The Brilliant Fighting Master
918 The Blood Shadow Ancestor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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918 The Blood Shadow Ancestor

"I want just the two Doctrine Swords." Han Xuzi and his five companions came over with the Four Great Spirit Clans. Even though they couldn't rival the Spirit Clan's great army, the pressure emanating from these Martial Emperors was like six great mountains that could crush the Ice Palace at any time.

"Martial Emperors, please come inside to discuss it." 

The Ice Spirit Clan wasn't able to confront six Martial Emperors, and they could only invite them into the Ice Palace. After that, they showed them the scene of the two Doctrine Swords flying away.

"Their owner had already died. So even if the Doctrine Swords recognized him as a master, why would they fly away?" Han Xuzi was bewildered by this matter, and he couldn't understand it. The only explanation for it was that Jiang Chen didn't die.

However, the Ice Spirit Clan immediately showed the scene of Jiang Chen disappearing. He had turned into countless specks of light, and it would be impossible for him to survive.

"We don't know what really happened," the Icy Spirit King said.

Han Xuzi, who wanted to get the Doctrine Swords, could only shake his head and leave along with his companions regretfully. This alleviated the Ice Spirit Clan's burden by much.

However, what the Ice Spirit Clan didn't expect was that Han Xuzi didn't immediately go back to the Three Middle Realms.

"We were heavily injured last time by Jiang Chen, and we were almost killed by the Sky-burning Evil Flame. Yet in the end, we didn't gain anything, did we?" One of the Martial Emperors complained, and the other four also expressed the same opinion.

Han Xuzi had a headache because of them. Even though he had a good relationship with them, they were still just friends and wouldn't help him for free. Even if he didn't get the Doctrine Swords, he still must offer them some benefits, or else none of them would listen to him.

"The Spirit Zone will descend into chaos, and we can take advantage of it to make some profits," someone suggested.

"That's right. Even though the Doctrine Swords flew away, the Spirit Clan's supreme treasures were left in the Ice Spirit Clan's land."

"We must bring this news to the Four Great Spirit Clans."

The Ice Spirit Clan certainly hadn't expected such a situation. However, they still didn't fear the Four Great Spirit Clans.

"You have invaded our spiritual land with a great army, and you still want to search it. Aren't you all looking down upon our Ice Spirit Clan?" As the Icy Spirit King's words echoed, an army charged out of the Ice Mountain near the Ice Palace. It was the Mysterious Ice Army, and the world's temperature dropped drastically after their arrival.

"You shouldn't then blame us for fighting to the death." The Four Great Spirit Clans threw all caution to the wind. Now, they still had enough power to fight, but if a long time passed, they would be removed from the list of Great Spirit Clans, and other Spirit Clans would attack them.

The great army started attacking, and its spiritual power was like a raging sea that threatened to engulf the Ice Palace. Even the wind came to a stop as it was engulfed by such spiritual power, and the Ice Palace's defensive formation was shattered. However, it was obvious from the reaction of the Ice Spirit Clan's members that they didn't care about this and didn't take it seriously.


When the Four Great Spirit Clans started to realize that something was amiss, their spiritual power started coagulating, and it started freezing at an extremely quick speed.

"This is...this is the Thousand Miles Ice Seal!"

"There is unexpectedly someone in the Ice Spirit Clan who has mastered such a spirit skill?"

"Damn! Will the Ice Spirit Clan really rise up above the others?"

The frozen spiritual power formed another ground in the sky, and they could just tread over it to travel and wouldn't need to fly. The Spirit Clan's great army was retreating unceasingly because they didn't want to end up frozen and sealed in ice.

Meanwhile, a beautiful woman showed herself. She was clan in snow-white clothes and had black hair draped over her shoulders. After she appeared, the static wind started blowing once again, and the loud rumbling sound of an avalanche echoed, but this time it didn't emanate from a mountain, but from the sky above the Spirit Clan's army.

"Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart!"

"Moreover, she has already grown up completely. Oh my God, the Ice Spirit Clan has really hidden her well."

"Let's quickly withdraw!"

The beautiful woman depended on her power to repel the Four Great Spirit Clans' army, and many people who came here to observe the battle were shocked by such a sight.

"Seal them!"

