The Brilliant Fighting Master
929 The School“s Headmaster Is a Supreme Venerable
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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929 The School“s Headmaster Is a Supreme Venerable

"It's because you are weak," Jiang Chen spoke disdainfully.

"You have obviously become a Great Venerable just recently, and it's impossible for you to possess such great fighting prowess. Do you possess all four Qi?"

The great sect's elder couldn't understand this matter. He was just at the early stage of the Great Venerable Realm, and it wasn't too unusual for Jiang Chen to manage to send him flying with a single slap.

But the Wing Men's king and the two other kings were both extremely powerful.

"Four Qi?" Jiang Chen just revealed a mysterious smile and didn't explain anything.

Once a cultivator reached the Great Venerable Realm, everything would become different than before. If the path before was just a pursuit of power, then after one became a Great Venerable, he would step onto a new stage, where he would be pursuing greater matters like eternal life, eternal youth, and other such weighty matters. Even though it was difficult to really achieve any of those, but one's life force would still get a great promotion.

The Great Venerables were cultivating four types of energies, which were Mysterious Clear Energy, Xuan Qing Qi, Mysterious Spiritual Energy, Xuan Ling Qi, Mysterious Void Energy, Xuan Kong Qi, and Mysterious Bright Energy, Xuan Ming Qi. They would form altogether the Bright and Clear Spiritual Void.

All those four Qis didn't exist in the world, and it was only Great Venerables who would transform the world's energy into such types of energy. However, it was obvious that not all people could cultivate four types of energy at the same time, and most people would just choose the Mysterious Clear Energy or the Mysterious Spiritual Energy.

People with outstanding talent could choose the Mysterious Void Energy and Mysterious Bright Energy, and people with a special body like the spirit body, sacred body, or those who possessed Holy Pulses could cultivate one or two energies at the same time. Those able to cultivate three types of energy at the same time were people of devilish talent. As for people able to cultivate four types of energy at the same time, they already couldn't be considered human.

The reason why the great sect's elder assumed that Jiang Chen cultivated four types of energy was that the power displayed by him didn't conform to reason.

Regardless of which type of energy one cultivated, one still couldn't break free of the Realm System. After one became a Great Venerable, his Holy Sea would go through a great transformation, and nine whirlpools would be formed in it, and they correspond to each of a human's nine orifices.

The cultivators would need to fill those whirlpools completely to raise their cultivation. Once a whirlpool was filled completely, it would shine with a splendid light rivaling stars, and this was why such a Realm System was divided into nine stars levels.

The great sect's elder and Jiang Chen were both one-star Great Venerables, while the Wing Men's King was a four-stars Great Venerable, and the other two kings were three-stars Great Venerable. Yet, Jiang Chen still managed to kill them easily, and this was why the great sect's elder felt like Jiang Chen probably cultivated four types of energy.

If one managed to illuminate a Constellation Palace through using the Mysterious Clear Energy, Mysterious Spiritual Energy, Mysterious Void Energy, and Mysterious Bright Energy, one would surely manage to become a peerless expert.

However the Four Qi wasn't something anyone could cultivate if he wanted, and one's limit would appear when he was advancing to the Great Venerable Realm. It would be impossible for one to achieve it unless he had a divine body. However, was it possible for someone with a divine body to reach the Great Venerable Realm?

"You seem more concerned about me than your own life," Jiang Chen spoke mockingly.

The great sect's elder came back to his senses, and fright appeared on his face.

"You mustn't kill me because you will invite a great disaster upon yourself by doing so," the great sect's elder started threatening him.

"Is that the case?" Jiang Chen sneered coldly.

"The Wing Men clan possessed only such a trifling power, yet I have still come over to the Nine Realms to assist them, and do such a dirty job. Don't you find such a matter quite strange?" The great sect's elder was quite old, and was experienced enough to realize that begging for forgiveness would be just a futile effort, and he started trying to guide him.

However, it was a pity that he ran into Jiang Chen, and such a technique was useless against him.

"There is still the Silver Wing Clan, and the Holy Wing Clan above the Wing Men Clan. Is this what you want to say?" Jiang Chen asked.

"You already knew everything?" The great sect's elder was dumbfounded. Since he was already aware of this, why did he still dare to attack them viciously?

"In ancient times, the Human Clan's martial techniques were weak, and they had just a few experts, yet they still dared to wage war against the Alien Clans, but now even great sects like yours are useless and cowardly."

