The Brilliant Fighting Master
910 The Sacred Light Wall
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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910 The Sacred Light Wall

The rumbling sound of crossbows echoed across the land, as 10,000 arrows were fired. 

Every soldier of the Blood Shadow Dynasty was overwhelmed by an intense bloodlust, and they all wished to kill the reckless and ignorant human in front of them.

Spear-like crossbow arrows streaked across the air and left behind them long trails, while their tips shone with a scalding light. They were all fired by Star Seeker Crossbows, and they were war weapons possessed by the great factions.

The crossbows' arrows were made from Mystical Mysterious Iron, and many powerful spirit symbols were carved on them. Moreover, Fiery Light Stones were hidden in the head of the arrows, and, once they struck the enemy, they would cause great damage.

Dozens of arrows were shooting toward Jiang Chen's vital organs.

Ding! Ding! Ding!

However, when the arrows approached close to Jiang Chen's body, it seemed as if they struck an invisible wall, and, as sparks flickered, all the arrows disintegrated.

Jiang Chen didn't just come out of it unscathed, he continued moving forward step by step.

When the sea of arrows had almost reached Jiang Chen's head, they were devoured by a sea of flames.

"How is this possible?" The soldiers were dumbfounded by such a sight.

"Set a joint attack formation!" The military officer leading the soldiers realized that they had run into a powerful enemy. He didn't dare to take him lightly, and he immediately passed down orders. Around 10,000 people immediately set a formation and formed a scarlet giant sword, which seemed like it was able to tear even the sky in half. The sword flew toward Jiang Chen. Its sharp sword light seemed capable of penetrating through everything, and no one could obstruct it.

However, Jiang Chen just stopped in his tracks, pulled out the Red Cloud Sword, and thrust it forward calmly. When his hand and the sword came to a stop, raging flames surged out of the tip of the sword and engulfed the enemies' sword. After that, countless miserable screams echoed, and all the Blood Shadow Soldiers inside the formation turned into a rain of blood, and only several people managed to run away.

"He's obviously a Celestial Venerable. So, why is he this powerful?"

"Quickly report this matter! Report it to the superiors."

"Ask experts to come over to put down this guy!"

The army was routed by Jiang Chen's great power, and the survivors just threw away their armor and fled. They were all in a sorry state!

Jiang Chen was walking slowly, but with every step he took, he would cross more than 1,000 miles. Soon, he would manage to reach the imperial palace.

"What? The Heavenly Wolf Army was defeated by just a single sword strike?"

"Who is that human?"

The Blood Shadow Dynasty was the Three Middle Realms' strongest faction, and it was developed and prosperous in many aspects, and one of them was news transmission speed. All cities managed to get hold of a report about such an affair at the first moment. It was especially the case for large-scale cities, as they even had a mirror, which was as tall as a tower, and the Heavenly Wolf Army's disastrous defeat was broadcast on it.

"The Heavenly Wolf General was a Great Venerable, as were his four deputy generals. None in the Great Venerable Realm could obstruct the formation formed by his army, isn't it the case?"

"That army had a vast and great might, and no matter how powerful someone was, he still could only escape when facing a great army of people."

"What should we do? That guy wants to go to the imperial palace. Does he really want to destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty?"

At this moment, everyone felt like they were surrounded by perils.

"That guy is Jiang Chen, isn't he?"

"That must be the case. Even though his aura has changed greatly, it's still him."

"Wasn't he cornered by a great army? Why did he come here? Could it be that..."

Jiang Chen had first killed two princes at the Title Battle, before he killed a sacred prince's clone in the Ice Spirit Clan's land, and he had even beat a Royal Uncle viciously. He already had a bitter feud with the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

However, it seemed to everyone that it should be Jiang Chen, who would need to fret over how he could guard against the dynasty's revenge. Yet now, he ran over to the Blood Shadow Dynasty to start a massacre."

"He reached the Sacred Light Wall!"

