The Brilliant Fighting Master
931 Ninefold Palace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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931 Ninefold Palace

"Ha, ha, ha, where did this lad come from? Even your body's hair isn't grown up yet."

The hall descended into silence for a moment, before someone burst out laughing. It was still acceptable if it was just the Fire Field alone, but he stated that he wanted to unify the whole Nine Heavens Realm. This struck everyone here as a fantasy story. 

"Sirs." Su Xiuyi looked at the crowd and informed them of the affair related to the Alien Clans' members, and he expressed that if they didn't unite the Fire Field's people would live a life of suffering.

"Even if it was the case, why do we have to obey your Natural Law School? Your actions have already waged a war against the Alien Clans. So, please don't drag us down with you." The person, who laughed a moment ago, retorted back, and he expressed the other people's opinions.

He was Guiyi Sect's master, and his sect was the weakest among all ten great sects.

"You really think too highly of yourselves. I didn't ask you to come here to participate in the war." Since those people still didn't understand their current situation, Su Xiuyi informed them the truth bluntly, "The Wing Men Clan had three Star Venerables!"

When his words echoed, everyone in the hall was shocked. When they learned that the Natural Law School waged war against the Alien Race, they got just a vague idea of what happened, and they didn't understand how powerful was the Wing Men Clan. Moreover, since it could be exterminated by the Natural Law School, it shouldn't be too powerful. However, since they had come from a higher realm, they felt like they might come over once again to take revenge.

"What joke are you cracking here? The strongest in the Fire Field is just an ordinary Martial Venerable like you, and what above it is a Spiritual Venerable, Celestial Venerable, and it's only the realm above the last one which is the Star Venerable Realm."

"If they had really had three Star Venerables, your Natural Law School would have already been destroyed by them."

"It's really too childish of you to try to control us by using such a trick."

If a matter was too incredulous, it would be difficult for people to believe it.

"You are also aware what kind of disaster the arrival of Star Venerables would bring upon you, and you should be able to understand what I stated," Jiang Chen said.

"If it's true." Guiyi Sect's Master was irritated, and he said, "I've had enough of you. A lad who is younger than my son is boasting. What kind of joke is your Natural Law School cracking?"

Su Xiuyi didn't speak and just looked at Jiang Chen.

"You can all attack me at the same time, and if you can cut off even a thread of my hair, I will immediately disband the Natural Law School," Jiang Chen spoke calmly.

Upon hearing this, the other masters looked at each other in surprise.

"I will face him first." Guiyi Sect's Master was itching to carry out this, and he held a sword in his hand and thrust it at Jiang Chen.

However, when he was still three meters from reaching Jiang Chen, he was kept there and couldn't proceed forward as if his sword's tip was held by someone. But, when he looked at Jiang Chen, he noticed that he hadn't taken any actions.

It was only at this moment that everyone present here reacted and responded.

"Let's exchange some pointers." Everyone attacked, and they all wanted to take down Jiang Chen. However, the outcome of those people, who were at the Reaching Heaven Realm, was the same as Guiyi Sect's Master, and regardless of how fiercely they attacked, they couldn't bypass the three-meter-radius around Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen waved his hand slightly, and dozens of Reaching Heaven Realm experts were sent flying, and they all fell outside on the plaza.

After they managed to stand up with great difficulty, Jiang Chen and Su Xiuyi walked toward them slowly.

"The Alien Clans appeared, and if they come here, you will be just like helpless sheep in front of them, and you will end up enslaved by them."

"I'm your sole hope because my power is already greater than the entire Nine Heavens Realm's, and there won't be any Alien Clan coming over to wage war against you due to me," Jiang Chen spoke calmly and confidently.

If someone else had stated such a speech, they would only find it laughable, but when it came out of Jiang Chen's mouth, it seemed natural as if it was a matter of course.

"We are willing to obey the Natural Law School." Guiyi Sect's Master was the first one to declare his standpoint because he was afraid that Jiang Chen would pay him back for his actions.

"You can be at ease, I don't need you to go fight on the battlefield because it won't be any different than sending you to throw away your lives."

What Jiang Chen wanted to do was gather the Fire Field's resources and make a terrifying war weapon, which would deter all Alien Clans, who harbored evil designs. After Jiang Chen had taken care of the Fire Field, he proceeded toward the Dragon Field.

