The Brilliant Fighting Master
933 Right and Wrong, Power and Weakness
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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933 Right and Wrong, Power and Weakness

This group of people didn't go into the Fire Field. They just went to the Dragon Field's Sacred City and shouted out Jiang Chen's name. The reason behind this was that Jiang Chen had already left them a message, as well as the corpses of Wing Men, in the channel and asked them to come into the Sacred City.

This was also the reason why the voices of the Silver Wing Men were filled with anger, and their shouts startled all Sacred City's citizens, who were especially surprised to hear Jiang Chen's name.

"Which Jiang Chen?" Many people wondered whether it was another person with the same name.

"Oh my God! Those people are all...Great Venerables!"

The experts in the city suddenly noticed those people's cultivation levels, and they were all frightened. But, even after such news spread, most people were just confused because they didn't really know what a Great Venerable meant.

However, after they learned that a Great Venerable was someone above a Martial Venerable, Spiritual Venerable, and Celestial Venerable, everyone in the city went into an uproar. The appearance of such a group of people in the Nine Heavens Realm was really shocking.

Meanwhile, the formations mentioned by Jiang Chen before were activated, and the scene outside of the Sacred City was broadcasted to all fields, and as long as the Nine Heavens Realm's people raised their heads, they could clearly see in the sky what was happening in the Sacred City, and most people were bewildered by such a sight.

"Jiang Chen, if you don't come out, we will slaughter everyone in the city," a Silver Wing Man shouted loudly.

Upon hearing him, the Sacred City's citizens who were enjoying such a show were all scared, and they hoped for Jiang Chen to come out quickly.

"Jiang Chen!"

Gao Tian'ai and Han Siming were startled by the arrival of such powerful enemies, and they all became worried for Jiang Chen.

After a short while had passed, Jiang Chen flew into the sky and appeared in the line of sight of everyone in the Nine Heavens Realm.

"What? Isn't he just a youngster?" This was most people's first reaction because Jiang Chen didn't seem even 16 years old.

"It's him, Jiang Chen!"

However, people who knew Jiang Chen still managed to recognize him because he was the head of the Dragon Rise List. As for why he had turned this young? No one knew the answer.

"Are you Jiang Chen? Is it you who killed those people?" The great sect's supreme elder asked.

"That is right."

Jiang Chen looked at the three great sect's supreme elders and spoke in mockery, "It seems like you have already resolved to stand on the Alien Clans' side, and you don't care at all about your clansmen."

"You have killed our sect's members, yet you still dare to speak like this to us?" A great sect's supreme elder spoke angrily.

Jiang Chen didn't reply, and he opened a video recording scroll and broadcast what the Wing Men had done in the Xia Dynasty's imperial palace. The Sacred City's citizens, as well as the Nine Heaven Realm's people, sucked in a breath of cold air. The actions of the Wing Men were as vile and wicked as demons!

This video recording scroll was present in the imperial palace, and the arrogant and haughty Wing Men didn't even bother with destroying the evidence after killing people.

"You have brought with you a group of bird men to commit atrocious crimes in our home, yet you still have the face to come over indignantly," Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

The great sect's three supreme elders were quite embarrassed, and someone among them retorted back, "This is the Sacred Lord's order, and we must help settle down the Alien Clans who had come over."

"He, he! You assumed brazenly that you can bring bird men to other people's homes as you wish. You destroyed their families and killed them, yet you can still speak boldly and confidently," Jiang Chen spoke indignantly.

"It's enough!" The five Silver Wing Clan's fighters couldn't bear it any longer. One of them spoke angrily, "You are cursing us as bird men one time after the other. Did you really take us for just thin air?"

"You have come over to kill me, yet you still want to decide how should I address you?" Jiang Chen said.

After they had spoken up to here, the Nine Heavens Realm's people got an understanding of what happened, and it was obvious to them who was in the wrong. However, the real issue was that the Seventh Realm's enemies were too powerful, and any one of them could run amok in the Nine Heavens Realm as he wanted. Even if everyone believed that Jiang Chen was in the right, what would it change? The eight Star Venerables wouldn't go back just because of it.

