The Brilliant Fighting Master
932 I Will Defeat Him with Less Than 11 Blade Moves
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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932 I Will Defeat Him with Less Than 11 Blade Moves

"It's only geniuses born in the Nine Heavens Realm who can enter the Ninefold Palace, and its difficulty is extremely high to people born in the Nine Heavens Realm." Nan Gong knew many secrets because he was the Hero Palace's Master.

"Jiang Chen, is the Ancient Race's issue so grave that we need a Realm Lord?" Nan Gong asked.

Jiang Chen shook his head and said, "The appearance of the Ancient Race isn't really an issue. The issue is the reason why they came out."

"Why was it?" Nan Gong was bewildered, and mulled over what Jiang Chen had said.

As Jiang Chen recalled his previous experience, he couldn't help but make a daring guess. He said, "The Nine Realms will suffer a great calamity, and the Alien Clans and the Ancient Race have come out so we can contend against it together."

"Since this is the case, this means that the Ancient Race is our ally, doesn't it," Nan Gong said.

"The real issue is that they look down upon us, and they felt that we don't deserve to be one of their allies." Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

All clans would surely have intense conflicts before the arrival of a calamity.

"This is why if the Nine Heavens Realm stayed in its current state, it will suffer the most disastrous casualties," Jiang Chen said.

Nan Gong nodded. Even though he didn't know as much about it as Jiang Chen, he was quite old and understood clearly that weaklings would always suffer the most miserable end.

"Nan Gong, how is setting the formations ongoing?" Jiang Chen inquired about proper business.

"It is already finished, and all fields got it."

As he spoke of this, Nan Gong became slightly nervous. He didn't know how powerful would be the enemies coming over. But, in any case, Jiang Chen, who would have to fight, was quite relaxed, and he even came over to the Sacred City and strolled around. In the end, Jiang Chen went over to the Sacred Institute, and he stood in front of its gate, before he went inside. However, strangely enough, he didn't manage to see even a single student here and even classrooms were empty.

While Jiang Chen was still confused, he heard some noise from the Hero Platform. Jiang Chen went over to it, and he discovered that everyone was gathered there, and even the headmasters of other institutes were present here.

"Is it the exam day?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but think of this, but he discovered that it wasn't the case because they were carrying out a battle.

Two youngsters were fighting over the Dragon Rise List's second spot. One of them was one of Jiang Chen's close friends, and he was Han Siming.

As for his opponent, he was a new face, and Jiang Chen didn't know him. Moreover, he was still just 17 or 18 years old. These two people were locked in battle and were exchanging sword and blade moves, and everyone was cheering for them.

The top ten people in the Dragon Rise List all had an outstanding skill, and it was amazing for people from the Nine Heavens Realm to reach such a level.

"It's pretty good!" Jiang Chen was amazed by the youngster's performance. If nothing unexpected occurred, he would surely have great achievements in the future.

Even though Jiang Chen hoped for Han Siming to win, it was a pity that there was still a little disparity between them, and it was becoming more obvious the more they fought. Most people noticed that Han Siming's opponent had gotten the upper hand.

"I admit defeat." Han Siming didn't persist and sheathed his sword.

"Ha, ha, ha!" The youngster laughed heartily, while raising the blade in his hand high.

The students present shouted his name excitedly. It was Qi Ping!

All of a sudden, the youngster jumped off the martial stage and went toward a youthful woman. He said excitedly, "Tian'ai! I won. So, can you accept my request now?"

Jiang Chen noticed that this woman was his younger cousin, Gao Tian'ai.

"Why should I agree after you won?" Gao Tian'ai asked back, while two dimples appeared on her cheeks.

"We had obviously come to such an agreement." Qi Ping became anxious, and his unwillingness to accept this was apparent on his face.

"I was talking about the head of the Dragon Rise List, and you have now taken just the second spot," Gao Tian'ai said.

Upon hearing this, Qi Ping found himself incapable of accepting it, and it was especially the case since they were in front of a large number of people. He shouted loudly, "Jiang Chen had already run away and still didn't dare to come back. So, where can I find him, and how can I challenge him?"

