know what a Divine Egg was.

"Gosh, will the Divine Race also show up?" Jiang Chen was so shocked that he held his breath. He did not expect to have such a gain.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen's hand trembled. The Divine Egg dropped from his hand. All of the Golden Eyes present were scared out of their wits. They were shocked.

Jiang Chen smiled and caught the Divine Egg.

"Oh, man!" Finding that they had been tricked by Jiang Chen, people were angry but also amused.

"Miss Xi Han, this place certainly makes people feel at home," Jiang Chen said, seemingly serious.

Xi Han almost burst out crying.

The two things Jiang Chen had gotten this day were so precious that the Golden Eyes might not be able to get them even if they cut amber for dozens of years. In addition, it also proved Jiang Chen was really able to see things in the amber. Even the Star Venerable would like to learn this technique from him, even if he had to kneel down before Jiang Chen.

At this moment, a team of Golden Eyes soldiers in golden armor marched into the casino. They surrounded the table where the amber was. It started an uproar. The whole world knew what was happening.

Are the Golden Eyes gonna rob him? People involuntarily thought, throwing Xi Han a glance. Xi Han was also lost. She did not know why these soldiers had come.

The soldiers did nothing after surrounding the table. Some steady footsteps suddenly could be heard, breaking the silence. It was a large, tall youngster. As a royal member of the Golden Eyes, he was giving off a strong energy. People were especially intimidated by his royal manner.

"Xi Hao, why have you intruded into my casino with these soldiers?" Xi Han asked.

The youngster called Xi Hao ignored her. He came up to Jiang Chen directly.

"If you want to offer me a great fortune or threaten me to buy the Divine Egg, you'd better shut up." Jiang Chen beat him to it.

Xi Hao frowned. This was a response he had not expected.

However, Xi Han was not surprised, since she had known Jiang Chen a little bit.

"Who…?" Pointing at Jiang Chen's nose arrogantly, Xi Hao said slowly, "...are you?"

"Your father?" Jiang Chen asked.

If the air were not charged with so much tension, many people would have burst out laughing after hearing Jiang Chen's response.

"Hey, the Divine Egg belongs to this young friend. Are you gonna rob him of it? This is how the Golden Eyes behave?" The Star Venerable spoke for Jiang Chen to curry favor with him.

Pah! Xi Hao slapped his wrinkled face. He said disdainfully, "Just because we call you clients, you really think the human race...."

"Xi Hao!" Xi Han shouted before he went too far.

Curling his lip, Xi Hao did not continue.

"What do we really think? Finish it, you arrogant three-eyed freak." However, not afraid of them at all, Jiang Chen provoked them.

"Three-eyed freak?"

The air in the casino was frozen.

Xi Hao had the nerve to slap a Star Venerable. It did not only mean he was unbridled, but also that he was extremely strong.

"Give me the Divine Egg. It's not something you humans should have. It's useless for you anyway," Xi Hao said coldly.

"You don't get to say whether it's useful for me or not. Can't I cook with it?" Jiang Chen said.

A heavy silence fell upon the casino. Xi Han was extremely anxious. Unlike her, Xi Hao would not hold his temper just to put the tribe's interests above everything else. When this guy went mad, only his father and his elder brother could stop him.

"Do you really want to be my enemy?!" Xi Hao was pissed. The vertical line in the middle of his forehead was twisting. His third eye was about to open.

"I am your enemy. So what?"Jiang Chen shouted, "You are trying to rob me of my stuff, but you sound so righteous. I've never seen a person as shameless as you."

"You're courting death!" Xi Hao could not put up with him anymore. He opened his third eye. The golden lights emitted by it covered Jiang Chen as if to burn him.

"The Golden Eyes are so arbitrary."

Seeing what was happening in the casino, those in the room changed their opinions toward the Ancient Race.

"Poor man. Does he really think the Golden Eyes won't do anything to him?"

Shaking their heads, people felt pity for him. Shrouded by the golden lights, Jiang Chen could be vaporized directly.


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