The Brilliant Fighting Master
913 Fighting a Martial Emperor
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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913 Fighting a Martial Emperor

Almost an hour had passed since Jiang Chen invaded the Blood Shadow Dynasty, and news about this matter had started spreading rapidly in the Spirit Zone. At first, no one believed it—they thought it was a fantasy story. Moreover, many people were arguing about Jiang Chen, and many rumors and lies about him had spread throughout the world.

When the Ice Spirit Clan announced that Jiang Chen had tricked them to let him marry into their family, news about his divine body had also already spread, and, since then, people had held him in less esteem than before, and the Invincible God of War's legend became a joke.

However, they still paid attention to his whereabouts. Some said that he had already left the Three Middle Realms and gone back to the Nine Heavens Realm to evade his enemies' revenge, and some said that he stayed on in the Elixir Capital and planned to walk down the alchemy path.

Who would have imagined that Jiang Chen would appear after several days in the Blood Shadow Dynasty, exterminate the Heavenly Wolf Army, and destroy the Sacred Light Wall with a single punch?

"It's too fake! Who would believe such a rumor?" This was most people's response after getting wind of this affair. But, as more people declared that it was true, everyone was dumbfounded.

All the different lands sent their Almighty Experts to travel to the Blood Shadow Dynasty and use many mysterious and strange techniques to transmit back pictures. Everyone in all corners of the Spirit Zone could clearly witness the Heavenly Wolf Army, which had suffered disastrous casualties, as well as the destroyed Sacred Light Wall.

Moreover, when pictures of the fortress and General Xue Zhan's corpse appeared, everyone in the Spirit Zone went into an uproar.

Moreover, just after that, they witnessed Jiang Chen.

The Almighty Experts who went there could clearly feel the terrifying murderous aura emanating from Jiang Chen's body. No one dared to approach him, so all anyone could see was a view of his back captured from a distant place.

"Is that him?" Many people couldn't believe it at first glance. Jiang Chen who possessed a righteous aura had become this devilish? However, even though people revered him and were afraid of him, they still felt like he possessed now another special charm.

It was a pity that they managed to get these pictures only with great difficulty, and when the Almighty Experts met Jiang Chen's gaze, they had all run away.

At this moment, the Imperial capital was almost empty because most people had already fled from such a calamity. All the great formations in the city were activated and they could erupt with their whole power at any moment. However, Jiang Chen just ignored them, took a step forward, and flew to the sky above the capital.


The Imperial capital seemed like a ferocious beast that had just awakened from its sleep, and it displayed shocking might. Boundless power erupted out of it, and the countless formations released terrifying destructive power. The Blood Shadow Dynasty didn't just casually set a pile of formations, and all the formations could assist and support each other, and, as they were activated at the same time, they released a might great enough to tear the sky apart.

Jiang Chen was their only target, and since he was at their center, he couldn't escape. However, it didn't matter because he didn't plan to escape. He held his two swords with both hands, and used the Fire and Wind Swords Realm, and released the Fire and Wind Swords Wheel. The wheel was revolving quickly, and it released a might that was greater than before by many times, and, as it fell down, it seemed like a falling sun or moon.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

The formations' power was absorbed by the sword wheels, before being extinguished, and as the wheel continued falling, many rumbling sounds echoed from the formations because they couldn't bear its might.

Countless houses in the Imperial capital collapsed, and, as a loud rumbling sound echoed, all formations were destroyed forcefully, and they all exploded and released their power, which turned the capital into ruins.

"Oh my God!"

All the Spirit Zone's people were so dumbfounded that they couldn't close their mouths, and it was only now that they realized that the rumors weren't exaggerated, and the truth was even more outrageous.

"Is this a Great Sovereign's power?"

"Is his Martial Sovereign's master helping him make such an attack?"

"Are the rumors true or false?"

Many people discussed this matter spiritedly, and all those who had taken Jiang Chen for a joke still had a lingering fear.

After Jiang Chen had destroyed the formation, he landed in the capital, which was already in ruins, and he proceeded toward the Imperial Palace, step by step.

The Blood Shadow Emperor, as well as the Imperial household's members, were all before the Imperial Palace's gate, and they were all solemn because they were facing a great enemy.