The Blood Shadow Dynasty's people who observed the mirror noticed that Jiang Chen was floating in the sky atop a military fortress. That was one of the imperial palace's three defensive lines, and it could obstruct the assault of enemies.

As long as one cultivated until the Reaching Heaven Realm, he could fly in the sky, which was why common forts would be useless against them. This was why they set a fortress with a great and lofty wall, which stretched as far as the eye could see. If one observed the fortress from the sky, he would really be shocked by it. Its walls were formed by orderly pieces of Great Azure Stone, and when Jiang Chen neared them, they all started shining brightly. More than 10 million pieces of Great Azure Stone started shining at the same time and illuminated the land. If one saw such a radiance suddenly, he might even be blinded by it.

"It started! It's the Sacred Light Wall!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's the Sacred Light Wall, which could instantly burn to ashes a great army!"

"It's one of the Three Middle Realms defensive structures with the greatest destructive power!"

All the Blood Shadow Dynasty's people were proud of the Sacred Light Wall, and when they witnessed it being activated, the fright and anxiety plaguing their hearts started subsiding. The Sacred Light Wall's attack had a broad range to disperse its might. However, what was amazing was that its attack scope could be adjusted according to the number of enemies, and its might would rise along with lowering its scope.

A rumbling sound echoed from below the wall, and the dazzling light was condensed into a light beam, which shot toward Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen was instantly engulfed by the light beam, and he disappeared from their sight.

"Ha, ha, ha, he didn't manage to dodge it!"

"It's too good!"

"A 100,000-square-meter light was condensed into a single light beam, and it can pose a threat to even a Martial Emperor's life. He will surely die!"

Everyone in the empire started cheering, and even though the Heavenly Wolf Army had suffered heavy casualties, they still managed to win in the end.

However, many people with good eyes discerned that something was amiss, and when they carefully observed the scene, they were frightened by what they witnessed.

It was only because the scene broadcast by the mirror wasn't clear enough that all people in the great cities assumed that Jiang Chen was engulfed by it. As a matter of fact, Jiang Chen had raised his right hand and was now obstructing that powerful light beam. His body was shining with brilliant lights, and the lightning, as well as the evil flame, was condensed in his arm. He seemed even more like a Spirit than true Spirits.

"This is impossible!"

The Sacred Light Wall's strongest attack didn't amount to more than this, which was why countless people were dumbstruck.

All of a sudden; a fierce look appeared on Jiang Chen's face, and he flew through the light beam and charged toward the ground below him. The conical light beam was exerting its power more greatly as Jiang Chen flew down, but it still couldn't obstruct him. When Jiang Chen reached the Sacred Light Wall, he clenched his fist, and thrust it at the wall.

A crisp sound echoed as many Great Azure Stones flew out of it, and the wall started shaking it. It was shaking intensely because the light beam was deflected by Jiang Chen who was near the wall. The Azure Stones were cracking open, and they all started breaking apart.

The people witnessed such a shocking scene through the mirror. The military fortress, Sacred Light Wall, was turned into ruins by just a single punch, and the whole ground sank. After the storm of dust dispersed, Jiang Chen's thin, tall body stood straight among the ruins and appeared before them.

All of a sudden, he raised his head and looked at the void. All the people in the Blood Shadow Dynasty's great cities screamed in fright. The mirror was broadcasting the scene from the sky, and Jiang Chen was just looking toward it, and everyone felt like Jiang Chen was glaring at them.

"What kind of gaze is that?"

Many people were frightened by Jiang Chen's black eyes. They were evil, tyrannical, ferocious, and brimming with evil energy.

"Anyone, please quickly dispose of him at all costs."

"He will kill us all!"

The Blood Shadow Dynasty's greatest city, had the clearest crystalline mirror, and all of its citizens realized that their city was Jiang Chen's target, and they all screamed in fright.

Someone had responded to their prayers, and countless powerful auras emanated from the imperial palace, and their appearance helped in appeasing the citizens.
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    《The Brilliant Fighting Master》