The Brilliant Fighting Master
939 Realm Lord Ring
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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939 Realm Lord Ring

Jiang Chen found the initial practicing approach on a pillar. The pillar started to sink when he had found it. This was one of the tests in the Ninefold Palace. If he could not understand the initial approach before the pillar completely sank, he would fail the test. Jiang Chen tried to concentrate. Exerting his talents, he was fully immersed in the initial approach.

No wonder it can't be written down, Jiang Chen thought to himself.

A written language is used to express ideas. However, when the ideas to be expressed are too vast and too difficult to explain clearly, a written language will be unable to reach its goal. Although many ancient scriptures were written down, those texts were actually not for reading, but for understanding. They were the same as the pattern on this pillar before Jiang Chen. He certainly could read the scriptures collected by the Over Cloud Palace, but even though he read them, he could not understand them or memorize them.

Getting back to the story, it was a pleasant surprise for Jiang Chen when he found it was the initial approach to Xuan Ming Qi, one of the Four Qi. He was extremely excited. Xuan Ming Qi was the most special among the Four Qi. Not many people could practice it. However, whoever practiced it could not be simple.

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Chen's chest felt full of illumination. The energy in his body turned into Xuan Ming Qi and entered the First Constellation Palace. Thanks to the condensing of Xuan Ming Qi, his state was improving rapidly.

In the end, all of the energy turned into Xuan Ming Qi. Jiang Chen did not leave any energy for the other three kinds of Qi. It was because the light of the First Constellation Palace was what Xuan Ming Qi needed. It was far less than enough.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It is a bottomless pit that is impossible to fill."

Jiang Chen opened his eyes. The pillar had completely sunk. It was not a problem for him, since he had memorized the initial approach. However, it was not complete. It was only a part of the whole scripture, not the same as the complete version. He put Xuan Ming Qi into use soon. He used it to cure his injuries. Together with his self-healing ability, the effect was great. Jiang Chen tried to cut himself on the arm, but before the knife made complete contact with his skin, the cut had healed.

"This isn't the only use of Xuan Ming Qi." A silvery voice suddenly rang out. It was neither the Azure Demon nor the black dragon. Jiang Chen looked around, but he did not see any creature that could speak.

"I'm omnipresent. You don't have to look around," the voice came again.

Jiang Chen was not surprised. He had experienced a lot, and he always had a strong feeling that there were living creatures in the Ninefold Palace.

"Are you the one controlling those dead people?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's the Ninefold Palace. You have to become the Realm Lord to liberate them. Or you'll be one of them."

"You were already here when I came, weren't you? Why didn't you answer me earlier?" Jiang Chen asked again.

"Who knows how far you will go? If you were too weak, it would be a waste of my time to answer your questions. What if you didn't even survive the first challenge?"

Jiang Chen really did not know how to answer him. He had never met such an arbitrary guy before.

"But now you're satisfied with my performance?" Jiang Chen asked, smiling.

"You're all right. The Ninefold Palace is looking for a Realm Lord. The qualifiers must have great wisdom, strong will, and unusual mentality. You've passed all of the tests so far." The voice sounded sincere. There was no sarcasm in his tone at all. He continued, "In my opinion, you're almost the Realm Lord. Otherwise I wouldn't have shown up."

"Tell me things I should know."


Jiang Chen learned that there was only the last test waiting for him. This test was simple. He did not have to do anything.

"This is the Realm Lord Ring. As long as it recognizes you, you'll become the Realm Lord. You don't have to do anything to it. Just put it on. If it fits you, then everything will be fine. But if it doesn't fit you, you will die."

Then Jiang Chen saw the Realm Lord Ring. His first impression was that it looked much better than the Divine Fire Ring. It was a medium size. Exquisite and elegant, it did not have any unnecessary decoration.

"If it doesn't fit me, I'll die? What do you mean? What's the standard to judge whether it fits me or not?" Jiang Chen asked.

"The standard is general. It's difficult to explain it clearly. A Realm Lord is the lord of a realm. We must choose a suitable person. That's beyond question. If it is an evil person or a person with bad intentions or a stupid and indecisive person, if for any reason the person isn't a good candidate, he'll die."

"But he doesn't have to die. Just drive him away from here," Jiang Chen murmured.

"Then anyone could be the Realm Lord." Despite Jiang Chen's low voice, the living creature of the Ninefold Palace still heard him and answered him.

Jiang Chen hesitated. He did not like the situation. It was not his style to leave everything to fate and luck.

"Let me ask you one more thing. What if I give up?" Jiang Chen asked, since something had occurred to him.

"You will die."

Jiang Chen thought that if the living creature speaking to him was right there before him, he would kill the latter with thunder. He had no choice at all, so he reached for the Realm Lord Ring. When his fingertips touched the Realm Lord Ring, the ring jumped onto his finger automatically and adjusted itself to the size of his finger.

"This is...?" Jiang Chen did not see any bad things happening. Everything was calm.

"I told you. With your performance, you will definitely become the Realm Lord. Otherwise I wouldn't have showed up."

"So, I'm already the Realm Lord?" Jiang Chen asked.

"If you want to see a spectacular scene, you can go outside. Visions are happening all over the whole Realm of Nine Heavens." That was something Jiang Chen already knew about. When a Realm Lord appeared, the whole Planes World would know about it.

"Will I be benefited as the Realm Lord?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"The Ninefold Palace is only a palace deployed by the Sovereign after the split of the world. It's only a symbol. It doesn't really mean you're the chosen one. What do you want? All of those scriptures and formation knowledge are enough for you, aren't they?"

"Well, it makes sense." Jiang Chen did not intend to get any treasure in the first place. He came here for the title of the Realm Lord so that things would be easier for him.

"What about you? Now that I'm the Realm Lord, you don't have to stay here anymore, do you?" Jiang Chen asked out of curiosity.

"As long as the Ninefold Palace is here, I'll be here. The Ninefold Palace will be closed after you take the Realm Lord Ring away. I'll get a good rest then."

"Don't you want to have a look at the outside world?" Jiang Chen asked. Any living creature with intelligence would not be satisfied with living like this.

The Ninefold Palace was silent for a long time. The voice came when Jiang Chen thought he would not get an answer. "Everything has its task. My task is to stay in the Ninefold Palace forever. Your task is to protect the Realm of Nine Heavens." This was the most serious thing the voice had said. It made one think.

Jiang Chen nodded. Then he changed the topic. After asking about some things to note and liberating the seniors of the Realm of Nine Heavens that had been trapped here, he left the Ninefold Palace. He returned to the Sacred Institute with the Realm Lord Ring. When he arrived, he saw that the place was full of strong humans from various fields.

"Realm Lord!" Those people greeted him as soon as he arrived.

As the living creature of the Ninefold Palace had told him, the whole Realm of Nine Heavens had learned about his becoming the Realm Lord.

Jiang Chen could start to establish the order he wanted now.


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