The Brilliant Fighting Master
914 Ending Age Mace
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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914 Ending Age Mace

After Han Xuzi exclaimed, the Spirit Zone's people understood what had happened to Jiang Chen. However, only a few people really knew what a Doctrine Heart's Demonic Seed was. However, news about it spread quickly, and, after a short while, everyone became aware of what it was.

"Jiang Chen possessed a Doctrine Heart?"

"Why did he still try to form a divine body?"

"He managed to form a Doctrine Heart even though he was this young. He really has boundless prospects, and it may may even be possible for him to break the divine body's curse."

The crowd recalled the piece of calligraphy made by Jiang Chen, and they finally understood what it was to be able to have a moment of enlightenment.


In the main hall of the Ice Spirit Clan's Ice Palace, the Icy Spirit King and the others were also observing the battle occurring outside of the Blood Shadow Dynasty's Imperial capital, and they all had mixed feelings about this.

When the Guard General recalled that he had once thrown a snowball at Jiang Chen's face, he couldn't help but pray inwardly, "Please don't let him recall it!"


Back at the Imperial Palace of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, after Han Xuzi came back to his senses, a bitter and pained expression appeared on his face. "It's really hateful, even a genius possessing a Doctrine Heart ended up in such a state. The Three Middle Realms should be really damned."

He was pained by it because a genius possessing a Doctrine Heart could reach at the very least the Martial Saint Realm. But now, he found himself forced to intervene and kill him. The Doctrine Heart's Demonic Seed would let one succumb forever to the desire for slaughter, and it would be impossible for one to recover from it. And the more he killed, the more intense would be his fiendish aura.

It was still manageable now because Jiang Chen had a target, but once he had destroyed the Blood Shadow Dynasty and had nowhere to vent, he would start killing people indiscriminately everywhere and would turn into a true Devilish God.

"I will purify you!" Han Xuzi wasn't a Martial Emperor for nothing, and he managed to easily face someone like Jiang Chen. His sword streaked around, and he surpassed Jiang Chen in all aspects.

"Master, please kill this hateful guy and take revenge for our clansmen," the Blood Shadow Princess shouted.

Han Xuzi nodded and looked at the devilish Jiang Chen. He said, "I don't care why you ended up turning into a demon. I'm obliged to stop you here."

"Heaven Tearing Sword Technique!" Han Xuzi pointed his finger at Jiang Chen, and his sword cried loudly, released dazzling sword light, and left a rift in the sky.

Jiang Chen's face was still expressionless, and he crossed his swords and fused the lighting with the flames. The sky immediately became dazzling, and sword light of varied colors streaked across it. A mesmerizing scene appeared!

"Two Doctrine Artifacts?"

After Han Xuzi took such a strike, his eyes lit up. He coveted Jiang Chen's Heavenly Fault Sword and Red Cloud Sword.

"World Ruling Sword Technique!" Han Xuzi made another sword strike, and his sword's might rose by several folds. His long sword turned into a light beam which shot forward. His sword strike was extremely quick, and no one could react in time while facing it. It managed to smoothly penetrate Jiang Chen's chest, and it was followed by its sword light, and countless sword phantom images, which had appeared, started overlapping.

Even though the sword managed to strike Jiang Chen, it still wasn't enough to take his life, and a powerful vortex formed by fire and lightning appeared in the muscles around the sword tip.


In the end, the Martial Emperor's sword was shaken off by them.

Han Xuzi rubbed his eyes. He suspected he must be mistaken because what he saw couldn't be true. "A divine body? Does this guy have a divine body?" Han Xuzi was startled by this. Jiang Chen's situation was more thorny that he had expected.

At this moment, Jiang Chen gave up on his swords and closed in on his opponent with flames and lightning flickering around his whole body. He seemed like a scorching sun! At such a moment, Han Xuzi felt like it was a ferocious beast in human form that was charging at him.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Fifth Lightning Heaven Will Palm!"

"Reincarnation Tribulation!"

Jiang Chen thrust both his fists forward, and his lightning and flames fused together.

"Oh my god!" Han Xuzi was frightened, and he used his whole power to defend against it. However, he still suffered a heavy strike, and he felt like he was being crushed by a great mountain. A solemn Martial Emperor like himself lost control over his body in the sky for a moment, and when he stabilized himself, he even spouted a mouthful of blood.

