The Brilliant Fighting Master
930 Wizard Clan
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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930 Wizard Clan

The Seventh Realm's name was the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm, and since it was one of the Three Upper Realms, it had abundant spiritual energy and a vast territory. Even though its area didn't rival the Three Middle Realms, which fused together, if one didn't count the Three Middle Realms' Forbidden Desolate Lands, the area of just the Ten Prefectures, Nine Territories, and Spirit Zone alone wouldn't rival the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm.

This realm had many continents, and it had also countless factions of various scales. Even the people here couldn't remember all the great faction's names because there were so many of them. The people just divided the greatest factions into three categories: holy lands, divine sects, and ancient clans.

On this day, in a certain continent, in a place next to the All Saints Sect, a woman wearing a veil was flying as quick as a shooting star. This woman was charming, elegant, and graceful, and even though she wore a veil, one could still discern that she was extremely beautiful. The woman's whole body was emitting a dazzling light, and she flew at full speed without trying to preserve her power. She either had an urgent matter to take care of or was running for her life.

There were several rays of light behind her, which were chasing after her, and they were all extremely quick.

"Thief, did you think that you could escape after stealing our school's supreme Holy Skill?"

"Your All Saints Sect killed people, stole their treasures, and have taken their Holy Skill for yourselves even though none of you can cultivate it. It's really an ironic matter!"

This woman was Fan Tianyin. After she became a Star Venerable, she traveled in all Nine Realms and looked for Holy Skills. She had managed to find a senior with similar Holy Pulses. But it was a pity that he was already crippled, and his Holy Skill had been stolen, and he couldn't teach it to her.

Fan Tianyin would then just go look for the All Saints Sect, which had crippled the man. The All Saints Sect was a divine sect and had many Martial Emperor Realm experts, but she still braced herself, took such a risk, and sneaked into the school and stole the Holy Skill.

However, it was a pity that she was discovered when she was about to leave, and her plan failed.

"A thief is trying to denounce us? It's really laughable!"

"If you can escape this continent, our All Saints Sect doesn't need to continue having a base here. Just give up and surrender!"

"We can then probably spare your life."

The All Saints Sect's experts spoke one after the other and tried to exert pressure on her.

However, Fan Tianyin wasn't scared by them, even though she knew fully that the All Saints Sect wasn't just boasting. Even though it seemed like she had managed to escape from them, she was still in the domain of the All Saints Sect. She was like a turtle trapped in a jar, and she would be sooner or later captured by them.

"This is really hateful!" Fan Tianyin clenched her silver teeth and didn't give up.


In the Ice Spirit Clan's spiritual land in the Three Middle Realms, the night sky was clear, cloudless, and had many sparkling stars in it.

Xue'er was standing on the peak of a mountain looking at the horizon. All of a sudden, her ice-cold eyes shone brightly as she witnessed a ray of light flowing over from the horizon.

"It isn't him." Her hopes were quickly thwarted, and she was disappointed. The aura emanating from that ray of light was completely different than the person she missed.

After a short while, the ray of light stopped in the sky, and a woman was revealed.

"A witch!" Xue'er became apprehensive. This woman's body was tall and thin, and she was taller than her by a head. However, she didn't seem any different from ordinary humans and Spirits and had a normal human-like appearance. Moreover, she was extremely beautiful, and her long, narrow eyes, as well as her shapely eyebrows, made her seem even more charming and alluring.

Even though she didn't seem any different than a human, but just as a human could discern a Spirit with a single glance, Xue'er could also discern that she was different than others. She was a part of the Wizard Clan who had appeared recently, and this clan was even more aggressive than the other clans.

In ancient times, the Wizard Clan and the Human Clan were allies, and after they came back again, they asked for their former domains back.

They forced a great school and a dynasty to relocate somewhere else and leave them enough territory. The reason why they could achieve this was that they were extremely powerful.

The witch held a golden card in her hands and she threw it at Xue'er after she examined her with her eyes. The card landed before Xue'er, and it had a line of words on it.