All of a sudden, the Ending Age Mace appeared in the hands of the Icy Spirit King, and he flew above the great army and threw a black sphere at them, which tainted the sky with black color. Most of the army's soldiers were frozen, and one could still discern that their faces were filled with fright.

"Sure enough! The Ice Spirit Clan got Jiang Chen's treasures."

"The Ending Age Mace is the Blood Shadow Dynasty's supreme treasure!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"The Four Great Spirit Clans who didn't possess their supreme treasures are really weak and powerless in front of the Ice Spirit Clan which is at its peak state."

The people who observed the battle from afar realized that the Ice Spirit Clan would shortly rise above the others, and it might even replace the Blood Shadow Dynasty and became the new ruler of the Spirit Zone.

"My clan's supreme treasure isn't something you can use as you wish." However, it was at that moment that the situation changed suddenly, and the black dimension disappeared. The Ending Age Mace broke free of the Icy Spirit King's hands and streaked across the sky, before it was held by someone's hand. That hand's skin was already withered, and one could clearly see its blood veins and it had many dark spots.

"Blood Shadow Ancestor!"

When the Ice Spirit Clan's members had a clear look of the hand's owner, they were all shocked. That person was wearing an imperial robe and had a crown of purple gold atop his head. As he held the Ending Age Mace, an imperial aura emanated from his body.

The crowd noticed a ring around one of his right hand's fingers, and such a ring had a mysterious connection with the Ending Age Mace.

"The Supreme Venerable Ring! It's another supreme treasure of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, and it can control the Ending Age Mace." The crowd immediately recalled rumors related to it.

The Blood Shadow Ancestor was so old his cheeks didn't have much flesh left in them, but he still had a pair of sharp eyes.

"Your Ice Spirit Clan is really too ambitious!" The Blood Shadow Ancestor strode forward, followed by a group of armored soldiers. Those were all elite among the elites!

Jiang Chen had destroyed just the imperial capital, and the dynasty had a broad and vast territory with many great cities. Jiang Chen didn't destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty completely, and such a matter demonstrated how tenacious was a great faction. It was like a centipede, and even if it died, it wouldn't disappear.

"A Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart. It's no wonder that your Ice Spirit Clan took so many risks."

After the Blood Shadow Ancestor arrived, he took a look at the beautiful woman and waved the Ending Age Mace. The Thousand Miles Ice Seal was shattered, and its fragments sprinkled on the ground.

The beautiful woman's face turned pale, and it was obvious that she had suffered heavy injuries.

"It's a pity that you were so complacent that you forget yourselves and exposed yourselves early. Did you really assume that my Blood Shadow Dynasty doesn't have anyone left?" The Blood Shadow Ancestor shouted loudly and erupted with great power which didn't conform to his old age.

The Ice Palace sank on the ground, and an avalanche occurred in many ice mountains, and its ice flew up to the sky

"Withdraw quickly!" The Icy Spirit King and the beautiful woman withdrew into the Ice Palace.

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty is mighty and formidable." The Four Great Spirit Clans' members started cheering as if they were injected with chicken blood. They had all witnessed a glimmer of hope.

"Are you willing to follow me, and help my Blood Shadow Dynasty make a comeback?" The Blood Shadow Ancestor looked at the Four Great Spirit Clans and shouted loudly.

"We are willing to follow you!"

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty is the ruler of the Spirit Zone!"

"The Ice Spirit Clan is reckless and ignorant and is defying even Heaven. They should all be exterminated" The Four Great Spirit Clans didn't have any objection to this, and this was what they hoped for and needed.

"Sirs, if you don't exert yourself, you won't get your share of profits," the Blood Shadow Ancestor said.

Han Xuzi and his five companions, who had been hiding in the dark, revealed themselves.

It could be discerned from the Blood Shadow Ancestor's tone that he was already so powerful that he didn't need to fear the six Martial Emperors.

It's done for the Ice Spirit Clan, many people thought to themselves.

"It's now time for you to use your hidden card. Please, don't disappoint me." The Blood Shadow Ancestor looked at the Ice Palace.

"Why are you acting this arrogantly? If you were really powerful, why didn't you make a move when Jiang Chen was still alive?" A member of the Ice Spirit Clan shouted angrily.

"Humph! What does Jiang Chen amount to? He's just a trifling human, and if I wasn't in secluded cultivation, I would have killed him easily," the Blood Shadow Ancestor spoke proudly.


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