The Imperial Palace was their true last defensive line, and it had the Blood Shadow Dynasty's backbone power. Yet now, they were forced to use it because of a human.

"Stop!" A graceful woman suddenly landed in front of Jiang Chen.

Upon witnessing this woman, everyone was confused and bewildered by what was happening. This woman was the princess, who had a conflict with Jiang Chen in the Heaven Divine City, and it was obviously impossible for her to stop Jiang Chen with her power.

"You should come back here!" The Blood Shadow Emperor shouted anxiously.

"Jiang Chen!" The Blood Shadow Princess didn't listen to her father, and she still took several steps toward Jiang Chen. Her pretty face was filled with anger and indignation. "It's enough! What the hell are you thinking? How many more of my clansmen do you want to kill for a single woman?"

Such a rebuke wouldn't affect Jiang Chen who had already turned into a demon.

"Do you still not realize that it's only because you were acting recklessly and rashly despite how weak and powerless you are that you ended up harming her? Didn't she die because of this?" The Blood Shadow Princess spoke once again.

Upon hearing this, Jiang Chen's fiendish aura rose in power, and a ferocious look appeared in his eyes.

"What? You aren't willing to accept it? You are obviously powerless and weak since a woman had died just to protect you, and it's all because of you, isn't that the case?" The Blood Shadow Princess spoke firmly, and her words hit at Jiang Chen's sore spot.

Jiang Chen was infuriated, and he released the evil flames. He wanted to burn this woman to ashes!

"You are really daring!" Since the Blood Shadow Princess dared to come out, she had obviously prepared well A light beam descended from the sky and landed in front of the Blood Shadow Princess. It deflected the evil flames.

"It turns out that you have turned into a demon. I was just wondering why your murderous aura was so intense."

After the light beam disappeared, a middle-aged man in his forties was revealed. He had a refined and reserved temperament and was wearing a long robe.

"Master, did you just say that he had turned into a demon?" The Blood Shadow Princess took a look at Jiang Chen's face, and asked curiously.

The middle-aged man nodded and said, "That's right, and it has reached a grave degree. It will be impossible for him to recover, and he will succumb forever to his desire for slaughter."

The Blood Shadow Princess laughed and her gaze filled with mockery.

"So it turns out he's just a love-smitten lad. Wasn't it just his lover who died, yet he's so fragile that he has turned into a demon due to it. Humans are really laughable!" The Blood Shadow Princess said.

With her words echoing, Jiang Chen thrust both swords forward and released their whole might. However, he didn't manage to succeed this time as before.

The middle-aged man unsheathed his sword, fused with it, and turned into a light beam that repelled Jiang Chen.

"Lad, my disciple isn't someone the likes of you can harm," the middle-aged man said proudly. "My disciple's family is also not something the likes of you can harm."

After he spoke, he laughed at himself, and said, "Why am I wasting my breath on you? You have already turned into a demon, and you are a disgrace. Today, Han Xuzi will get to kill a demon."

After he spoke, his sword light streaked across the sky. It was extremely sharp and deadly.

"Han Xuzi!"

"He's unexpectedly Han Xuzi, a Martial Emperor from the Seventh Realm."

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty is really influential, and it managed to invite even a Martial Emperor."

After hearing him announcing his name, everyone in the Spirit Zone was shocked. They had finally understood why the Blood Shadow Princess was so composed. It was because a Martial Emperor was standing behind her. It was a true Martial Emperor, and he was obviously confident in contending against Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen managed to fight against the Martial Emperor through turning into a demon.

Han Xuzi had led Jiang Chen into the sky and engaged him there so that the Imperial capital wouldn't be affected by their fight.

"Well? How can you manage to realize such sharp sword attacks even though you have already turned into a demon?" Confusion appeared on Han Xuzi's face. People who had become demons would usually attack crazily like madmen and wouldn't spare anything to achieve their aims.

However, Jiang Chen seemed more like a skilled war machine, and he didn't just remember clearly how he should fight—he performed better than usual.

"Doctrine Heart's Demonic Seed! You have become a demon through your Doctrine Heart's Demonic Seed!"


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