The Brilliant Fighting Master
917 Divine Spirit Body
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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917 Divine Spirit Body

"His life force was completely exhausted." The Flame Emperor wasn't surprised by Jiang Chen's outcome. Anyone who gave birth to a Demonic Seed in his Doctrine Heart couldn't have a good end. The rumour that he had come back to his senses in time and got rid of the Heart Demon was just a legend.

Most people who had turned into demons caused outrageous massacres and killed until blood formed rivers and left behind a million corpses. In the end, the Nine Realms' experts would join hands and put them down.

This wasn't any exception, and it was already extraordinary for Jiang Chen to manage to put an end to his life before he turned into a true demon. As Jiang Chen turned into dust, countless light specks emanated from him, while the Divine Fire ring, Storage Spirit Artifact, and all of Jiang Chen's treasures fell on the ground.

The Flame Emperor heaved a long sigh. This clone made of flames would shortly disappear.

Buzz! Buzz! Buzz!


In the end, the Flame Emperor was shocked to discover that the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword on the ground cried out loudly.


Those two Doctrine Artifacts flew out of their sheaths and soared into the sky, disappearing over the horizon. The eight groups of spiritual beings' scriptures had also followed them closely.

"Is it possible it possible that?" The Flame Emperor was extremely excited. 

He was just about to go back to the Divine Fire Ring and give up. However, he became full of expectations once again. But, after two or three seconds had passed, and the Flame Emperor discovered that the Divine Fire Ring didn't emit any response, he started cursing loudly.

"Take me along with you! You are really a thankless wretch!"

In the end, the Divine Fire Ring didn't emit any response, and even though the Flame Emperor wasn't willing to accept this, he couldn't prevent it, and his clone just disappeared.

"Jiang Chen?" The mind of the disheartened beautiful woman was filled with only Jiang Chen's last affectionate gaze. She was kneeling on the ground, and Mysterious Ice started spreading from her body and was about to freeze the Ice Palace and seal it thoroughly.

"Thousand Miles Ice Seal!"

The Icy Spirit King and the others who observed such a sight from a distance were shocked and anxious. The Thousand Miles Ice Seal was the Ice Spirit Clan's greatest spirit skill, and, as long as someone managed to master it, the Ice Spirit Clan would become stronger.

However, the Icy Spirit King noticed that Xue'er was in an unconscious state, and her Supreme Venerable Spirit Heart was going out of control. If this continued on, their spiritual land would be frozen completely, and even Ice Spirits wouldn't be able to live here.

However, it was fortunate that the Doctrine Swords flew up at such a moment, and they ignited a glimmer of hope in the beautiful woman's eyes. She started chasing the Doctrine Swords at full speed with her eyes filled with eagerness. However, the Doctrine Swords were too quick, and they managed to shake her off before they even left the Ice Spirit Clan's land. But, she still wasn't willing to give up and continued chasing them for two hours. It was only after she found himself without the slightest idea of the Doctrine Swords' whereabouts that she went back to the Ice Palace.

"This is the Ending Age Mace, and it was the Blood Shadow Dynasty's strongest weapon!"

The beautiful woman witnessed the Guard General waving the Ending Age Mace excitedly. Her aunt was also excited and she was laughing heartily.

"Ha, h, ha! The Fire, Wind, Wood, and Earth Spirit Clans' supreme treasures are all here, and our Ice Spirit Clan will surely manage to become stronger."

When those people discovered that the beautiful woman had come back, they immediately wore aggrieved expressions.

"We have really let down Jiang Chen!" The Guard General strived hard to shed tears, but couldn't achieve it regardless of how hard he strived. He really found himself in an awkward situation.

"Xue'er, it was my mistake, and I shouldn't have done such actions." Yun Shou strode forward and tried to comfort her.

The beautiful woman's face was expressionless, and her gaze was ice-cold, and even those two Ice Spirits couldn't bear her gaze.

"Xue'er?" Yun Shou and the Guard General exchanged a glance. They were both anxious and had bad premonitions.

The beautiful woman's black hair fluttered in the wind, and chilly fog permeated around her.


Yun Shou and the Guard General were startled, and they turned around to run away, but the Mysterious Ice's freezing speed was extremely high. When those two people took the first step, they had already been turned into ice sculptures.

"Those objects belong to my junior brother."

The beautiful woman collected the pile of treasures, before she snapped her fingers, and sent the two ice sculptures flying. They flew for 6,000 miles and landed on the bottom of an ice mountain and were buried by the ice blown by the wind.