"That is right, the current Qi Tian isn't any weaker than Jiang Chen."

"The Dragon Rise List's head position mustn't be left like that forever."

Qi Tian's supporters started speaking one after the other.

When Jiang Chen had left in the past, he was still just at the Ninth Layer of the Reaching Heaven Realm, and now Qi Tian was also in the Ninth Layer.

The current people in the Sacred Institute had changed completely, and people who had witnessed Jiang Chen's fights in the past weren't here any longer, and all students present all supported their own geniuses.

"Humph! If my cousin comes back, you will surely be defeated by him." Gao Tian'ai obviously supported Jiang Chen.

"Tian'ai, if he comes back, I will surely defeat him by using less than 11 saber moves," Qi Tian spoke proudly.

"Anyone can boast as he wants." Gao Tian'ai glared at him, before she turned around and was about to leave.

Qi Tian wasn't willing to accept this, and he extended his hand and held her wrist. He acted in a fit of pique and said, "I won't let you go today until you agree."

"You!" Gao Tian'ai started struggling and pain appeared on her face.

"Hey, didn't you go a little overboard?" Han Siming was one of Jiang Chen's close friends, and upon witnessing Gao Tian'ai facing such a predicament, he tried to intervene.

"Just go away, you are just a loser. So how are you qualified to speak with me," Qi Tian spoke rudely.

"You!" Han Siming was infuriated. However, what he said was true, and he couldn't retort back.

"Let go of her!" Jiang Chen, who hadn't planned to reveal himself, walked over after he witnessed this affair developing.

In the Dragon Field, he had met just the upper echelon of the Hero Palace and the Gao Family, and this was why no one knew that he had come here.

Jiang Chen changed his appearance, and appeared in front of Gao Tian'ai as a youngster and casually struck Qi Tian's palm.


Qi Tian was pained and flames of anger rose in his eyes. He said, "Who are you? Do you dare to fight me?"

"I'm not interested," Jiang Chen replied truthfully, and wanted to take away Gao Tian'ai.

Qi Tian still wanted to obstruct him, but the Eastern Institute's headmaster Shi Gandang shouted, "You should all leave, leave! What are you still doing here?"

Shi Gandang had a fiery temper and had a high prestige among students, and even Qi Tian didn't dare to act wantonly in front of him, and he could only give up.

"Who are you?" Gao Tian'ai looked in confusion at the person next to her. She was quite bewildered!

"It's me!" Jiang Chen went back to his true appearance, but he still had the appearance of a 14-year-old lad.

Gao Tian'ai looked confused, and it was only after a long while that she recognized him. She was quite amazed and surprised!

"Cousin, why did you turn up like this?" Gao Tian'ai asked.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's really a long story." Jiang Chen didn't know how he should explain it.

"I knew what happened, you have died once again." Gao Tian'ai also had Phoenix Blood flowing in her body and knew more than other people. She wasn't mistaken, but when Jiang Chen heard it, he found such words quite inauspicious.

Han Siming also walked over, and Jiang Chen spoke with him, and revealed his true identity so that he could recognize him. Han Siming laughed excitedly. He knew that Jiang Chen would come back sooner or later.

"Did you hear what that lad said? Are you confident that you can teach him a lesson?" Han Siming said in a low voice.

"It isn't a question of whether I'm confident or not," Jiang Chen said.

Just after this, he asked Han Siming and Gao Tian'ai to wait in front of the Sacred Institute's gate for a while, while Jiang Chen chased after Shi Gandang who had left.

After Jiang Chen stated his true identity, Shi Gandang was quite surprised, and was also quite excited because of Jiang Chen's safe return.

Jiang Chen owed this honest headmaster a favor, but it was a pity that he had left all his belongings in the Ice Spirit Clan's land, and he couldn't give him anything in repayment.


They came over!'Jiang Chen thought to himself. The barrier he had set in the planes' channel detected something suddenly. Just a short while since, Silver Wing Men and a great sect's supreme elders appeared outside of the Sacred City.

"Jiang Chen! Come out to die!" They all shouted at the same time.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》