"If an ant blocked an elephant road, do you think that the elephant will leave just because the ant stated that the road belongs to it?"

"The Nine Heavens Realm declined for so long and didn't have even a Star Venerable Realm's protector, and the arrival of Alien Clans will just let it shine radiantly once again."

"You think that you are a hero, while you are in fact the Human Clan's great sinner, and blood will flow in the Nine Heavens Realm until it forms rivers just because of you."

The great sect's three supreme elders avoided the important issue and dwelled on trivial affairs and tried to misrepresent the facts and invert right and wrong.

"The formation here can let everyone in the whole continent witness what is happening here, and this is your aim behind luring us here, isn't it? You want to let people witness how great you are, and how evil are the Alien Clans' members."

The tallest person among the Silver Wing Men walked over and said, "I'm Guba, and I'm an expert of an Alien Clan. I will inform everyone in the Nine Heavens Realm that I will slaughter everyone in this whole city after killing this guy."

The city he was talking about was obviously the Sacred City.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

Many screams echoed from the Sacred City, and countless people tried to run away. However, the other four Silver Wing Clan's members quickly blocked the city's four directions, and forced people to go back into the city.

"Accepting the Alien Clans is the general trend, and even though it has drawbacks, it's still more beneficial to the whole world."

"The dead people were just acceptable sacrifices, and everything is for the greater good, and for the bigger picture," the great sect's supreme elder said.

This time, they weren't speaking with Jiang Chen, but with everyone in the Nine Heavens Realm.

"An acceptable sacrifice? My friends and relatives are among the people killed by the Alien Clans," Jiang Chen spoke angrily.

"So, it turned out that you are doing this just for your personal grudge, yet you still want to implicate many people and sacrifice them."

The great sect's supreme elders were all old and experienced and had sharp tongues.

"Why don't you ask your Human Clan to provide you with an answer?"

The Silver Wing Man, Guba, curled the corners of his mouth, and revealed a smile. He said, "This city's citizens, according to what you know about this, is Jiang Chen in the right or mistaken?"

After the Sacred City's citizens quieted for a moment, many sharp voices echoed from it.

"He wants to harm us all and let us die. So how the hell is he right?"

"If his family's members died, it's his own affair, why did he come here to harm us?"

"Jiang Chen's actions are understandable but he's obviously in the wrong."

"Noble Wing Men, please let us off the hook!"

Such voices echoed unceasingly, and they almost formed a sound wave.

The smile on Guba's face became more bright, and he wore a complacent look.

"Did you witness it? This is the general trend. Youngster, you are young and immature, and can't discern what is right and what is wrong."

The voice of a great sect's supreme elder reached Jiang Chen's ears. He was speaking to him alone and Jiang Chen was the sole person to hear him.

"Reason is always with those with the biggest fist, and the issue here is that people's first impression of you is that you are the strongest, and they assumed that you were invincible. If they learned that you were just insignificant worms, what will they think and do?" Jiang Chen spoke coldly.

Upon hearing him, everyone in the city calmed down, and they all recalled a certain matter. Jiang Chen's father once came over in the past and depended upon his sword to crush all his powerful enemies. Could it be possible that he was in the vicinity?

"You don't need to try showing off. There aren't any experts in the region."

It was a pity that Guba's words extinguished their hopes.

"Did I state that I needed other experts?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly, and looked at this Silver Wing Clan's fighter. He said, "Let me see what is the difference between bird men like you."

"Does this mean that you want to fight me? Do you think you deserve it?" Guba spoke disdainfully.

"Guba, let me take care of him," a great sect's supreme elder walked over while brimming with intense bloodlust. The precious sword in his hand emitted radiant sword light which rivaled the blazing sun.

"He's so powerful!"

The Nine Heavens Realm's people had never witnessed such a powerful person, and they almost assumed that he was a deity who had descended into the mortal realm.


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