The Brilliant Fighting Master
928 Incredibly Strong
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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928 Incredibly Strong

The sect elder was a Great Venerable. He knew by intuition that the person before them was not simple. He did not want any unnecessary trouble.

"You've been trying to persuade us, but you never said no to the Wing Men. You didn't think it a problem that they slaughtered the royal family, but you're annoyed by my appearance?" Jiang Chen said.

The sarcasm in his tone made the elder angry. Cruelty glittered in his eyes. "This is the general trend! It won't be stopped by any individual!" he shouted.

"Great. The general trend." Jiang Chen smiled coldly. He did not feel he had to say anything more.

"Let me handle him." The king of the Wing Men had golden hair. There was also a golden loop around both of his eyes. "It's a great sin to stop me from developing my clan!" He said, looking at Jiang Chen.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Bird man," Jiang Chen cursed.

Instantly, all of the Wing Men soldiers flew into a rage.

The Natural Law School felt uneasy too. According to what they had heard or seen, these bird men were extremely cruel and merciless. They looked down on the Natural Law School. They might slaughter them.

"Jiang Chen, are you confident enough?" Su Xiuyi asked him via holy awareness.

"Don't worry," Jiang Chen answered.

Su Xiuyi felt relieved. Jiang Chen was not a reckless man. He must have his plan if he dared to do this.

"I'll torture you. You'll be between a rock and a hard place, for you'll neither be able to live nor to die!" the king of the Wing Men said in anger.

"Like this, for example?" Jiang Chen asked.

Under the king's confused gaze, Wen Xin flew over, carrying the prince of the Wing Men, who was completely vulnerable.

"Father...." The prince screamed in pain. His wings had been chopped off. Severely injured, he was a disabled bird.

"We are doomed." Seeing this, the sect elder blacked out. He knew he would not be able to finish his task.

"Aah!" As expected, the king of the Wing Men was angry and shocked. He fluttered his wings like a madman. A hurricane was roaring.

"So, you would get angry too. You killed my family. Why didn't you think about that?" Wen Xin said coldly.

"Human lives are cheap. My tribe is beyond comparison! I'll kill you!" the king of the Wing Men roared in anger.

"Great. I'll kill him first!"

As she spoke, Wen Xin cut the throat of the prince open with her long sword. Blue blood gushed out of there.

"No!" The king of the Wing Men screamed sadly. "All of you are sinners!"

The sect elder was also furious. He dashed toward Wen Xin to attack her. A rainbow showed up behind him.

"You're helping a tyrant. Aren't you ashamed to say that?!" Coming up to Wen Xin, Jiang Chen slapped the rainbow away. After the rainbow had disappeared, a shaking flying sword showed up.

"It's impossible...." The sect elder was shocked. The youngster seemed too strong to him. His flying sword was hit away by flesh and blood.

He was a Great Venerable! Not any Tom, Dick, or Harry!

"I'll kill you later!" Throwing him a glance, Jiang Chen snapped his fingers to beat him off.

"Do you Wing Men always talk your way out of danger? You've been shouting for so long, but you've done nothing for real," Jiang Chen said. The soldiers of the Wing Men flew into a rage. They were going to attack him right away.

"Wait!" Seeing Jiang Chen showing his real strength, the king of the Wing Men, despite his rage, stopped his soldiers so that they would not be killed for nothing. Then he and two royal members beside him approached Jiang Chen. Their wings were fluttering, giving off a cracking sound.

Swallowing his saliva, the sect elder stepped back to keep a distance from them. Great Venerables had different levels too. The three Great Venerables of the Wing Men were strong ones compared to him.

Jiang Chen gave a sign to Wen Xin, Su Xiuyi, and others. They went back to the Natural Law School.

"Human, this place will be filled with blood because of you!" The king of the Wing Men said. His wings became a shining silver with a luster of metal. Fluttering his wings gently, he turned into a beam of light. He moved so fast that no one could find a trace of him.

"You Wing Men are really first-class liars!" Jiang Chen closed his fist. There was no enemy before him, but he still punched over. The weird thing was the powerful punch seemed to have gotten something. The king of the Wing Men, too fast to be traced, showed up after the punch.

"What?!" At a distance, the sect elder and the other two royal members were all startled.

"These bird men don't ... They don't seem so strong," a disciple of the Natural Law School murmured.

"No. It's our leader. He is incredibly strong!"

"That's right!"

"Magnificent leader!"

The disciples of the Natural Law School felt relieved. They stopped worrying about themselves.

"Fast Light Escape!"

Suddenly, the other two royal members exerted a dreadful Original Method, leaving a long radiance behind in the air. It was whooshing across the air, sometimes making sounds at the same time hundreds of miles apart.

Jiang Chen was in the radiance soon. The radiance did not look aggressive, but it turned into a long whip by then, lashing toward him.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Jiang Chen did not try to dodge, letting himself get whipped by the radiance. In the end, the radiance broke apart feet away from Jiang Chen and then disappeared.

"That's all you have? No wonder you are here in the Realm of Nine Heavens boasting about yourselves." Jiang Chen said with sarcasm. He suddenly threw the Red Cloud Sword over. The sword was being brandished in the air.

Instantly, two screams rang out. The royal members of the Wing Men caught fire. Due to the feathers, the fire was burning strongly.

"Ah!" The king of the Wing Men screamed in pain when seeing his brothers being burned alive. Compared with just now when he had seen his son's death, besides the sadness, he was more frightened than angry.

"So many years have passed. You still think the human race fragile?" Jiang Chen showed up before him. He grasped the king by his throat and lifted the king in the air. The soldiers of the Wing Men, who had been angry, were feeling the same thing the disciples of the Natural Law School had been feeling before. They were uneasy and frightened, as if doomsday had come.

"Who are you?!" The king of the Wing Men said, reluctant to admit his defeat.

"I'm the Lord of the Red Cloud Sword. Bear it in mind."

As soon as he finished speaking, the Red Cloud Sword chimed excitedly. The burning flames ignited the king of the Wing Men.

"Run!" The soldiers of the Wing Men were struck dumb. They turned around to escape immediately.

"Azure Demon, black dragon." Jiang Chen left them to the eight groups of spiritual beings. He went to chase the sect elder, who intended to run away.

"A bunch of bird me are only bullies who prey on the weak, but you are condescending. Go to hell, all of you!" Azure Demon was extremely angry. No human would be able to put up with the Wing Men after seeing what they had done and how they had been behaving.

"You are even more arrogant than the Dragon," the black dragon also said.

Under the attack of the two groups of beings, none of the Wing Men managed to run away.

On the other side, Jiang Chen stopped the sect elder. He said coldly, "Aren't you gonna give me some advice? Why are you in such a hurry?"

"Do you know what you've done?!" the sect elder yelled.

"If you want to curry favor with the Ancient Race, let them kill your men and rape your women. But you brought them to my Realm of Nine Heavens, and you asked me what I had done?"

"Your Realm of Nine Heavens? How could there be someone as strong as you in the Realm of Nine Heavens?!"


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