The Brilliant Fighting Master
935 The Sacred Lord’s Clone
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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935 The Sacred Lord’s Clone

When the elders felt utter despair, the wind started surging in the sky of Sacred City, and a vortex quickly formed there. A terrifying aura was emanating from the vortex, and the people below all felt like they were going to suffocate—even Jiang Chen!

"The Sacred Lord! It's the Sacred Lord!"

The Heavenly Fire School's supreme elders sighted a glimmer of hope, and their faces became filled with delight.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

However, they had forgotten that Jiang Chen was still standing in front of them and his Sky-burning Evil Flame burned them into ashes.

Meanwhile, the aura from the vortex was becoming more powerful and a wave of stifling pressure surged out of it in all directions. It seemed as if it would engulf Jiang Chen. However, it was fortunate that Jiang Chen possessed a divine body and wasn't affected by it much. However, his expression turned grim because he wasn't sure that he could deal with what that pressure was portending.

The Sacred Lord? He could be a Martial Saint. But why was a Martial Saint coming into the Nine Heavens Realm?

"He can descend directly from the Seventh Realm and such a power alone is..." Jiang Chen didn't dare to let his imagination run wild.

"You killed my subordinates in front of me!"

The vortex disappeared, and a middle-aged man appeared out of thin air. At first glance, nothing seemed outstanding about him—he seemed like an ordinary old man. However, if one observed him carefully, it was possible to notice that this person had fused faintly with the Great Doctrine. The people in Sacred City who had been cheering all shut up, because they realized that a powerful enemy had just shown himself.

Jiang Chen flew to a high altitude so that the fight wouldn't harm the people in Sacred City. As Jiang Chen got closer to the Sacred Lord, he managed to clearly see his appearance. He had a broad face, average facial features, and a long beard. When Jiang Chen activated his Heavenly Eye, his nervous heart finally calmed down. This wasn't the Sacred Lord's true body, but only his clone, and it didn't possess even one-tenth of the true body's power.

"You are quite special, but you still shouldn't have become my enemy," the Sacred Lord spoke in a calm manner.

"It was your group who have bullied people too much," Jiang Chen spoke unyieldingly.

The Sacred Lord was surprised by this, and he examined him closely. He said, "All realms are accepting Alien Clans. So why should your Nine Heavens Realm be an exception to this?"

"Are the other planes and realms also tolerating the Alien Clans' members' atrocious actions?" Jiang Chen questioned him.

"It is only because your Nine Heavens Realm doesn't have enough power to deter them. The Alien Clans who came here are among the weakest," the Sacred Lord spoke boldly and confidently.

"Do you need me to slaughter more Alien Clans' members?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You are quite powerful, but you are just a single person, and you can't form a great faction. I won't need to pay a grave price to kill you."

The Sacred Lord clasped his hands behind his back and spoke proudly, "Today, you will die, and the strongest in the Nine Heavens Realm will be only Celestial Venerables."

"Well?" Jiang Chen was surprised by his last words because he didn't expect that the Sacred Lord had such a good understanding of the Nine Heavens Realm.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You are just at the First Constellation Palace and the beginning of your path. There are still Martial Emperors and Martial Saints above you. Yet it seems as if you are very confident," the Sacred Lord said.

"You will kill me in any case. So why can't I act confidently and boldly?" Jiang Chen asked with a smile.

"Interesting. If it wasn't for your stupid actions, I would have even considered taking you as a disciple."

"You aren't the right kind of person for me to honor," Jiang Chen said earnestly.

Upon hearing this, the proud Sacred Lord was infuriated. He squinted his eyes beneath thick brows, while his whole body seemed like a sword that was dying to leave its sheath.

All of a sudden, the Sacred Lord attacked. He didn't cause any world-shaking scene and just charged at Jiang Chen at an inconceivable speed, thrusting his palm at him. His palm strike didn't seem powerful and was actually quite slow.

All of Jiang Chen's body hair stood on end. Even though the palm strike seemed ridiculous, it still possessed a great explosive power, and the palm's energy formed a stream of air between them that restrained Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen could only face it head-on and he thrust his fist at him. "Reincarnation Punch!" Jiang Chen's fist struck his opponent's palm. But then, a mocking look appeared on the Sacred Lord's face, and he continued thrusting his hand forward. An overwhelming power battered Jiang Chen's arm, and it instantly dislocated his bones and injured his muscles. His whole body lost its balance, and he rolled around in the air.

