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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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945 Scraps

Many people on the scene had never heard about Enlightenment Tea. Not until other people told them about it did they know what it was. However, since Jiang Chen had put Enlightenment Tea aside, they did not even have the chance to take another look at it.

Jealousy was driving Tang Tianjun crazy. He felt Jiang Chen was the nemesis of his life. "He is just lucky. No big deal." He disagreed with the whole world. He did not want others to say he was jealous, so he said it without opening his mouth. The voice came from his body. People could not even tell whether it was a man or a woman. However, everyone knew it was someone from the Tangs.

"Luck? Can you have this kind of luck?" Before Jiang Chen could respond, someone stood on his side to answer for him. It was the Star Venerable.

Cutting amber open depended on luck indeed. What Tang Tianjun said also involved them all. The Star Venerable spoke directly, disdaining to conceal himself. He was not afraid of the Tangs at all. "My young friend, why did you choose this amber?" His attitude toward Jiang Chen had undergone a significant change.

"It was pleasing to the eye," Jiang Chen said casually.

People were so shocked that they could not even breathe. He had gotten such an enormous treasure, and it was only because the amber was pleasing to the eye!

"My young friend, would you like to continue the game?" The Star Venerable asked.

Jiang Chen hesitated, but he nodded in the end. After all, he had made a good start. It was naturally not all by luck that he got Enlightenment Tea from the amber. When he was looking at that piece of amber, his heart had a stronger beat. He was not even sure when he was cutting it.

"Give him your seat!" The Star Venerable immediately asked someone to move so that Jiang Chen could have a seat. The person sitting beside him did not have an option. He was wondering whether Jiang Chen had some trick up his sleeve.

Xi Han stayed there after Jiang Chen sat down, staring at him. Time went by. Jiang Chen was just sitting there quietly. No one was surprised. It was because even if Jiang Chen did have some trick to pick amber, it was impossible for a second amber with a valuable treasure inside to appear so quickly. It was unrealistic.

"Just do it, if you're good enough. Stop dawdling!"

A harsh voice rang out again, but it was scolded immediately. There was no need to cut anything open if Jiang Chen had not seen his target yet. Other people at the table were also waiting quietly for Jiang Chen to act. Xi Han had flipped the tabletop over ten times in a row. Thousands of pieces of amber had been shown.

"My young friend, you've already made a big fortune. Why don't you have another try?" The Star Venerable asked tentatively. He was already out of patience.

Jiang Chen shook his head, unwilling to speak. People would never hit those who were nice to them, but the case with the Star Venerable was kind of different. He did not bother to respond to him.

Later, the onlookers also scattered.

"As expected, he doesn't have anything at all. He is just bluffing." This time, no one refuted this voice.

It was not fair to ask a person to show his techniques to pick amber, but since Jiang Chen had gotten a valuable treasure at the first try, people could not help but expect him to show them something more. But he disappointed the people. The seniors at the same table stopped building their hopes on him. They started to pick their pieces of amber on their own.

Half an hour had passed since Jiang Chen had sat down. Xi Han had almost lost interest.

"How boring." Even Jiang Chen himself said he was bored. He was leaving.

"You sound like you really had something. You spent half an hour giving yourself airs. That's really enough." Tang Tianjun said without opening his mouth, with great bias.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"Better than someone who has been staring at me for half an hour without blinking," Jiang Chen said.

The casino burst out laughing. If Jiang Chen had been sitting there doing nothing for half an hour, Tang Tianjun was even funnier, because he had been standing there for half an hour.

Tang Tianjun gnashed his teeth. He looked hideous.


Xi Han flipped the tabletop over again when Jiang Chen was leaving. This time, something on the table drew his attention back onto the table. Many people turned serious, including those sitting at the same table with him.

Xi Han got nervous, too, staring at the amber on the table. Suddenly, she found Jiang Chen was not looking at the amber, but was looking at her.

"Miss Xi Han, you are not gonna take all of those pieces of amber back, are you?" Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han was embarrassed, since her secret thoughts were exposed. She argued, "Nonsense. Now that we're in business, we are certainly operating in good faith. None of these pieces of amber will be taken away."

"Oh? Are you sure? So I'll start to pick." As he spoke, Jiang Chen ran his hand over the amber. It was interesting that he did not even lower his head. Instead, he looked into Xi Han's eyes.

Xi Han curled her lip. She wanted to stare back, but when their eyes met, she felt something weird. This guy was hitting on her.

Seeing Jiang Chen's behavior, others thought so too.

Xi Han also realized she was being teased. She said, "Just pick."

"All right. I want this one." To people's surprise, Jiang Chen's hand stopped moving. He was pointing at a big amber.

"Are you serious?" Xi Han looked down at the amber. She showed an odd expression. Others also tried to keep a straight face after seeing that amber.

"My young friend, it's only a scrape. It was cut off some bigger amber, just like when you cut that amber open, there were some scrapes left, but this one is a little bigger."

The Star Venerable explained, "It is on sale again because it's big."

"But there have been cases in which people got good stuff from scrapes like this one," Xi Han said. She did not want to hear Jiang Chen accuse Golden Ship of deceit again.

Jiang Chen also saw traces of cutting left by others on the amber.

"What an idiot." A sarcastic voice immediately commented.

This time, Jiang Chen did not ignore it. He dashed up to Tang Tianjun. Without saying anything, he gave the latter a good beating. It happened so fast. He had retreated by the time the strong ones of the Tangs tried to surround him.

"You! Why did you beat me?! You're so arrogant. I'm not the only one who has cursed you!" Lying on the ground, Tang Tianjun questioned Jiang Chen. He felt sore.

"I don't know who it was, but I just wanted to beat you." Jiang Chen said, seemingly serious.

Tang Tianjun almost fainted due to anger. Those from the Tangs were standing there with angry glares.

"My client!" Xi Han was very angry. She said, "You just attacked others again on the ship."

"No. I beat him, but I didn't attack him," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han shook her head. Pointing at the amber that had been cut, she asked, "Anyway, you need to pay for it."

She thought Jiang Chen had beaten Tang Tianjun because he did not want the scrape. At the time of picking, he must have had no idea what a scrape was. Each amber had a different price. Since this one was pretty big, twice as big as the small one that Jiang Chen had cut open, it cost all of the gambling chips he still had.

"Cut," Xi Han said, taking the gambling chips.

"I'm curious. I bought this thing, right? So, I guess I should be the one to decide whether to cut it open or not. Am I right?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"This is the rule of the casino. You didn't buy it. This is a bet. You cut it open, and we'll know the result of the bet!" Xi Han said in a tough manner.

"Okay. If you say so!" Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen took a small sharp knife out. He cut the amber open quickly and neatly.


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