The Brilliant Fighting Master
924 The Ancient Race
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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924 The Ancient Race

Ninedragons, Province of Widepool—this was Jiang Chen's first station after leaving the mountainous area. Coming back here again, he had a totally different feeling. Walking through the crowd, he looked like an average person. In others' eyes, he was just a handsome youngster.

He had managed to make the Kos of thunders happen because he was sure he was in a real world.

He had managed to distinguish truth from falsehood, reality from dream.

He did not intend to live in seclusion in the mountains. This trip was only to calm down his emotional fluctuations for the moment.

Soon, Jiang Chen arrived at the Martial Saint Mountain, a place that had helped him improve his knife and sword skills a lot. The mountain looked the same. He could smell the fragrance of trees in the air. There were many tourists. Youngsters from the Ninedragons were practicing martial arts. He walked to Martial Divinity Square and found the marks of knife and sword were still there. The spirit of martial arts had not disappeared. Standing in front of the mountain wall, Jiang Chen felt that he had greatly benefited, which was quite surprising for him.

Back then, he was only able to comprehend 30 or 40 percent of the spirit, since he was not good enough.However, he still thought himself more talented than average people. He had pondered on it again and gotten different gains. Before he knew it, his Lore Martial Realm improved again.

Passers-by cast him a strange look, feeling there was something special about this youngster, but they could not say what it was.

Then, Jiang Chen came up to the knife mark that ran through the whole mountain. Not until he had created a brand-new sword realm and combined the strengths of knife and sword did he realize what he had gained before was only the tip of the iceberg.

"Stranger, I've noticed you for a long time." A young, silvery female voice suddenly could be heard. Jiang Chen looked over and saw a teenage girl about 13 years old, almost as tall as he was. Her skin was fair, crystal clean, and flawless. The naturally soft skin that only teenage girls had made people want to touch it. Jiang Chen thought she would be a great beauty that would cause lots of trouble when she grew up.

"Little girl, what did I do?" Jiang Chen said confusedly.

The girl was wearing expensive clothes. It was not difficult to tell that she was a young lady from some aristocratic family.

Frowning at Jiang Chen, she rebuked him, "How cheeky you are! You are only a few years older than me, but you called me little girl?!"

Jiang Chen was struck dumb. Shaking his head and smiling bitterly, he touched his chin involuntarily.

"You looked at the sword first, and then the knife. You tried to ride two horses at once, but you really went out of your depth," the girl added.

Jiang Chen did not get angry. On the contrary, he found it quite interesting. The girl was not sticking her nose into his affairs or looking down on him. Instead, she was afraid he would go astray. She was hard on the outside and soft on the inside.

"Why can't I use knife and sword together?" Jiang Chen pretended he did not understand it, wondering what she would answer him.

"Sword is swift and agile. Knife is potent and violent! These are two completely different martial techniques. How would you use them together?" the girl said confidently. She apparently had a good base of martial techniques.

"Swift and agile. Potent and violent. Who defined these things? Do sword and knife only mean the difference in form?" She was intelligent. Jiang Chen could not help but desire to instruct her a little bit.

"Jiang Chen, don't make it too complicated. She is still a piece of white paper. What you tell her might confuse her," Azure Demon reminded him. Advancing to complexity from simplicity and then making the complexity simpler. It sounded easy, but it would take a person great amounts of time and energy to achieve that. Jiang Chen nodded. He agreed.

Fortunately, the girl only thought he was being stubborn. Flying into a rage, she dashed over and kicked him on the calf. She said in anger, "You really don't know how to differentiate good from bad."

Jiang Chen did not know whether to cry or laugh. The girl's strength was like tickling for him.


Exclamations suddenly came from the square.

People were standing in a circle gazing at a youngster.

The youngster's arm length was such that his fingers could touch his knees. He was holding a spear. The long iron spear made numerous changes while he was brandishing it. The spear radiance was emitted, and the energy wave rippled in the air. The onlookers were so scared that they kept stepping back.

However, it was unnecessary, since the youngster had good control over his spear, and there was no way he would hurt any innocent people.

"It's Elder Brother Hong Feiyu!"

The girl stopped arguing with Jiang Chen and left him behind. She seemed to adore the youngster a lot.

"Hong Feiyu."

Jiang Chen heard this name silently. One corner of his mouth curled up in a smile.

"You can't have never heard about him." Seeing him like this, the girl questioned him. Then she said excitedly, "Elder Brother Hong Feiyu is ranked first in the Eternal Flame List. He is said to be one of those grand talents that mature slowly!"

"Ranked first?"

Jiang Chen was surprised. Was he not ranked first? Why was it another person?

He did not know until later that it was because he was too strong. The youngsters of the Fire Field thought if they kept including him on the list, there would never be a new number one. As a result, they removed him from the list.

"How is it possible? Where are you from?"

The girl gave him a stare and then ran toward the youngster quickly. By then Hong Feiyu had put his spear aside. He was greeting his passionate fans and answering some questions.

Jiang Chen could still recall how unpopular Hong Feiyu had been on the Martial Saint Mountain. He was elbowed out a lot. However, when he had succeeded, he was still willing to help others regardless of old grudges. Such broadmindedness already made him a strong person.

"Elder Brother Hong Feiyu!"

The girl ran up to Hong Feiyu. They talked for a while, and then she suddenly walked toward Jiang Chen. Jiang Chen did not expect the girl to be so serious. He also saw Hong Feiyu look over.

Instantly, Hong Feiyu felt he knew this guy. He was about to walk over when a few radiances dashed across the sky and stopped over the square. People were greatly surprised when they saw that they were humans. For the folks here, Reaching Heaven States who could fly were very rare.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The visitors landed on the ground, regardless of others' shocked looks. Then they walked to the stone wall unscrupulously.

They are so odd.

People all thought so. The four people were all very young. However, only one of them looked normal, while the other three were quite odd-looking. Their features did not even look regular. And the folks here had never seen the type of clothes they were wearing.

"Ha, ha, ha. How could they claim this was left by the Martial Saint?"

Peh! "It's a waste of time for me. How could two Martial Saints be so lame?!" Sizing the sword marks up and down, two of them said in harsh voices. The people there were all irritated. However, intimidated by their strength, no one had the nerve to say anything.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. Even the graffiti created by the kids of our tribe are better than this." Standing below the knife marks, they left a harsh comment.

Hong Feiyu could not sit still anymore. He walked over with his spear. "Who are you?!"

Jiang Chen wanted to ask the same question. He felt three of them were very weird, so he used his Eye of Heaven.

"Ancient Race!"

Jiang Chen was shocked. Gao Yue had told him the outside world had been changing every day, but he did not expect to run into the Ancient Race in the Fire Field. According to ancient history, there were 10,000 races in the world in ancient times: the Human, the Spirit, the Dragon, the Monster, the Ancient Race, the Alien, the Demon, the Evil Race, and so on. And each race had numerous branches. It was no exaggeration to say there were 10,000 races.

Jiang Chen had read things about the Ancient Race in books. He could recognize them immediately because he had seen their dead bodies before. And he had seen frescoes about the Ancient Race in some relics.

"What? You have a problem?" The youngster with the three men from the Ancient Race said in a cold voice.


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