The Brilliant Fighting Master
941 The Golden Eyes
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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941 The Golden Eyes

These aliens from the Ancient Race looked just the same as humans. The energy they emitted was different from humans' energy, but it could not be discerned by the naked eye. They were very aggressive. Looking at the burning herbs, they flew into a rage. They were going to search every corner of the island to find the arsonist.

Without trying very hard, they found Jiang Chen waiting for them on the beach.


The aliens surrounded him immediately. They looked outraged.

"You set the fire?" The chieftain of the Ancient Race asked in a cold voice.

These Ancients were all Venerables. It was a strong team from the Realm of True Force.

"It was me indeed." Looking at the chieftain, Jiang Chen did not say an unnecessary word.

"Take him down!" The Ancient Race went mad. They launched an attack one by one. Their Original Methods, which were very different from martial techniques, were quite powerful and impressive.

However, it was a pity that their rival was Jiang Chen. The Heavenly Fault Sword was drawn out of the sheath. The radiance of the sword rippled over, cracking all of the Original Methods.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Stop!" The chieftain of the Ancient Race hurried to shout, since he had seen through Jiang Chen's state. The other Ancients stopped. Jiang Chen did not keep on attacking them. The beach went silent for a moment.

"Human, why do you want to be our enemy?"

Although he knew Jiang Chen's state would allow him to kill them easily, the chieftain was still not paying him any respect.

"Your enemy? You mean like this?"

Jiang Chen smiled coldly. The Heavenly Fault Sword released thunder and lightning as vast as the Milky Way. All of the Ancients except the chieftain were killed instantly.

"You!" The chieftain turned pale. He turned around immediately to flee. However, Jiang Chen fluttered his sleeves and brought him back.

"Human, how dare you! Are you declaring war on the Golden Eyes?" The chieftain shouted.

"The Golden Eyes?" Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He noticed the chieftain had a vertical line in the middle of his brows.Then he recalled what he had read about the Golden Eyes. These Ancients had the third eye. They could see through mists and false appearances.

As they got stronger and stronger, in the end their golden eyes would be able to see all of the naked truth. Jiang Chen also tumbled to the reason that his hiding formation had failed.

Man proposes, God disposes. Jiang Chen had not taken the Ancient Race and the Aliens into considerations. Everything was clear by then. The Golden Eyes came here to cultivate the Martial Divinity Herb. Then they found Jiang Qingyu in the mountain. They took him away for some unknown reason.

"Don't you know it's forbidden to grow Martial Divinity Herb in the Nine Realms? It's a severe crime that you are cultivating it here secretly. The real culprit calls the victim the culprit. What a great thing you did," Jiang Chen said.

Seeing that he already knew about the Martial Divinity Herb, the chieftain of the Golden Eyes started to sweat from anxiety. Gnashing his teeth, he asked directly, "What do you want? Just spit it out."

"How arrogant." Jiang Chen said. Then he pierced the Heavenly Fault Sword through the chieftain's leg. At the same time, purple electric arcs were emitted from the blade. The chieftain of the Golden Eyes instantly knew what an intense pain felt like. He was cursing while screaming.

Jiang Chen did not respond. He kept on releasing electric arcs at his own pace. Soon, the chieftain was soaked with sweat, as if he had just come out of the sea. He was not as tough anymore. His lips trembling, he was begging for Jiang Chen's mercy, not daring to curse anymore.

Not until then did Jiang Chen ask about his father. The chieftain told him everything he wanted to know. It was true that Jiang Qingyu was taken away by the Golden Eyes, but the chieftain did not know why. According to him, it was the royal family of the Golden Eyes who had taken Jiang Qingyu away. He was not in a position to ask any questions. Neither was he interested in the reason.

"Where is your king now?"

The question suddenly woke the chieftain up. Glancing at Jiang Chen, he said, "In the Sea Area in Twilight. It's a giant ship."

"You told me all of this without any hesitation, because you want me to die, don't you? You think the Golden Eyes are strong and powerful?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.

"You're the one who wants to go." Curling his lip, the chieftain was avoiding Jiang Chen's look.

"You'd better pray for my father after your death. Otherwise, all the Golden Eyes will be eliminated."

Then Jiang Chen killed the chieftain even before the latter could beg for his mercy. He did not use the Sky-burning Evil Flame to absorb these Golden Eyes' energies. They were only Venerables. There were not many energies to absorb.

The strongest fighting power in the Realm of True Force was Star Venerable. The Sacred Martial Arts Institute that father overturned was full of Star Venerable craps. But since the Ancient Race has appeared, the strongest fighting power isn't just Star Venerable anymore.

Despite all of this, Jiang Chen flew toward the Sea Area in Twilight decisively. After coming to the specific sailing route, Jiang Chen found it was bustling on the sea. Air ships kept flying over toward the same direction. That was also where Jiang Chen was heading, the Sea Area in Twilight. He knew from others' conversation that there was a ship named Golden Ship in the Sea Area in Twilight. It was a great attraction for fun. Anyone who had gone once would visit there again a second time.

The ship was full of pretty women. There were all kinds of facilities for all kinds of fun. The whole world knew Golden Ship was being operated by the Ancient Race of aliens, but no one saw it as a problem. Compared with the Realm of Nine Heavens, the Realm of True Force showed more tolerance to the Ancient Race, because the Ancient Race here did not kill people randomly like the Wing Men did.

They were behaving quite well after getting what they wanted. They were communicating actively with the human race and doing business with them. Many humans in contact with the Ancient Race greatly benefited. As a result, in the Realm of True Force, the Ancient Race was quite popular.

However, after finding the Martial Divinity Herb, Jiang Chen knew the Ancient Race despised and disdained humans to the core. They definitely would not be satisfied with the current situation in which humans and they were equal. They would try everything they could to enslave the humans and to be the dominant force.

Jiang Chen had planned to save people directly, but now he was kind of hesitating. In the end, he decided to change his plan. He disguised himself and followed others to the Sea Area in Twilight. After seeing Golden Ship, he was almost sure it was the giant ship the chieftain had mentioned.

Moving here and there on the sea, Golden Ship was like a moving island. It was even larger than the ship of the Ten Symbols Alliance that Jiang Chen had seen before. He landed on the ship. Then a pretty woman came up to him immediately and led him to a cabin. The woman was quite articulate. She was chitchatting with Jiang Chen, but, in fact, she was trying to pry his secret out of him.

Jiang Chen told her he was having adventures on the sea. He was here to see whether it was really as much fun as others had told him when he was ashore.

"My client, I'm sure Golden Ship won't disappoint you. May I know what kind of things you are interested in?" the woman said.

Jiang Chen was observing with the Eye of Heaven while walking. Walking on the ship, he experienced further how big the ship was. He did not even feel the fluctuation of the sea. It was as if he was still on land.

"I'm interested in everything that men are interested in," Jiang Chen said.

The woman looked back, throwing him a flirtatious glance. She smiled, as if she thought this client was quite interesting.

"In that case, let me make arrangements for you. I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself so much that you'll forget to go home," the woman said.

"I'm looking forward to it." Jiang Chen said meaningfully.


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