The Brilliant Fighting Master
925 To Send You To Hell!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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925 To Send You To Hell!

"You are too rude. The Martial Saint Mountain is our...." Hong Feiyu said seriously.

"Go away!" A dark-skinned member of the Ancient Race said before Hong Feiyu could even finish speaking. They would in no way waste their time talking to these human beings peacefully. They had come here for a special purpose because they had heard there were relics left by two Martial Saints. However, they were quite disappointed at what they had seen. That was why they were angry.

Hong Feiyu, ranked first on the Eternal Flame List, certainly would not swallow this. It was the spirit that spear practitioners needed—to not hold in their feelings. He reminded Jiang Chen of Ning Haotian. If Ning Haotian were the same as Hong Feiyu, his spear would have had greater power.

"All right. Please!" Hong Feiyu said in a deep voice.

The three Ancients exchanged a look. Then they burst out laughing, which sounded quite harsh.

"You little rookie, get away!" The youngster said sternly.

"No, don't do this to him. I'll play with him."

A strong Ancient patted him on his shoulder and then walked up. Sizing Hong Feiyu up, he said disdainfully, "As always, you humans like to overestimate yourselves."

Then, he punched him immediately. His fist whooshed through the air. A rapidly whirling disk was shining on his knuckles.

"Original Method?" Jiang Chen recalled what he had read in ancient history. During the age of the Ancient Race, martial arts were still underdeveloped. The Ancient Race attacked by changing themselves into weapons. This was called the Original Method.

Hong Feiyu was shocked by such a bizarre attacking method, but he reacted quickly. He threw his spear immediately.

When the tip of the spear had hit the knuckles, the spear was bent at a 90 degree angle.

The Ancient smiled coldly. His arm muscles bulged. The iron spear was broken, and Hong Feiyu was sent flying, spitting blood.

"You're overconfident." The Ancient clapped his hands indifferently, as if he had done something trivial.

The people on the square were exclaiming. Hong Feiyu was not even able to exchange one blow with the Ancient. And this was the number one on the Eternal Flame List.

Jiang Chen was not surprised. This Ancient was almost as strong as a Martial Venerable.

Hong Feiyu was only a Cloud One of the Reaching Heaven State. He certainly would not be the Ancient's rival. He challenged the Ancient because it was impossible to see the latter's state.

"According to the rule of our race, defeated challengers must bleed!"

As soon as the Ancient finished speaking, he strode over, dashing toward Hong Feiyu. He kicked the latter in his stomach.

Hong Feiyu was sent flying again, as if he was a ball. He was extremely pale.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Elder Brother Hong Feiyu!"

Some youngsters hurried to help him get to his feet. The teenage girl said in anger, "You went too far."

"He challenged us, didn't he? Why did we go too far?" The Ancient who had given Hong Feiyu a beating said in a mocking tone. His eyes lit up as soon as he saw the girl.

"You already won. You didn't have to beat him again!" The girl said in fury.

"Your human rules are stupid. Of course, because they are prepared for trash."

The Ancient smiled indifferently. Walking up to her with greed written on his face, he said, "But, our ancestors were right. The women of the human race are the best among all races. And you are so young!" As he spoke, he reached for the girl.

The girl screamed from fear. She kept stepping back.

"Wait!" Hong Feiyu stood in front of the girl to protect her despite his pain. He said, "We lost. Please stop!"

"Ha, ha, ha. Losers don't have any right to ask us to stop. Losers' fates are decided by winners. Not to mention your life!"

Then the Ancient punched again. The disk showed up and flew toward Hong Feiyu's head.

Numerous people covered their eyes. Judging from the power of the Ancient's last punch, Hong Feiyu's head would explode like a watermelon.


All of a sudden, a wind blew over. The Ancient, who was about to succeed, was sent back.

"Eh?" Even the Ancient himself could not believe it. Not until he had landed on the ground did he find he was back in his original place.

"Who is that?! Show up!" The Ancient flew into a rage, looking around. He thought he had been teased.

Others were looking for the attacker too. So was Hong Feiyu. He had gotten to his feet.

It seemed everyone had a wonderful intuition. They all looked toward Jiang Chen. Most of them showed a confused and doubtful face. Jiang Chen only looked like a teenager. He did not look strong at all.

However, the Ancients and the young man with them were the first ones who paid attention to him.

Ignoring them, Jiang Chen came up to Hong Feiyu to treat his injuries.

"You! You! You!" Taking a close look, Hong Feiyu recognized Jiang Chen's face. He was scared out of his wits.

"It's me." Jiang Chen smiled gently, nodding at him.

Hong Feiyu did not know what to say. Jiang Chen looked even younger than when they had met the last time. Soon, surprise was replaced with excitement.

Seeing Hong Feiyu behaving like this, the girl was puzzled.

"Hey! Aren't you too arrogant?!" The three Ancients came up to Jiang Chen, intending to teach him a lesson.

Jiang Chen turned around. His deep look was pretty calm. He gazed at the Ancient who had attacked Hong Feiyu.

"You are being so rude on humans' territory. And you even wanted to kill people. Aren't you embarrassed to say such things?"

"You know who we are?"

The three Ancients were shocked. How could someone in such a small place know them?

"Trash," Jiang Chen said.

"Go to hell!"

The Ancients flew into a rage. They attacked together. Their energies were as strong as a sudden thunder, far more dreadful than before.

"Watch out!" Hong Feiyu hurried to warn Jiang Chen. He knew how strong those Ancients were.

Jiang Chen stood still. His eyes rolled, and then a whirling wind blew.

"No way!" The Ancients were frightened. They had never had such a great sense of danger. They were going to fly into the air immediately. However, they were not fast enough. The wind took them away.

As the shapeless wind blew, the three Ancients started to burn. Soon they were only a pile of ashes. It happened so fast and so suddenly. No one could realize immediately what had happened. Everyone was struck dumb.

The people on the square were still thinking about how the whole thing would end up, but it ended when it had barely started, and in such a shocking manner.

The teenager killed three guys who could defeat the number one on the Eternal Flame List easily without even moving his fingers.

"I...." The girl was completely dumbfounded. She was still very young. For the moment she did not even know how to think.

"Damn it!" The youngster who had been watching the fight got angry. He said, "You know what kind of trouble you've caused yourself?"

"No, but I know how you will end up."

Walking over, Jiang Chen said, "As a human, you brought three Ancients here to flaunt themselves and bully your folks, and you said nothing about it. Seeing a teenage girl of your race was in trouble, you were still indifferent. Why should you keep living in this world? I'll send you to hell."

He sounded pretty calm, as if he was reading a book out loud, but the youngster was already sweating heavily due to the pressure.

He must have killed lots of people, the onlookers thought to themselves.

"Don't kill me. Don't kill me!" The youngster was freaked out. He kept begging for Jiang Chen's mercy.


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