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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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920 Xiao Nuo

This assumption made many people who had had troubles with Jiang Chen pass out due to fear. Then when this event had finally subsided, news about Jiang Chen came again, and it once again started a big disturbance. It turned out it was Jiang Chen who had refined the immortal elixirs of the Elixir Association!

Jiang Chen was not a Heaven Alchemist. He was an Immortal Alchemist! When this news spread, people ranked on the Fame List really regretted their past actions. All the Icy Spirits were whining.

"Why didn't he tell us?"

The Icy Spirit King reacted the same as all the others. An Immortal Alchemist! Even though Jiang Chen had a divine body, what did it matter? If he had told them about this, the Icy Spirits would not have given him the cold shoulder at all. If they had had an Immortal Alchemist among them, the Icy Spirits would be able to get any help the Three Middle Realms was able to offer.

People had many doubts. They did not understand why Jiang Chen had not said a word about it. They even thought that what the Elixir Association had done was cause trouble via a dead person. Not until the Elixir Association had disclosed the truth did people tumble to reality. They also came to understand why Jiang Chen had held back the news. It turned out the immortal elixirs refined by Jiang Chen caused a great disturbance in the Three Upper Realms.

Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect visited the Elixir Capital in person, intending to make the Elixir Association give the man to them. According to these people, the existence of these immortal elixirs was enough to break the balance of power of the forces in the world. The immortal elixirs could produce Martial Emperors in large quantities and post threats to the powerful forces that had been in the world for thousands of years.

Of course, they had not come to kill Jiang Chen. They only wanted to take Jiang Chen back to make him refine elixirs exclusively for their own forces. Whatever force that got Jiang Chen would be able to strengthen their rule.

For Jiang Chen, it would be a tragedy. He would have to spend the rest of his life refining elixirs. The immortal elixir recipe of the Over Cloud Palace would fall in others' hands too. The Elixir Association had to tell them the truth. Those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect could hardly believe it when they had learned it was the same young man who had refined all of those immortal elixirs. In the end, they called over the three assistants who had helped Jiang Chen. Not until they had read these three's memories did they believe it.

"What a pity."

Jiang Chen was already dead. The immortal elixirs, which had not appeared in the world for years, would disappear again.

"Why would an Immortal Alchemist meddle in so many troubles?" Complaining, those from the Holy Land and the Divine Religious Sect finally left reluctantly. The news did not spread until then.

People only had one comment about the whole thing. Some people were dead, but their legends would go down in history. In addition, since the Realm of Evil Spirits ignored the agreement and came to the Three Middle Realms to kill many people, the strong forces of the Eighth Realm acted together.

They went to the Realm of Evil Spirits to catch the criminal. However, the evil kin were very tough. They would rather start a war than give away the white tiger. In this way, the atmosphere in various worlds was charged with tension. Once a war started, all the strong humans would have to participate in it.

However, many species that only existed in ancient history stepped on the Nine Realms' territories even before the start of any war. Among them, the Dragon Realm was the most surprising. Some people perceived that the Dragon Realm's passage had been open for a while. Although it was closed again after only a few seconds, people could not help but think about it.

"The human race has been ruling the Nine Realms for too long. It's time to have a change." Before long, some alien clans dropped this kind of comments that could start a war. Only such big events could offset the influence Jiang Chen had had on the Three Middle Realms.

Two months later, the Spirit Lady of the Icy Spirits led the Thick Ice Army to invade the four Spirit clans—Wind, Fire, Earth, and Wood. She expanded the Icy Spirits' territory several times over by exerting Hundreds of Miles Locked in Ice. Naturally, the Icy Spirits became the rulers of the Realm of Spirits. They had realized a great cause that the Icy Spirits had never achieved. The Spiritual Lady was then called the Snow Lady. The Snow Lady's strength was second to none among the younger generation.

However, she frequently sat staring blankly into the southeast. Sometimes she would even spend the whole night sitting there. People could not help but wonder why.

Only a few people knew that it was where the two swords flew to.

She was expecting that man to come back, holding his swords.


"I'm not dead? Again?" Jiang Chen cursed involuntarily when his consciousness had recovered. He made an effort to open his eyes. Soon, he frowned at what he was seeing. Lying on a bed, he could see the ceiling. This was not usual. Beds were normally like a box. If people lay on a bed, they would only see the interior of the bed. Jiang Chen remembered he did not like the box-like bed at all in his previous life, so he had made his own bed, exactly like this one.

"Siss!" Jiang Chen took a deep breath. He saw a line on the ceiling that had been carved there a long time ago.

"Be a useful man."

After confirming he had not seen it wrong, he sat up straight because he was frightened. He had carved that to encourage himself after he had been found to have an exhausted pulse. The thing was… that happened in his previous life!

He was sweating heavily. Glancing around the room, he became speechless, as if he had been struck by thunder.

He was at the Over Cloud Palace!

It was his old room! Although the atmosphere in the room was quite jovial because of the new decoration, he still could recognize it. Jiang Chen got off the bed and pushed the window open. What he saw out of the window totally blew his mind. He slapped himself to make sure this was not a dream. Then he closed the window.

"Am I back? What on earth happened?"

Jiang Chen felt very disturbed. He did not have to look at himself in the mirror to know how he looked. He knew his current face was the face of the First Young Master of the Sacred Zone. Suddenly, Jiang Chen saw a weapon of Doctrine Artifact level on the bedside table.

It was a black Sai that did not look very special.

The Infinity Sai?

Jiang Chen touched his chest with fear, because it was this Sai with which he had been stabbed and killed.

At least… that was what he remembered.

At this moment, he heard humming coming from the corridor outside the room. He would never forget this voice.

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As pale as a ghost, he dashed over to take the Sai. Due to his exhausted pulse, he was very weak physically. He walked to the door carefully, because he wanted to hide behind the door.

However, before he could hide, the door was opened from the outside. Seeing Jiang Chen in underclothes but on his guard for all possible dangers, the woman outside of the door was struck dumb. Then she smiled.

She kicked Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen was sent flying. He fell on the bed. The woman had not used too much strength, so Jiang Chen did not feel any pain. Before Jiang Chen could get to his feet, the woman dashed to the bed quickly and fiercely. She sat on his legs and grabbed the Infinity Sai.

"No!" Seeing her raising the Infinity Sai and aiming toward him, Jiang Chen raised his arms with fear.

"He, he."

However, nothing happened. With a silvery laugh, the woman was scratching herself with the Infinity Sai.

"You wanna play early in the morning? How naughty. If your father knows what you used the Infinity Sai for last night, he will be pissed," she said.

Jiang Chen was dumbfounded. He moved his hands away. Gazing at the beaming beauty, he was unable to believe what had happened.

"Xiao Nuo?"


The woman thought there was something wrong with him. She was perplexed. Putting the Infinity Sai down, she pressed her hand on his forehead. She asked him in a caring tone, "Are you all right?"

They were almost face to face. That pretty face had soft fair skin. It was almost flawless.

Jiang Chen finally relaxed. He placed his hands around her slim waist.

"You are so naughty! Naughtier and naughtier!"


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