The Brilliant Fighting Master
936 Nine Realms Lord
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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936 Nine Realms Lord

Most experts would hesitate in describing the differences between clones and incarnations. A clone would possess just a small part of the true body's power. As for how much it was? It depended upon how profound was one's cultivation method. One's true body wouldn't immediately learn of what the clones had gone through, and it was only in specific circumstances that it was possible to learn of what they had gone through.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

An incarnation's status was vastly higher than a clone, and it didn't just possess great fighting prowess, its mind was also linked with its owner. In other words, regardless of how many incarnations one had, they still all had the same soul and mind.

This was why if Jiang Chen refined the clone, the Sacred Lord wouldn't probably learn about it. The clone was just formed by energy, and such energy came from a Martial Saint was on a par with an Immortal Elixir.

"You are just a trifling ant at the First Constellation Palace. So don't let your imagination run wild. It's impossible for you to refine me." The Sacred Lord couldn't be bothered to keep with his usual refined look, and he shouted while wearing a hideous expression.

"Is it? That's not necessarily the case." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and started weaving hand signs.

Pain appeared on the face of the Sacred Lord who was engulfed by the evil flames and he shouted loudly, "An Alien Flame? This is unexpectedly an Alien Flame. Who are you?"

"Is such a question important?" Jiang Chen didn't reply further and just started reading silently the Divine Fire Scripture. The evil flames started changing unceasingly and the flames' might was becoming greater. The Sacred Lord's body started disintegrating before fusing together once again and it turned into pure, white energy.

The Divine Fire Scripture had four layers: the spark layer, the genuine fire layer, the heavenly fire layer, and the divine fire layer. Jiang Chen had first studied the spark layer and mastered the technique A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire. This was an offensive technique that possessed great destructive power.

After Jiang Chen was reborn among flames, his Fire Lore level rose drastically because his body's Genuine Blood was affected by the Fire God Descent's state, and it let his Sky-burning Evil Flame become stronger than before by much. The genuine fire layer didn't have any offensive techniques, but it could still help him refine his enemies and its function wasn't limited to such a matter alone.

After Jiang Chen had refined the Sacred Lord into pure energy, he waved his hand, pulled that energy toward him, and swallowed it in a single mouthful. This was all thanks to this layer's power. After a short while, a roar echoed from within his body, and his whole body shone brightly. The Azure Demon and the Black Dragon were really scared by Jiang Chen's violent actions.

"I never witnessed such a cultivation. A divine body is really unique and outstanding," the Azure Demon sighed and said.

Even after a divine body had grown completely, it would need a large amount of spiritual energy and resources, or else it wouldn't display its true power. Its strong point was revealed in the Star Venerable through the Four Q. Using a water jar as a comparative figure, other people would need to just fill one, two, or at most three water jars, while Jiang Chen had four jars, which was why he would need more water than others.

However, the Four Qi's cultivation method was more crucial and Jiang Chen had devoured the Sacred Lord's clone just to prepare more energy for his Four Qi. Besides helping his divine body grow stronger, it wouldn't be of any help to him now because his realm level couldn't get higher.

After Jiang Chen finished his business there, he landed outside of Sacred City.

"Did you witness that? If we don't possess enough power, our Nine Heavens Realm will be at the mercy of others, and the tragedy that occurred in the Fire Field may befall anyone of you at any time. I don't want to stand against everyone, but those Alien Clans had obviously come here to seek help, yet still acted arrogantly and were conceited. I will surely not allow them to bully and insult the Nine Heavens Realm's people as they want."

Jiang Chen stated his opinion in front of everyone in Sacred City and in the Nine Heavens Realm. As long as their interests weren't in conflict with Jiang Chen, they would all be moved and convinced by him. Who was really willing to let himself be enslaved, and let his daughters and wife be insulted by Alien Clan members? How could they allow the homeless Alien Clans to act like they were this land's owners and rulers after they had just come over?

"However, there are obviously some lands' great factions who have gotten many benefits from the Alien Clans, like the Seventh Realm's experts who appeared today. They have sacrificed their majorities' interests to satisfy their selfish desires."

"If I visit all of you and start exterminating you one by one, you wouldn't be willing to submit and accept this. So just listen well to me. I will go to the Ninefold Palace and become the Nine Heavens Realm's Lord," Jiang Chen said. He wasn't speaking with humans alone, he was also speaking with the Alien Clan members.