"Well?" An odd look appeared on the Sacred Lord's face because his palm strike unexpectedly didn't manage to shatter Jiang Chen's arm.

"Is it because my clone crossed the Seven Realms on the way?" The Sacred Lord muttered to himself, before he used his strange movement technique and followed Jiang Chen, who still hadn't regained control over his body.

The Sacred Lord thrust both hands calmly. The first palm strike sent Jiang Chen flying for several hundred feet and the second palm strike followed the first one closely, using the same move as before.

"How terrifying is the outside world?" Everyone in the Nine Heavens Realm was dumbfounded upon witnessing that Jiang Chen, who had been like a deity a moment ago, was being turned into a punching bag. At first, they had assumed that Jiang Chen was just putting on an act because the Sacred Lord's attacks didn't seem extraordinary, and the fight occurred in the sky. However, after the third palm strike, Jiang Chen fell from the sky, crushing a mountain peak. Even though they were observing the fight from a screen, they could clearly detect that the earth had quaked and the whole mountain had shaken at this moment.

"You are just attempting the impossible and inviting disaster upon yourself." The Sacred Lord pulled back his hand and tidied up his clothes calmly. Such a match couldn't be considered a real fight to him.

"Is this the final outcome?" Many people couldn't accept this, and Sacred City descended into silence once again. However, at that moment, Jiang Chen flew out from among the storm of dust raised by the toppled mountain peak. "Does a Sacred Lord possess only such power?" Jiang Chen asked.

"What?!" Alarm appeared on the face of the Sacred Lord upon witnessing Jiang Chen, who still appeared to be in a good state.

"It seems as if an issue had really occurred with this clone," the Sacred Lord muttered to himself. He obviously didn't believe that the reason behind all this was simply that Jiang Chen was powerful.

However, it didn't matter because Jiang Chen would shortly prove it to him. Jiang Chen started using the Five Thunders Authentic Method, and lightning power surged out. Then the Sky-burning Evil Flame erupted. Jiang Chen had also thrust both swords forward and used the Wind and Fire Sword Wheels.

"Well?!" An odd look appeared on the Sacred Lord's face, and he muttered, "You are obviously a First Constellation Palace expert. But who really cares about this?" The Sacred Lord raised his hands high and pointed his palms at the sky, before he stretched them in different directions. His left hand was holding a bright moon, while his right hand was holding a scorching sun.

"The Radiance of Moon and Sun!" The Sacred Lord used a martial technique and fulfilled the wishes of the Nine Heavens Realm's people. They were all satisfied by the earth-shattering power they had just witnessed. When the Sacred Lord thrust his palms, the whole sky darkened, while his sun and moon emitted radiances of different colors. As a rumbling sound echoed forth, the Sacred Lord's two palms collided against the swords wheel, and their radiant energy shock waves illuminated the sky once again.

Jiang Chen was sent flying away, while the Sacred Lord drew back by a dozen meters, and his face became slightly pale.

"It is finally ended!" After the Sacred Lord witnessed Jiang Chen falling in the air, he started recuperating. However, surprise and alarm appeared on his face in the next second because Jiang Chen exerted his power and stood once again. The injuries on Jiang Chen's body were healing at a quick speed and even his flesh was growing back once again.

"What kind of body is this?" The Sacred Lord was stunned.

"Azure Demon, Black Dragon." Jiang Chen opened the eight groups of spiritual beings scripture. If he depended upon his power alone, he would need to waste a large amount of time to kill the Sacred Lord, and since all the Nine Heavens Realm's people were now watching this fight, he must put a quick end to it.

The spiritual group and the draconic group appeared behind Jiang Chen and were building up power while waiting.

"Ksana Sword Method, the Fourth Move!" Jiang Chen said, and, just after he spoke, his sword attack came to an end.

The Sacred Lord lowered his head and looked at the scars left on his body by the sword, while the energy inside his body started flickering.


Before the Sacred Lord had managed to react, the Black Dragon and Azure Demon charged at him with their full power, while Jiang Chen used the Sky-burning Evil Flame and shot it at his back.

"You! Do you want to refine me? You are really daring!"


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