Since Jiang Qingyu had destroyed the Dragon Rebel Kingdom's army and exterminated the two aristocratic families of the Roc and Dragon inheritances, the Celestial Phoenix's Gao family started rising up as a great new faction. This was the reason why Jiang Chen didn't suffer any obstruction here. Moreover, the Sacred Institute was still on his side Just after that, the Sacred Institute used its influence to summon all other fields' people, and, during all this, Jiang Chen still didn't forget cultivating.

Like most Star Venerables, he had chosen the Xuan Qing Qi, which was the easiest one among the Four Qi. But, he still didn't have its cultivation technique.

The Four Qi cultivation methods were all recorded in scriptures. But, even though they were called scriptures, they weren't made out of paper because such profound principles couldn't be recorded using words. This was also the reason why Jiang Chen was incapable of reading the Over Cloud Palace's peerless True Scriptures.

All Star Venerables who had emerged in the Nine Heavens Realm would go out to a higher realm, and one of the reasons behind this was the scriptures.

Jiang Chen didn't have any better choice now, and he could only cultivate the Divine Fire Scripture, Sword Scripture, and Five Thunders Authentic Method, which were scriptures unrelated to one's realm. Meanwhile, a group of experts from the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm came over to the True Force Realm. They didn't stop there, and they proceeded toward the channel leading to the Milky Realm.

The True Force Realm's people discovered in surprise that several people with silver wings were among this team, and their wings shone in splendid silver light. This group of people came over from the great sect, and the Silver Wing Clan who had gotten a piece of news about that affair. The Silver Wing Clan had a higher status than the ordinary Wing Men Clan!

"It's really troublesome. We can't use the Domain Gate, and we ended up wasting a whole month just to take a journey up to here."

A person from the Silver Wing Clan complained, "Why did the Wing Men Clan choose the lowest trash."

"The Wing Men Clan doesn't amount to anything, and they can only rule a piece of land in the Nine Heavens Realm and abuse their power there. So, their choice was quite understandable, yet they still have just died there. They are really disgraceful!"

"However, regardless of everything, we must still find the murderer."

The great sect's elders just listened to the Silver Wing Men as they discussed the situation, and didn't join them. This time, it was three great supreme elders who had come over, and they were stronger than the previous elder. They were all quite frustrated. Why did the insignificant Nine Heavens Realm have a Star Venerable Realm's expert? They really couldn't understand such a matter.

"The Sacred Lord had already passed down orders and stated that the Alien Clan were more important than everything. Regardless of anything, we must still kill him mercilessly." Those three people communicated with their Holy Awareness, and reached an agreement.

Jiang Chen, who was in the Nine Heavens Realm, had also detected that enemies were rushing over. However, what he cared about now was the news he got from the Sacred Institute.

All the fields' people didn't cooperate with each other, and they still didn't realize how grave was the issue. It was especially the case since the Alien Clans in other fields weren't as savage and unreasonable as the Wing Men Clan, and people in power got many benefits from them.

"I won't manage to control the whole world just by depending upon the Sacred Institute, and it's only possible if I become this Realm's Lord."

The new head of the Sacred Institute was one of Jiang Chen's old acquaintances. It was Nan Gong.

In the past, it was Nan Gong and the Hero Palace's Elder Shuiyue who had sent Jiang Chen into the Milky Realm and helped him hide from the Murong family who wanted to take revenge against him.

Shuiyue suffered a tragic death in the that year's disaster, while Nan Gong managed to survive by a fluke.

After Jiang Qingyu had come out suddenly, he had brought order out of chaos, and he exterminated both the Murong family and the Dragon Rebel Army. Nan Gong was then quite surprised to discover that Jiang Chen's current aura wasn't any weaker than the past Jiang Qingyu.

"This pair of father and son are really devilish geniuses, and I really didn't make a mistake when I sent him off that year," Nan Gong sighed and said.

"How can I become a Realm Lord?" Jiang Chen asked.

"It's obviously through becoming the strongest person here, and getting this realm's recognition." Nan Gong said, "You must pass a test, and make your way through the Ninefold Palace."

"Ninefold Palace?" It was Jiang Chen first time hearing about it, and he was quite curious about it

Nan Gong explained it to him. The Ninefold Palace was a palace present in all realms, and was like the Doctrine Palace.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

It was rumored that every plane's realm had such a palace since the Great Realm split up into nine pieces.

Anyone who managed to pass its trial successfully would become this realm's Lord.


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