The Sacred Institute had limited influence, and it wasn't as if everyone obeyed its call. But a Realm Lord was a different matter because he represented this world, and none would dare to oppose him.

Is our situation so grave that we need a Realm Lord? The people thought to themselves. It was unknown whether this was just a coincidence, but Realm Lords would usually appear only when the world was in danger. When troubled times started and the world descended into chaos, there would be a need for someone to raise a flag, summon everyone, and unite all warriors.

The Alien Clans had already arrived, and the Human Clan must be united and shouldn't be left like scattered sand as before. However, the issue still lay in whether Jiang Chen could achieve it or not. The Ninefold Palace wasn't a place just anyone could go through. However, it seemed from Jiang Chen's performance this day that he had a great chance for passing its trial successfully. Many people were looking forward to it, while there were also some who didn't hope for Jiang Chen to succeed.

Jiang Chen landed in Sacred City and went to find Han Siming and Gao Tian'ai who were still waiting for him.

"Cousin, isn't the speed of your power growth ridiculous?" Gao Tian'ai said excitedly. "The Sacred Institute didn't make a mistake when it allowed you to leave. As long as you are given enough time, your power will always quickly rise."

Han Siming said, "It's a pity that the Murong family and the Dragon Rebel Army were already exterminated by your father, or else they would get to see your current power."

However, it was obvious that the sooner this affair was settled, the sooner would the Dragon Field recover its peace. If they had really waited for Jiang Chen to take care of it, many people in the Dragon Field would have suffered greatly. Such actions would have been really ridiculous!

After Jiang Chen had exposed his power, he would surely be the center of attention no matter where he went. Many people had already started calling Jiang Chen a supreme venerable, and it expressed their reverence and respect for him.

Qi Ping had arrived with a group of people and they stood before Jiang Chen.

"Qi Tian, this is my cousin. Will you try defeating him with ten blade moves?" Gao Tian'ai said with a smile. Qi Tian's face was filled with embarrassment. The current Jiang Chen wouldn't need to use more than a single finger to kill him.

"Master! Please take me as a disciple!" Qi Ping's actions stunned everyone. He had knelt to Jiang Chen!

Everyone was astounded by it, but, after they came to their senses, they realized that it wasn't strange at all. Even though Jiang Chen was young, he was still the strongest expert in the Nine Heavens Realm.

"I don't have anything to teach you. You can depend upon yourself." Jiang Chen wouldn't take any disciples because he still had a long road to walk.

After this, Jiang Chen went to the Hero Palace and met Nan Gong. He inquired in detail about the Ninefold Palace's matters. The Azure Demon next to them joined the conversation. "There is a river in the Milky Realm—the Milky River. As long as one can swim to its other shore, he will become the Milky Realm's Lord. However, many people have obviously been buried in the riverbed. Jiang Chen, you should give it a try because, if you can become the Nine Realms Lord, you will have achieved a great feat, which has never been done by anyone in the past."

"Didn't they say that you can only take your own Realm's trial?" Jiang Chen asked curiously.

"No, that isn't right. It is only that people born in higher realms could not pass the trial of a lower realm. The people of lower realms can pass the trials of higher realms," the Azure Demon said.

The Black Dragon who was always taciturn also spoke, "However, it's difficult for the Nine Heavens Realm's people to become even their own realm's lord, let alone become the Nine Realms Lord."

"He, he, I felt like it is possible for Jiang Chen to achieve it," the Azure Demon said. He was really looking forward to it! The Azure Demon had accompanied Jiang Chen throughout his whole path, and, every time he woke up from his sleep, he would discover that Jiang Chen's cultivation level had risen greatly. He was certain that Jiang Chen's body was full of untapped potential which hadn't yet been revealed.

"The Nine Realms' Lord? Just wait for it," Jiang Chen muttered to himself.

Since he had been reborn after his transformation into a demon, his mind and temperament had changed. Or it could be said more precisely that he had just become more resolute and steady and wouldn't hesitate at all to kill anyone. He wouldn't spare anyone who should die. He had also realized that it was always one's fists and power that were the greatest truth, rather arguments and eloquence.


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