The Brilliant Fighting Master
911 Eight Almighty Experts
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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911 Eight Almighty Experts

After Jiang Chen destroyed the Sacred Light Wall with a single punch, he continued forward while wearing an ice-cold expression. After a short while had passed, he managed to reach a castle. This was the imperial capital's second defensive line, and it was set on an expanse of flat land, which made it seem like a little hill.

The castle was surrounded by walls of steel, and its expanse was actually quite small. The buildings on it were different than usual buildings found in a city—they weren't constructed to accommodate people, but to store a large number of strategic resources. Those resources would be turned into energy, which would be infused into the ground to form a natural barrier.

When Jiang Chen neared the castle, he couldn't control his body, and he ended up falling down, creating a large pothole in the ground. This gave rise to a great storm of dust, which flew up into the air, reaching the clouds. Even if Jiang Chen had had skin made out of copper and steel bones, he would still have been turned into meat paste. However, the Blood Shadow Dynasty's people were disappointed once again. Jiang Chen walked out of the deep pothole and shook off the mud from his trousers. It seemed as if he hadn't suffered any harm!

When the people in the castle witnessed such a sight, they couldn't help but curse him inwardly and call him a freak. They had all become quite solemn as if they knew that they were facing a great enemy.

All of a sudden, lotus flowers appeared beneath Jiang Chen's feet, and he managed to cross 1,000 miles in just a single step and reach the castle.

"Hurry up!" As an angry shout echoed out, boundless power erupted from the castle, and its energy formed shock waves which dispersed in the surroundings. Jiang Chen was shaken by it and fell back quite a way. The energy shock waves were just a prelude. Or they were, precisely, just energy leaking out of the castle's offensive weapon.

In the next few seconds, countless meteorites appeared in the sky above this flat plain. Every meteorite was of a different size, but they were all burning hot and their falling speed was getting quicker and quicker, while their might was becoming more and more terrifying. Even if an enemy army managed to cross the Sacred Light Wall, it would still suffer heavy casualties while facing the castle's meteorites. No one could fly in this terrible terrain, and there wasn't any hope for survival.

The people witnessing this scene were so nervous that they forgot to breathe for a while and they didn't blink even a single time.

The devilish God-like Jiang Chen seemed insignificant and small in comparison to the meteorites.


Jiang Chen raised his hand and thrust out a punch. Lightning power surged out of his hand and formed many furious lightning dragons who soared into the sky. All the meteorites were destroyed and turned into dust before they reached the ground. A gust of wind came up and nothing was left behind.

"Oh, whoa!" Horror appeared on the faces of countless people. Jiang Chen was outrageously strong! However, it still seemed as if Jiang Chen wasn't satisfied with this. He took a step forward, holding onto the Heavenly Fault Sword. When he approached the castle, he released his sword power in all its majesty, and a shocking sword light bombarded the thick and sturdy wall. The sword light penetrated the wall, before erupting into it and leaving countless scars.

Just after that, Jiang Chen used another sword strike and the Sky-burning Evil Flame, which destroyed the wall completely.

Countless soldiers ran out of the castle. They all didn't dare to confrontJiang Chen and were just running for their lives. However, strangely enough, their escaping speed didn't even rivalJiang Chen's normal traveling speed. Jiang Chen took just a single step and appeared before them. They were all frightened, and they fell limp onto the ground, kowtowing and begging forgiveness.

"They are just trash!" The imperial capital's citizens cursed them loudly. They were all so nervous and anxious that their heads were drenched with sweat.

Jiang Chen didn't massacre the soldiers and just went to the other side of the plain. When he was just about to start flying once again, a rumbling sound could be heard behind him, and many light beams approached him quickly.

"It's fantastic! The Almighty Experts came out!"

"They will surely manage to kill this guy."

Many people heaved a sigh of relief, and their hearts, which had risen into their throats calmed down. They were especially relieved when they witnessed the people encircling Jiang Chen, and all the Spirits became high-spirited once again. There were at least eight Almighty Experts, and, beside them, the armies of Meng Hu and Xiong Gang were still present. They had both brought over their best war weapons.

"Since ancient times, there hasn't been any human who dared to act this arrogantly!"

