The Brilliant Fighting Master
934 Powerful and Matchless
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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934 Powerful and Matchless

The pressure emanating from a Star Venerable almost suffocated everyone there, and even the people in other fields could discern how powerful the sword light was from its form. They all held their breaths.

"I'm Li Rendao from the Heavenly Fire School," the man announced his name. He possessed bearing befitting an elder of a great sect and he seemed lofty and great. The people forgot who was in the wrong here for a moment, and they were almost subdued by him.

Li Rendao was at least 70 years old, yet he was still robust and healthy and his aged face seemed vigorous.

"You have really the manner of a hero about to eradicate demons," Jiang Chen stated his opinion.

Li Rendao sneered coldly, and his sword light started burning, and a dazzling blaze appeared.

" this the Lore Martial Realm?" When the apex experts in the Sacred City witnessed such a sight, they were all amazed. This expert didn't have just a high cultivation level, his martial techniques were also outstanding.

"You still won't come out?" Li Rendao's restrained his bloodlust and surveyed the surroundings.

One of his sect's elders had died, while three Wing Men Clan's kings had died, and he obviously didn't believe that it was all done by the youngster in front of him. Li Rendao had assumed that Jiang Chen opposed them just because he had someone else backing him.

"Lad, it seems like the person who asked you to come here has already fled when he noticed that the situation wasn't advantageous for him. Now, it's already too late for regrets," Li Rendao spoke, while his sword's aura formed a sharp and deadly strike.

Many people couldn't help but suck in a breath of air as they witnessed such a sword strike. It was like a scarlet bolt which would tear the sky in half, and someone as young Jiang Chen would surely be killed by it.

"You overestimated your capabilities." It was at this moment that Jiang Chen showed his power, and lightning erupted out of his body, while his hair started dancing in the wind.

When surprise first appeared on the face of the crowd, Jiang Chen's lightning reached his belly's region and arcs of lightning condensed in his fingers.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

Jiang Chen ran toward Li Rendao, and his five fingers struck the sword, which everyone dreaded.

Li Rendao should have revealed a disdainful grin, but when he felt the tremendous power attacking him, his pupils couldn't help but contract.


His sword, which was engulfed by scalding fire, was shattered. Jiang Chen's palm seemed like a divine weapon, and it passed by the sword's sharp end and its hilt, before it reached Li Rendao's body.

"Why it's like this..." Before Li Rendao finished his speech, his whole body exploded, showering the scene in blood.

The lightning's might then evaporated his blood, and nothing was left of him in the world.

"You are really weak!" Jiang Chen shook his head and wore an annoyed expression.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen looked at Guba, and curled up the corners of his mouth, while his black eyes shone with a cold glint.

"If you don't attack, you won't have any chance," as Jiang Chen spoke, he stretched out his hand toward the Heavenly Fault Sword.

Guba and the others still hadn't come back to their senses, but their instinct was informing them that they were facing grave danger and was asking them to run away. However, it was a pity that weakness and ignorance weren't the most fatal weak point, it was arrogance.

"Kill him!" Guba revealed his pride and arrogance as a Silver Wing Man. He was a Fifth Palace Star Venerable, and he led the other four fighters from his clan and wanted to kill such a powerful enemy. Wing Men's strong point was their speed, and their metal-like wings were sharper than any divine weapons while they were flying at a high speed. Unlike ordinary Wing Men, the Silver Wing Men's wings seemed like they were made of steel even when they weren't in their offensive form.

As they attacked with all their might, their wing's silver feathers shone brightly, and a tearing sound echoed from their edges. Two silver rays of light flew toward Jiang Chen and wanted to tear him apart.

Jiang Chen didn't care about them and instantly unsheathed his sword. It shone like a rising bright sun and a sonorous cry reverberated in the land. In the next few seconds, five metallic collision sounds echoed.

Jiang Chen still stood in his former place, and he wielded the sword with a single hand and blocked the attacks of all Silver Wing Men.


