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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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927 The King

"You humans have been living in peace for too long. You were the ones to get bullied during ancient times. It's a great honor for you to serve me. Do you really think you're the dominators of the world? We're here in person, and you tried to resist us. Who is to blame? Your father deserved it."

Wen Xin became very emotional at the mention of her father. With fury in her eyes, she dashed over toward the prince.

However, the prince fluttered his wings slightly, and she was bounced away. It hurt her so much that she was seeing stars.

"I like to see you struggle." The prince smiled coldly. Then he started to tear off Wen Xin's clothes.

Wen Xin tried her best to resist him, but it did not work at all. Her clothes were torn apart. She had to hold herself to cover her body.

"Why are you still struggling. Are you expecting anyone to come to your rescue? You'll be mine sooner or later today." The prince said unhappily. He was almost out of patience. He would have played hardball if he did not have to consider his tribe's benefits.


At this moment, the door was pushed open. Two dead bodies flew through the door. The prince gazed at them and found they were his right-hand men who were guarding the door. They were already dead. The prince was shocked. Sharp pointed corners showed up on the tips of his wings. "How dare you kill my clansmen!"

Jiang Chen landed at the door. The prince flew into a rage when seeing it was a human.

"I'll kill you too!" Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

"Jiang Chen?" Wen Xin was pleasantly surprised to hear his voice. It was really like a dream that Jiang Chen had showed up in such a moment to save her.

"I should have come here earlier," Jiang Chen said with guilt.

The prince beamed after hearing their conversation. He said, "So, you are a couple. This is interesting. I'll show you something exciting after I subdue you."

As he spoke, the prince moved. He disappeared instantly.

"Jiang Chen, watch out! These bird men are very strong!" After the surprise, the reality made Wen Xin calm down. She was worried about whether Jiang Chen could resist the prince.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

In the Fire Field, the Reaching Heaven State had already the strongest fighting power. These intruders were like gods of war for her.

"I really don't understand why you have the nerve to talk to me in this way." Jiang Chen took a step ahead, and the prince showed up next to him. The wings, whose edges could be compared to sharp weapons, slapped toward him.

"Go to hell!" the prince shouted excitedly. However, when the wings dropped, what could be heard was the clatter of metals. The prince was sent flying and then fell onto the ground.

Jiang Chen was fine. While the prince was trying to get to his feet, the Red Cloud Sword and the Heavenly Fault Sword pierced through his wings and nailed him onto the ground.

"Ah!" Wings were the Wing Men's most important parts. The prince was shivering from pain.

"Jiang Chen." Wen Xin was shocked. Then she was pleasantly surprised. She ran over to jump into his arms.

"Why are you shorter?" The two were face to face. Their lips almost touched.

"Let's talk about this later. We need to go to the Natural Law School now," Jiang Chen said. He would not allow the tragedy that happened in the imperial palace to repeat in the Natural Law School.

"Damn humans! You'll pay a price for this! My father and uncle will chop your dead body into thousands of pieces!" The prince shouted in a loud voice.

"Jiang Chen, let me kill him." Cruelness flashed in Wen Xin's eyes. Picking up her sword from the ground, she was going to avenge her father.

However, Jiang Chen stopped her. He said, "This will be a too good death for him."

The prince involuntarily cast him a look when hearing him. When their eyes met, the prince was scared out of his wits.


At this moment, in the Natural Law School, they had managed to keep the strong intruders out thanks to the Xia emperor's message, but it was only temporary. There were three Great Venerables among the elders of the sect and the royal family of the Wing Men. In comparison, there was only one Martial Venerable in the Natural Law School. He was the previous leader, Su Xiuyi.

"Such an insignificant small school has such a great formation to protect the mountain. That's quite unusual." The elders of the sect were trying to crack the formation. It did not seem easy for them.

"We don't have to waste our time. The humans in there will switch off the formation sooner or later to surrender to me." The king of the Wing Men said indifferently. He flew into the air. Looking down at the disciples of the Natural Law School, he saw everyone was frightened and uneasy.

"I'm so familiar with those expressions." The king continued, "You have no chance to win. Put down your weapons and surrender to me. Only in this way will you survive."

Flying into the air, Su Xiuyi questioned him, "Like what you did to the royal family?"

"Ignorant people trying to resist us certainly have to pay the price. Do you want the same thing to happen to you? Once the formation is cracked, anyone of us can kill all of you!" He was not exaggerating. There were Martial Venerables and Spiritual Venerables on the Wing Men's team. The Natural Law School was able to deal with none of them. Even if they did not want to admit it, it was a bloody fact that they were unable to resist their enemy.

"We'll surrender on one condition. Don't hurt our disciples."

The enemy was too strong. Even Su Xiuyi had to yield.

"You think you're in a position where you can negotiate with us? Actually, I won't bother to kill ants like you. Just sacrifice ten pretty female disciples to me."

That being said, Su Xiuyi knew the king would not follow any rules. Once the formation was cracked, the consequences would be beyond imagination. The only way was to flee.

"The Natural Law School is under siege. You have no way to run away. Switch off the formation. I'm also a human. I won't make things too difficult for you," a Sect elder said.

By then the Natural Law School was completely in chaos. All of the female disciples were extremely anxious. Those Wing Men soldiers were looking at them with greed, as if they were those men's prey.

"Since you've chosen the most difficult way to go, don't say I'm merciless!" The king of the Wing Men did not want to keep talking. The tactical formation was wonderful indeed, but it had its limits too. It did not mean there was no way to crack it.

"Wait." At this moment, a group of elders of the Natural Law School ran out. "We surrender." These elders knew the enemy was too strong for them to handle.

Su Xiuyi wanted to scold them, but he could not say a word.

Even the enemy's minions could kill all of them. What else could they do?

"To pay the price for wasting my time, call all of the female disciples here to comfort my soldiers," the king of the Wing Men said.

The female disciples in the school burst out crying instantly.

"What a disgusting race." Suddenly, a voice rang out, surprising everyone.

The Wing Men were struck dumb. Then, flying into a rage, they looked toward the man who had spoken. They saw a young teenager in the air staring at them coldly.

"Half of the disciples of this small school will die because of what you said," the king of the Wing Men said coldly. The disciples of the Natural Law School cast him a shaming look. However, after seeing Jiang Chen's face, they were all shocked.

"Leader?" Although he looked much younger, his face was still the same. That was their school leader! He was never in the school, but he showed up in times when the Natural Law School was in big crisis. Many people got their hopes high again. However, at the thought of the enemy's strength, they all shook their heads helplessly.

"Humans, listen to me."


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