The eight Almighty Experts were all old men, but they still possessed an astonishing imposing manner and vigorous spiritual power. They were all members of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, which was why they were all so infuriated.

"After this day passes, all your friends and relatives will pay for what you have done."

"The Human Clan will also suffer greatly because of you."

It could be said that the Blood Shadow Dynasty suffered heavy losses because of Jiang Chen alone.

"There were many innocent soldiers among them! You are really a demon!" There was also an Almighty Expert who was aggrieved and lamented over the dead people.

Jiang Chen was still unmoved. He didn't argue back, nor did he waste his breath with them.

Besides the Ice Spirit Clan, all 100,000 soldiers of the Blood Shadow Army, who had tried to kill him, didn't have any feud with Jiang Chen, but they had all done their utmost to kill him. Every soldier's hands were stained by Nangong Xue's blood.

The 100,000 soldiers' relatives in the dynasty were a large community, and, as those soldiers continued fighting, they would all benefit. There wasn't any single innocent soul in the whole dynasty, and all its citizens benefited from the massacres and pillage done by the dynasty, and they got to enjoy such stable and peaceful lives due to it. There wasn't any good or bad in this matter, and it wasn't related to righteousness or evil. Those were all just words used by weaklings while they let out powerless shouts.

Jiang Chen's gaze became sharp, and he held both swords as he charged toward the eight Almighty Experts.

"You are impudent!" The Almighty Experts looked down upon humans, and it was especially the case for such a young human. However, they were still aware that they mustn't take him lightly. They attacked at the same time, and their spiritual power formed a great sea, with many unusual phenomena manifesting in its midst.

Jiang Chen was facing a danger greater than what he had faced when he fought great armies.

"Shoot him!" The two armies attacked, and rains of arrows shot at Jiang Chen from both sides. All the arrows had metallic chains tied to them. The rain of arrows was shot into the sky above Jiang Chen, and their chains formed a great net which fell upon Jiang Chen. The eight Almighty Experts fused their spiritual power along with the net formed by the iron chains.

Jiang Chen was forced to halt in his tracks, and he was trapped within the net, as they tried to drag him.

"Kill this devil!" The eight Almighty Experts shouted angrily. Their spiritual power rose in intensity and turned the metallic net into a light net with intense power. The net had little gaps in it, and they could really tear Jiang Chen into shreds.

"It's the Worldly Net! Eight Almighty Experts used the Worldly Net at the same time. There hasn't been any Great Venerable who has enjoyed such treatment before."

"They unexpectedly didn't manage to tear him apart in a short while, his body is really outrageously powerful."

Two army divisions of more than 10,000 people were pulling the light net from its left and right sides, while the eight Almighty Experts were also pulling it from another side.

The more Jiang Chen struggled, the more intense was the light net's binding power. As he forcefully took several steps forward, he felt like his body was being torn apart.

"Did you really assume that you could destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty alone?"

"Trying to achieve such a matter with your power alone is just attempting the impossible."

"Your ignorance will warn all of the Three Middle Realms' people." The eight Almighty Experts clamored, while they exerted their power, and tried to tear apart Jiang Chen's divine body.

It was at this moment that Jiang Chen stopped trying to break free and just stood his ground steadily. When everyone became confused by his actions, they witnessed Jiang Chen curling the corners of his mouth slightly.

This was the first time he had appeared clearly in the Blood Shadow Dynasty's people's sights since he had invaded the Blood Shadow Dynasty, and everyone felt their scalps becoming numb upon witnessing such a cold smile. They all felt like doomsday would shortly arrive.

Just after that, many people witnessed Jiang Chen grabbing the light net with both hands, and the Sky-burning Evil Flame started to arise from them.

"Awful! It's the Tenth Transformation!" The Almighty Experts turned pale with fright. They didn't know whether they should run away or use their whole power to try to kill Jiang Chen before the flames spread. However, the flames spread faster than anyone had expected, and quickly through the light net.

The two army divisions were the first to bear the brunt of the flames, and many of them were burned by it, which lowered the light net's constriction power by a lot.

"Quickly run away!" The eight Almighty Experts were terror-stricken, and they immediately started flying and running away. However, it seemed as if the Sky-burning Evil Flame was sentient, and it chased after them.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》