Guba flew high in the sky, and examined Jiang Chen with his eyes once again. "You are obviously just at the first Constellation Palace. So, how can you achieve this?" He didn't understand where the issue lay. It was usually just Alien Clan's members who could defeat people with a higher cultivation level. Since when did humans also possess such an ability?"

"Would you slaughter everyone in the city? Why do you stop now? Is it because you still don't understand what slaughter is? Let me teach it to you."

After Jiang Chen spoke, his eyes locked into the four Silver Wing Men.

"Divine Lightning Transforms into a Sword!"

Jiang Chen threw the Heavenly Fault Sword into the sky, and it turned into a lightning pool and countless bolts of lightning fell from it.

"Let's run quickly!" Guba was surprised, and he quickly warned his clan's other fighters. The Silver Wing Men's terrifying speed was revealed as they fled away, and they turned into flowing rays of light as they fled.


However, once Heavenly Lightning was released, it wouldn't matter how far away they fled, it would still strike them as before, and they were all torn to shreds and killed.

At this moment, the whole Nine Heavens Realm descended into silence, and everyone finally understood why Jiang Chen said that those people were just insignificant worms. Since he had started attacking until now, he hadn't spent the slightest efforts, yet he still killed five out of the eight Star Venerables, and only three were left.

Guba's expression became twisted. He was infuriated!

The faces of the Heavenly Fire School's two supreme elders were as pale as paper, and they were both frightened.

"Is this person...the head of Dragon Rise List?" Qi Tian, who was in the Sacred Institute, who had claimed that he could defeat Jiang Chen with ten blade moves couldn't help but swallow his saliva. After Qi Tian got his answer, he almost collapsed, and he cried out involuntarily, "Does this mean that I don't have any hope for achieving it in my whole life?"

The people around him answered him with their gazes.

In the sky, Jiang Chen looked at Guba and spoke mockingly, "You are wearing the same obstinate look as before. Should I say that Silver Wing Men like you are stupid or foolish?"

"Who are you?" Guba asked.

"I'm the Heavenly Fault Sword's Master." Jiang Chen sneered coldly and pulled out the Red Cloud Sword with his left hand. He wanted to kill them!

"The Wind and Fire Swords Realm!"

This time, Jiang Chen didn't use lightning power, but his fused two Lore Martial Realms.

"The Winged God's Radiance Is Fleeting!" Guba used his Original Method, and many strange symbols appeared on the wings on his back, and they appeared even on his bones. His whole body seemed illusory, and was flickering unceasingly.

"You will pay a grave price for your actions," Guba said.

"Awful! He wants to run away!" The Heavenly Fire School's two people came back to their senses, and they all started fleeing with their whole might so that they wouldn't be killed.

"Do you think you can run away?" Jiang Chen curled his mouth, and his sword's aura changed once again, and wind and flames started rising from it.

"Wind and Fire Sword Wheel!"

His sword wheel flew forward quickly, while Guba whose face was filled with fright started teleporting away. However, the sword wheel still managed to reach him at such a moment, and it forcefully pulled him back and tore him to shreds.

While at the same time, Jiang Chen went to obstruct the fleeing supreme elders.

"You just came here a short while ago, yet you already want to leave?" Jiang Chen said.

The supreme elders were so scared that their knees went soft, and they begged him unceasingly.

"Do you want me to let you off? Let's ask this city's citizens," Jiang Chen said.

Jiang Chen's words had achieved what Guba had done a while ago, and the Sacred City descended into silence for just a moment, before impassioned shouts echoed from it.

"Kill them!"

"They didn't care about us at all, and they wanted to slaughter everyone in the city just to give vent to their anger. They should be killed!"

"If we had known that the Supreme Venerable, Jiang Chen, was this amazing, we wouldn't have been frightened."

The will of the people was always like this, and one couldn't really say whether this was wrong or right. But they were still more excited and impassioned than before because a while ago their lives were endangered.

The supreme elders became ashen-faced. They had really ended up coming over just to throw away their lives.


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