"You will both be sealed there until my junior brother comes back," the beautiful woman muttered. The two Doctrine Swords had sparked a glimmer of hope in her heart.


The beautiful woman suddenly heard the Icy Spirit King's aggrieved voice, and when she turned and looked over, she discovered that he wasn't calling her. The Icy Spirit King was holding the Mysterious Ice Comb, and his ice-cold face was filled with pain.

Jiang Chen lost his wife, while the Icy Spirit King lost his daughter.

The beautiful woman lowered her head in shame. If she had been able to realize her junior brother's sacrifices earlier, they wouldn't have reached such a juncture.

The beautiful woman didn't know what she should say, but when her gaze fell on the Mysterious Ice Comb, she was taken aback. She walked over to him with surprise apparent on her face, and in the end, her frown disappeared.

"Spirit King, Xue'er didn't die, and I can still feel her soul in the comb," the beautiful woman said.

"What? Why didn't I detect it?" The Icy Spirit King was both surprised and delighted, but he found it quite unbelievable. He was a Spirit King, yet he still didn't discover such a matter.

The Icy Spirit King temporarily curbed his grief and concentrated wholly on the comb. After ten minutes had passed, he raised his face which was filled with surprise and delight and shed tears of joy, before he started stroking the comb with his long fingers.

"A Divine spirit body, ha, ha, ha, it turned out that it's a divine spirit body. It's really an ironic matter!"

"Spirit King?" The beautiful woman couldn't understand why the Spirit King had gone insane.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Like a divine body, our Spirit Clan also have a terrifying type of body. Our Ice Spirit Clan's divine spirit body can stay in the world forever."

The Icy Spirit King laughed at himself and said with a smile, "It's also cursed like the divine body and isn't tolerated by natural law. The Ice Soul Stone required for the resurrection of a divine spirit body went extinct."

Upon hearing him, the beautiful woman felt quite upset. God had really played a joke on them!

"Can you please keep this comb for me?" The Icy Spirit King said.

Seeing an object would let one miss its owner, and it was especially the case since he was aware of a divine spirit body's plight. Even a solemn Icy Spirit King didn't have the courage to keep it.

The beautiful woman nodded, received the comb, and collected it carefully.

In the next few days, the news of Jiang Chen's death spread to all Three Middle Realms, and the Spirit Zone's people could finally set their minds at ease. In the past days, they were all living in fear, afraid that the Devilish God would come for them.

It was rumored that even the Wind Spirit Clan's Spirit King had fled into a small Desolate Land and taken refuge in it because he was afraid that Jiang Chen would look for him.

"It was really a great calamity." The crowd sighed.

The Spirit Zone suffered heavy losses, the greatest for the past 1,000 years just because of Jiang Chen alone. The Spirits didn't dare to act arrogantly as before due to the appearance of such a Devilish God.

"It was just a trifling demon!" However, there were still some Spirits, whose arrogant nature would never disappear, and after Jiang Chen's death, there wasn't anything left that still posed a threat to them.

"Our Spirit Clan's experts don't easily make a move, or else, they would have easily killed that Devilish God."

If it was just this alone, it would still have been fine, but the Fire, Wind, Wood, and Earth Spirit Clans joined hands for the first time in history and attacked the Ice Spirit Clan while being led by six Martial Emperors from the Seventh Realm.

News spread that Jiang Chen had died in the Ice Spirit Clan, and all his treasures were surely there.

The six Martial Emperors were led by Han Xuzi, and he wanted to get the Doctrine Swords left by Jiang Chen after his death.

The Ice Spirit Clan denied this news, but the Four Great Spirit Clans didn't believe them, and they wanted to search the Ice Spirit Clan's land.

"If we analyze such an affair, we would discover that the root of the problem was your Ice Spirit Clan. Who knew whether all of this had been planned and set up by you."

A shocking theory had even appeared that the Four Spirit Clans just wanted to drag down the Ice Spirit Clan with them. The Ice Spirit Clan wouldn't allow them to trample on their dignity, and they all fought the Four Great Spirit Clans and the six Martial Emperors. This matter didn't really demonstrate that the Ice Spirit Clan was too powerful. It was just that the Four Great Spirit Clans had suffered heavy losses due to Jiang Chen, and their collective power didn't amount to even the past power of a single Great Spirit Clan.


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