After Xue'er had read it, she couldn't help but furrow her brows.

"My master, the Heavenly Wizard, will invite all clans' young experts to decide which is the strongest among the 10,000 clans. This is the invitation letter," the witch said.

Xue'er didn't reply and just nodded at her.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The witch was slightly irritated by Xue'er's aloofness, and she said, "Before this, I still want to test which is the strongest, my clan's witchcraft or your spirit skills." After she spoke, she didn't give Xue'er a chance to reject her and immediately attacked.

Xue'er's gaze became ice-cold, and she revealed her Mysterious Ice's true power.

After a minute had passed, an avalanche had occurred, and the land was turned upside down.

Xue'er didn't suffer any harm, and she still floated proudly in the sky as before, while wearing an ice-cold look.

"As expected of the Three Middle Realms' strongest young expert! However, you are still vastly inferior to my master."

The witch's face was pale, and her chest heaved up and down as she gasped for breath. She wasn't willing to accept this, and she still said, "If you take up the challenge, my master will let you know how powerful is my clan."

Xue'er didn't speak, but her gaze became colder. The witch had a bad feeling about this, and she slipped away. She didn't dare to stay here for long.

"Her master? It seems like her status in the Wizard Clan is quite low," Xue'er muttered. She was fully aware that she wouldn't have managed to defeat the woman easily if they weren't among ice mountains.

"The Wizard Clan is really powerful, and they are also too competitive."

The Wizard Clan's invitations were delivered to the Three Middle Realms' other people on the same day, and all the people who had gotten golden titles were invited into the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm.

"It's really a pity!"

There were still rumors that when the Wizard Clan heard about the Invincible God of War's title, they all wished to immediately send him an invitation. However, after they learned that he had already died in battle, someone among them sighed and said, "If it wasn't the case, he would have understood that an Invincible God of War can only emerge from our clan."

Once such news spread, it gave rise to a great commotion. The Wizard Clan was ambitious, aggressive, and arrogant, and they believed that they were better than both the Human and Spirit Clans. So, people were obviously irritated by them.

However, the Three Middle Realms' people were still aware that when it was time for such a great battle, the Heavenly Martial Arts Realm's humans would also participate, and they wouldn't have to take care of them by themselves. But, despite this, the Wizard Clan had still sent invitations to the Three Middle Realms because it didn't want to omit any experts.

As for the Three Lower Realms? The Wizard Clan didn't care about them at all.

"If Jiang Chen was still alive, it would be more interesting." Many people had such a thought.


In the Nine Heavens Realm, Jiang Chen, who was still alive, was bustling around in the Natural Law School.

After he had purged the Alien Clans' members in the Fire Field, he transmitted this news to the other factions and invited them to discuss the affair. When the factions got such news, they were first amazed, before they flew into a rage. They weren't infuriated by the Wing Men Clan's actions, but by the fact that Jiang Chen killed them before discussing such a matter with them, and they would face great danger due to his actions.

"They are really just a group of frogs living at the bottom of a well." Jiang Chen gave out such a comment in response.

After several days, those factions' masters came over to the Natural Law School, and they all brought with them their strongest force and wanted to force the Natural Law School to give them a proper explanation and compensation.

"When you exterminated them all carelessly, didn't you consider that others may take revenge for them?"

"Didn't you consider what will happen if we can't ward off the enemies?"

The factions' masters started questioning Su Xiuyi.

"I didn't ask you to come here today to give you an application or a compensation," Su Xiuyi said with a smile.

Upon hearing him, all the other factions' members became solemn as if they were facing a great enemy, and they all pulled out their weapons.

"Natural Law School's members, could it be that you want to unify the Fire Field?"

"That's right, since we are all facing a great calamity, the Fire Field and the whole Nine Heavens Realm mustn't be like a sheet of loose sand as before."

Jiang Chen walked over and said, "I won't just unify the Fire Field, I will unify and rule the whole Nine Heavens Realm."


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