Jiang Chen beat a Martial Emperor until he spouted blood.

The whole Spirit Zone went into an uproar, and they didn't know which words they should use to describe how shocked they were.

"Imperial father! Quickly go to help my master." The Blood Shadow Princess was also surprised by this. She didn't expect that Jiang Chen, who had turned into a demon, would be this terrifying.

"Go there to participate in the fight and kill this person at all costs," the Blood Shadow Emperor shouted angrily, and he was the first person to charge out of the Imperial Palace onto the battlefield.

Even though he was still far away from reaching the Martial Emperor Realm, his aura wasn't any weaker than a Martial Emperor because of the weapon in his hands. It was a mace that was taller than him, and seven beads of different colors were revolving around its head. The Blood Shadow Emperor who held this mace was invulnerable and matchless.

"It's Ending Age Mace!"

"It's the Blood Shadow Dynasty's familial treasure!"

"This is their secret power!"

It wasn't limited to just this alone, two vigorous auras erupted out of the deepest part of the Imperial Palace. They were Martial Emperors! The Spirit Zone's people were shocked. The Blood Shadow Dynasty was unexpectedly able to mobilize two Martial Emperors. Its power was really too shocking!

Those two auras' owners appeared, and they really possessed power at the Martial Emperor Realm. However, they weren't Martial Emperors, just old men at the peak of the Great Venerable Realm. They borrowed a mystical power to temporarily become Martial Emperors.

However, every time they used such a technique, they would consume a large part of their lifespan. They could be considered Martial Emperors just a limited number of times.

If Han Xuzi was added to them, it would be in total three Martial Emperors along with the Blood Shadow Emperor who possessed the Ending Age Mace. No one in the Three Middle Realms could defend against such a group.

"I had almost assumed that you would just observe the fight until its end," Han Xuzi grumbled.

An ashamed look appeared on the Blood Shadow Emperor's face for a moment, but he didn't say anything in reply because they were facing a great enemy.

"Seal!" The Blood Shadow Emperor was the first one to attack, and a black sphere flew out of his mace, and the sky it passed through would be tainted in a pitch-black color.

It was also the case for Jiang Chen's location, and he felt then like he was trapped in a darkness dimension, and he couldn't budge even an inch.

"Wow!" The Spirit Zone's people exclaimed in alarm upon witnessing its magical power, which managed to easily trap a god of slaughter. There was a valid reason why Ending Age Mace managed to become the imperial dynasty's familial treasure.

"Venerable, please use your whole power and join hands with us to kill him," the Blood Shadow Emperor said.

Since he was trapping Jiang Chen, he couldn't do anything else for now. Moreover, the other people couldn't enter the darkness dimension because it would trap both friends and foes alike, and if they attacked him from afar, they would damage the dimension and destroy it.

This was why the three Martial Emperors must attack at the same moment and kill Jiang Chen with a single strike.

"I don't have any problem." Han Xuzi didn't object to it, and fright appeared in his eyes when he looked at the Ending Age Mace.

"Heaven Slaughtering Sword Technique!" Han Xuzi shouted in a deep voice and was about to use his ultimate technique. However, his movement suddenly came to a stop because the body of Jiang Chen, who was trapped inside the darkness dimension, started shining and turned into flames.

It was obvious that it was the Sky-burning Evil Flame, and it seemed even more dangerous than in its Tenth Transformation state.

"How can can he use such a move?" Han Xuzi felt bitter inside. He had recognized what the changes of the Sky-burning Evil Flame meant, and it was a lost technique. The Sky-burning Evil Flame was berserk and wild, and it was only a great person from the Sacred Zone, who had managed to control it wholly 500 years ago, and he created a killing move with great destructive power.

At this moment, Jiang Chen's movements and the Sky-burning Evil Flame's reaction seemed similar to that technique.

"Sirs, this lad is too ferocious, and I'm incapable of obstructing him. I will take my leave." After he stated such words, the Martial Emperor just turned around and left.

Everyone witnessed the expression worn by him as he left, and even though they didn't understand what had happened, they had still faintly guessed that something terrifying would occur.


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