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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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943 Amber

"People come to Golden Ship to have fun. It's unnecessary to be so aggressive." The steward of Golden Ship could not sit still anymore. She walked over before things got worse. She had a vertical line in the middle of her forehead. That was the symbol of the Golden Eyes.

Like most women used to eyeliner, female Golden Eyes aspiring to beauty would also put makeup on their third eye. This woman used golden painting that looked like a cloud to decorate her third eye. It is worth mentioning that the Golden Eyes never felt humble or unnatural for having one extra eye. In their eyes, those races with only two eyes were the ones who were incomplete.

"Miss Xi Han." Someone greeted her.

Xi Han was extremely pretty. Under her slim and curvy eyebrows was a pair of coquettish eyes. Her lips were as red as fire. She was wearing a formal dress, with her fair and flawless back exposed. This was quite bold in the Realm of True Force. Only Ancient women had the courage to do that.

"This man attacked me on Golden Ship. This is against the rules. I hope Miss Xi Han can deal with him justly." Tang Tianjun knew he should not play hardball. That was why he played a trick.

Xi Han nodded, but her facial expression did not change. People could not tell whether she would do what Tang Tianjun had asked.

"My client, is there anything you're not happy with on Golden Ship? Tell me. What made you so angry?" she asked Jiang Chen.

Her way of speaking was quite smart. She sounded soft, but actually she was very tough. And Jiang Chen could not blame her for doing her job.

"I was just teaching some simple-minded guy a lesson. Miss, why did you say I was angry?" Grinning, Jiang Chen responded in a smart manner.

Surprise flashed in Xi Han's eyes. She said, "It's kind of boring to judge who is right and who is wrong in this matter. Since this happened in the casino, why don't you resolve it by gambling?"

She walked slowly and gently up to a big table, glancing at Jiang Chen and Tang Tianjun.n"What do you think?" She moved her red lips gently. Her beautiful voice was echoing in the room.

"No problem!" Tang Tianjun came up to her without thinking, throwing Jiang Chen a provocative look.

Men are so easy to provoke, regardless of race, Xi Han thought.

Taking a step forward, Jiang Chen said with pride, "As you said, it's boring to judge who is right and who is wrong, and I did what I wanted to do." Then he glanced over the Tangs, one by one.

"If the Tangs want to get revenge from me because I refuse to gamble, bring it on."

It started a big disturbance. People had thought this incident would be resolved in a peaceful way, but now they started to point at him and criticize him.

Those from the Tangs turned black with anger. Insulted by Jiang Chen more than once, they felt their dignity was hurt.

"But my client, you attacked other clients on my Golden Ship. This is against the rules here." Seeing him so arrogant, Xi Han became competitive too.

"Ha, ha, ha, so what? I wanna see how great the Golden Eyes' strong practitioners are as well."

A tossed stone raises 1,000 ripples. Everyone in the casino was shocked.

The Golden Eyes warriors were also pissed. Even Xiang Lan did not dare approach Jiang Chen. She kept backing off.

Xi Han squinted. The atmosphere in the casino was charged with tension.

"My client, you seem very confident," she said tentatively after a short while.

"Miss Xi Han, you're so pretty. I really don't want to be impolite to you. But the Tangs are just some insignificant minions. If you want a gamble, let's gamble. What do you think?" Jiang Chen said again.

"Who are you?! Do you dare tell me your name?" Tang Tianjun said in anger.

However, Jiang Chen only lifted his arm slightly, and he was so scared that he held his head with both of his hands. Jiang Chen shrugged his shoulders. His disdain for the Tangs was so obvious that anyone could sense it.

"You want to gamble with me?" Xi Han repeated.

"You told me that it was against the rules that I attacked others in the casino. So, according to the rule of the casino, we certainly should gamble," Jiang Chen answered.

"What's the bet?" Xi Han asked.

"What I'm interested in most," Jiang Chen said.

"What is that?"

"You." Jiang Chen raised his eyebrows. He walked up until he was very close to Xi Han.

"If I win, Miss Xi Han, you will be mine," he said.

"This guy is too audacious!" Someone said involuntarily.

Xi Han was not just a small character among the Golden Eyes. She was a member of the royal family. The warriors around were getting angrier and angrier. They even could kill people with their looks.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"But you only have 1,000 gambling chips." Xi Han looked emotionless. Her tone sounded pretty plain.

"They're not enough? So, miss, what do you say?" Jiang Chen said.

"What about your life?" Showing an inviting smile, Xi Han said aggressively.

"No problem," Jiang Chen agreed immediately.

People could hardly believe it. No one knew what he was thinking.

"You are very confident?" Xi Han said involuntarily.

"I don't even know what kind of gamble it will be. How can I be confident about that? But I'm happy to do that for Miss Xi Han's sake," Jiang Chen said.

Xi Han was still smiling, but she looked a bit embarrassed. The natural pride the Golden Eyes felt in facing the human race was almost completely gone. Her heart was palpitating rapidly.

"He, he, my client, you've got a sense of humor. Golden Ship is for entertainment. Using your life as a bet is too exaggerated." Xi Han refused.

"So, what do we do now?"

Jiang Chen said, "You don't want to gamble with me. Do you want to drive me away from here?"

"Golden Ship will stay out of this. But, as long as you are on the ship, you are not allowed to have any private fights," Xi Han said. It was understandable that she took such an attitude, but many people felt disappointed.

However, Jiang Chen was really surprising. As unbridled, confident, and tough as he was, he even held the Golden Eyes in contempt.

"I'm in, gambling with my life!" Tang Tianjun yelled, flushing.

"You can't hold a candle to me," Jiang Chen said indifferently, ignoring him.

"You!" Tang Tianjun wanted to explode, but he did not have the nerve to confront Jiang Chen. It was a hilarious scene. Those from the Tangs also stayed silent, but their looks were all gloomy and cold. The whole world knew the Tangs would not let this go. They were just holding their tempers. Once stronger ones came, they would teach Jiang Chen a good lesson.

Walking in the casino, Jiang Chen was the center of attention. Xiang Lan did not dare walk with him, so he was alone. Jiang Chen was about to leave when he saw something out of the corner of his eye. Then he came up to the biggest table there.

Different from other tables, various size of amber were placed on this one. Some seniors were sitting at the table. They had been behaving calmly as always. They were focusing on the amber, totally silent.

Jiang Chen looked at them and found they were actually gambling on what the amber had inside. None of the amber on the table was usual. They were derived from trees with intelligence or even divine trees from millions of years ago. This kind of amber was quite valuable. And rarely seen treasures were usually wrapped inside of them. In this way, they objects survived the effects of time. People had once found seeds of divine herbs in this kind of amber.

Since it was impossible to know what amber had inside before cutting it open, it had gradually become an industry. Sellers would sell amber at high prices without knowing what was inside. Buyers would cut them open after purchasing. They might earn a huge profit, or they might find nothing worthwhile and become completely broke.


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