Jiang Chen said, "I don't know just this. I want those Alien Clans to realize that the Nine Realms isn't a place they can come at any time they want."

"Fine, fine, I know what you want, and I will help you notify them." The great sect's elder ignored Jiang Chen's bold words and didn't care about them.

"Do I really need you to notify them?" As Jiang Chen spoke, his Heavenly Fault Sword penetrated the elder's heart. As the elder took his last breath, the white jade badge on his body turned into specks of light and flew toward the planes' channel.

Even though they were in different realms, the news of a Great Venerable's death would still pass through the Three Middle and Lower Realms and would be transmitted back.

When Jiang Chen flew back to the Natural Law School's sky, he discovered that the Azure Demon and Black Dragon had already finished taking care of that affair.

"It's like before, if we lend our power, you can fight even apex Great Venerables," the Azure Demon said excitedly.

"It's just ordinary apex Great Venerables," Jiang Chen said.

"That is really the case."

Jiang Chen broke the curse, and his divine body matured completely, and he was able to cultivate the Four Qi at the same time. It would be difficult for him to have a match at the same generation just because of such a matter alone, and in addition to his Lore Martial Techniques, Jiang Chen still had the Sky-burning Evil Flame, Buddhist Heart, Doctrine Bones, and Heavenly Lightning's power.

"It's only after you manage to light your first Constellation Palace will your power truly become terrifying."Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The Great Venerables were usually called Star Venerable, and a single-star Venerable was someone who managed to light his first Constellation Palace. This was the reason why it was only after one became a two-star Venerable that he really could set foot wholly in the Great Venerable Realm, and it was then could he display a Star Venerable's true power. This was also the reason why the great sect's elder was so surprised by Jiang Chen's power.

"If one cultivates all Four Qi, he will need a true scripture for every energy," Jiang Chen said.

It was still manageable if it was just the Mysterious Clear Energy and Mysterious Spiritual Energy because many people cultivate such energies, which meant their cultivation scriptures were quite numerous. As for the Mysterious Void Energy and Mysterious Bright Energy, they were rarer, and it was especially the case for the Mysterious Bright Energy. Jiang Chen would need to spend a long time to find those cultivation techniques.

"However, once you succeed, you will make a meteoric rise. Didn't you witness the benefits of breaking the divine body's curse? You can discern it clearly upon looking at the fright on that human's face," the Azure Demon said.

Since he had managed to break even the divine body's curse, how could he give up now?

Jiang Chen just smiled and didn't reply. He wasn't stating demoralizing talk and was just explaining clearly his current situation to them. It would be impossible for him to give up, and he would surely treasure such a chance that Xue'er offered him through her death.

"The school's headmaster is a Supreme Venerable!"

It was at this moment that shouts transmitted from the whole Natural Law School, and all its disciples were kneeling on the ground with their faces filled with adoration and reverence. Even the leaders felt reverence well up in their hearts as they looked at Jiang Chen. When Jiang Chen had just become the school's headmaster, he still didn't possess such a great fighting prowess. Moreover, they didn't get any news about him for one or two years, and many people started complaining and wanted to choose a new headmaster for the school. However, Jiang Chen was now able to exterminate the whole Natural Law School with a single finger, and no one would still dare to state such complaints.

"Stand up!" Jiang Chen landed on the school's ground. 

As Jiang Chen recalled the past events, he was quite emotionally moved. However, he still didn't forget what he should do, and he immediately ordered them to search the whole Fire Field to check whether there were still Ancient Race's members in it.

Moreover, he still went personally to the Nine Heaven Realm's planes' channel and set a formation in it. As long as any expert entered or left this realm, he would detect it.

Jiang Chen had even considered sealing the planes' channel, but it was a pity that his possessions and his war's spoils were left in the Ice Spirit Clan. He had now just his two swords and the eight groups of spiritual beings' scriptures with him.

"Should I go to take them back?" Jiang Chen started hesitating. The reason why he hesitated wasn't that he was afraid of trouble, but just that he would have then to meet his senior sister once again.

"I should consider after I reach the Three Middle Realms."

Jiang Chen quickly shook his head. He didn't dare to go there once again. Nangong Xue had created a great and insurmountable chasm between him and his senior sister.

"Tianyin, are you still all right now?" Jiang Chen couldn't help but think of another important woman for him.

His Realm Level had already overtaken her, and he could now travel hand in hand with Tianyin and search for a holy skill suitable to her.


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