The Brilliant Fighting Master
944 To Cut The Mysterious Thing Open
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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944 To Cut The Mysterious Thing Open

This was exactly the kind of amber on which they were gambling here.

"He, he." Jiang Chen could not help but burst out laughing. The Golden Eyes had the third eye. They could see through everything in the world. It was obviously a trick for them to get into the business of amber; even though some said amber had such a wonderful energy that no one could see what they had inside. Some said even the Golden Eyes could not either. However, they had discovered the hiding formation deployed by Jiang Chen. As a result, Jiang Chen had fear of the Golden Eyes' third eye.

Seeing the amber on the table out of the corner of his eye when leaving, he involuntarily was tempted.

"My client, do you want to join this gambling?" Xi Han asked him. Somehow, she had ended up right next to him.

"You Golden Eyes have great abilities. You take a look at the amber with your third eye and remove those with valuable treasures inside. Then you put the empty ones up for sale. What a good business," Jiang Chen said.

He made all the Golden Eyes unhappy. The seniors sitting at the table also turned to look at him, surprisingly, with disdain.

"My client, are you trying to irritate us?" Xi Han asked in a casual way.

Jiang Chen was shocked. This woman was really smart. She saw through his ploy.

"Miss, did you fly off the handle?" Jiang Chen asked.

"He, he, my client, if you don't want to have fun on Golden Ship, you can just leave. Before you leave, I also have to tell you that just a couple of days ago, someone got a valuable treasure from an amber." Xi Han had stopped being polite to him. She said, "My client, you are not the only one who knows we are the Golden Eyes. Do you think other people of the Realm of True Force are stupid?"

"Miss, cool off." Seeing her speaking so much at once, Jiang Chen shook his head. He walked up to the table, intending to join the betting.

There were hundreds of different sizes and colors of amber on the table. They were not as transparent as average amber. It was impossible to see clearly what was inside, maybe an outline at most. However, in most cases, the so-called outline was just dirt inside.

"This is not for young people. Get lost!" Someone sitting at the table said aggressively, unhappy with Jiang Chen's pride.

Star Venerable. Looking toward him, Jiang Chen saw through his state. He was surprised that a Star Venerable would find charm at Golden Ship. However, others took his reaction as the intimidation caused by the Star Venerable.

"Huh." The Star Venerable snorted complacently, waiting for Jiang Chen to leave.

"It is pure luck. What's it to do with age? All amber-picking methods will turn out to be Dark Learning in the end," Jiang Chen said.

The Star Venerable's face fell immediately, but he did not do anything. He just bore in mind the youngster's face. In case they ran into each other in the future, he would not mind teaching the youngster a lesson.

"If you are so great, find a treasure in the amber," Tang Tianjun shouted from a distance, as if he had not been beaten up enough. He drew people's attention to Jiang Chen again. Surprised to see the maniac Jiang Chen standing at the amber table, they wondered what he would get from the amber.

"There are more than 100 ambers. I don't see anything special in them. If none of them has any treasure inside, do you expect me to conjure a treasure out of nowhere?" Jiang Chen said, feeling it funny.

"My client." Xi Han failed to hold her temper when she had heard his innuendos about Golden Ship again. She walked up to the table. The tabletop suddenly flipped over, as if she had pressed a button or something. Then another batch of amber appeared on the table.

"We have too much amber. It doesn't look good if we show all of them at once. That's why we change a batch every ten minutes for our clients to choose from." Xi Han said angrily, "If you know nothing, just shut up and watch."

Seeing her so angry, people familiar with her could not help but exclaim that Jiang Chen was really something.

"Miss Xi Han, I hadn't finished appreciating the last batch," the Star Venerable said unhappily.

"I'm really sorry." Xi Han reacted. The tabletop flipped over, and the last batch of amber showed up again.

The amber that had drawn Jiang Chen's attention also went back under the table.

"Now, the game is on." Xi Han took a deep breath to calm herself down.

"All right. I'll play with you. I wanna cut this one open." Jiang Chen pointed at one of the pieces of amber.

People looked over and found it was an amber as big as a fist. They could not help but burst out laughing. Regardless of size, all of the amber cost the same. And size did not have anything to do with what the amber had inside. However, the amber Jiang Chen had chosen was really small. It looked like a fragment of other pieces of amber.

"Young man, what do you want from it? A leaf?" The Star Venerable was smiling disdainfully.

Xi Han cheered up too. She picked the amber up immediately and tore off the tag on it, not leaving Jiang Chen any time to feel any regret. In this way, Jiang Chen had to pay for the amber. If he refused to pay, Golden Ship would have an excuse to attack him, without worries about being accused of protecting the Tangs.

Jiang Chen gave her one-third of his gambling chips and took the amber.

"Cut it open."

Those from the Tangs shouted. "Do you dare or not? Are you worrying about getting embarrassed?"

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They actually did not say these things with their mouths, so it was difficult to find out who was speaking. As a result, they said whatever offensive thing that occurred to them without fear.

"Young man, surprise me." The Star Venerable was picking his amber too.

"All right. I'll satisfy your wishes." Jiang Chen emitted an extremely sharp radiance from his fingertips. The outer layer of the amber was cut open immediately. Many people were shocked. They thought no wonder this guy was so arrogant, because he was really capable. This kind of amber was extremely tenacious. They did not feel so hard when held in peoples' hands, but it needed a great effort to cut them open. Experts would be needed to cut the bigger ones so that the things inside would not be damaged.

"Eh?" Xi Han was surprised. So were the amber-cutting experts at the table. They did not warn Jiang Chen against anything in order to see him make a fool of himself. Even if there was some valuable thing inside, newbies would usually damage it. For such a small piece, it was an especially delicate job.

However, seeing Jiang Chen's great skill, Xi Han even wanted to hire him; 15 minutes later, Jiang Chen finally cut the small piece of amber open. Those who were expecting him to make a fool of himself also held their breaths when seeing his great skill. They were quietly waiting. In the end, the amber started to shine.

None of the seniors at the table, including the Star Venerable, could sit still. They got to their feet one by one, opening their eyes wide. The Star Venerable had guessed it right. It was a leaf indeed.

A tea leaf.

It was a tea leaf of Enlightenment Tea.

"Thousands-of-years-old Enlightenment Tea. It's really nice." Jiang Chen was beaming, but he did not overreact due to surprise. People thought he was too profound to be understood. He took the Enlightenment Tea. That was the best thing about the amber. They kept all the treasures in perfect condition, free of the effects of time.

Then Jiang Chen smelted the amber, which had been cut open, and absorbed it. "Miss Xi Han, I'm really enjoying myself so much on Golden Ship that I almost forget to go home," Jiang Chen added.

Xi Han was smiling, but she looked like she was crying. The Enlightenment Tea, not any ordinary Enlightenment Tea, but thousands-of-years-old Enlightenment Tea, was worth tens of thousands of times more than that amber!


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