The Brilliant Fighting Master
909 Destroying the Blood Shadow Dynasty
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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909 Destroying the Blood Shadow Dynasty

Jiang Chen had read many books, and he had a very good memory. For this reason, he never forgot the parts describing sorrowful or desperate situations because he always used them as warnings to prevent himself from suffering similar tragedies. However, on this day, he discovered that even the best writer couldn't describe a tenth of a person's sorrows, and the tragedies that he had done his utmost to avoid ended up occurring.

When he had first met Nangong Xue in the Elixir Emperor City, he had mistaken her for his senior sister, but their real first interaction had occurred in their second meeting. They had fought a fierce battle in the ice mountain, gotten acquainted with each other, and found they understood each other.

It continued on like this until his wedding day, and even then he didn't have any improper thoughts about her. However, Nangong Xue drank the Yang Tea and, even when everyone assumed that his divine body couldn't grow anymore, she still believed that he could break through this curse. Even when Jiang Chen was drinking ceaselessly, she didn't pay any attention to the rumors and slander and tried to bring him back to their bridal room.

However, it was already too late. He was extremely aggrieved and infuriated, and those were emotions which were enough to distort any living being's hearts. The Sky-burning Evil Flame went out of control and reached the Tenth Transformation. Its might should have been enough to turn him into ashes, but he was still protected by the Fire God Descent's state.

"Jiang Chen! Quickly collect the Alien Flame!" The Azure Demon warned him anxiously. He was afraid that Jiang Chen would end up burning himself to ashes.

Jiang Chen turned a deaf ear to him and looked blankly at the comb in his hands. A vortex appeared in his heart, his black hair started dancing in the wind, and his whole body's aura experienced a drastic change. The previous Jiang Chen was righteous, grandiose, confident, and elegant. But now he seemed evil and devilish, and blackness appeared in the outer and inner corners of his eyes.

The Azure Demon muttered, "He has turned into a demon..." Unfortunately, it was already too late!

"Beginning, rest, birth, injuries, restrictions, brightness, death, fright." The Azure Demon suddenly witnessed Jiang Chen weaving hand signs while in the sky, and in this process, the vortex in Jiang Chen's heart started gradually turning into a black hole and completely absorbed the Sky-burning Evil Flame, which was about to engulf the whole world. The Spirit Symbols in the Divine Fire Ring shifted into Jiang Chen's hand and came to a stop in his palm.

"He didn't just turn into a demon. A Demonic Seed formed in his Doctrine Heart." The Azure Demon turned pale with fright and didn't know what to say.

The Flame Emperor came out of the Divine Fire Ring, and he was also surprised to see Jiang Chen's current appearance. "It's only a divine body, which can let you run amok as you want," the Flame Emperor said. His tone was filled with admiration because this was an unprecedented event.

"His enemies are all done for!" When the Flame Emperor noticed the raging bloodlust in Jiang Chen's eyes, he realized what was happening. It seemed as if Jiang Chen had cut all connection with the world around him and didn't care about the Azure Demon and the Flame Emperor at all. He just collected the comb carefully, before he disappeared from his former place.

Even after he had left, the battlefield still continued burning with flames and the 100,000 enemies didn't leave any corpses behind. However, there were still countless human-shaped black marks on the ground, all that were left when the enemies burned to death. If one observed this place from a high altitude, one would discover that this whole land was filled with such black marks, and the people who were left were making different movements. Some of them were stretching out their hands, and it was obvious that they were putting their last struggle before death.

After an hour had passed, a flying ship flew over the land. At this moment, the flames had almost disappeared completely. When the people on the ship witnessed such a sight, they were all frightened, and they almost assumed that they had come into the Asura Hell. News about this affair spread quickly, and countless people came to observe the battlefield. All people aware of the inside story about this affair couldn't believe that it was true.

"The Spirit Zone will probably descend into chaos!"

A 100,000-soldier army belonging to the dynasty had been exterminated. This matter alone was enough to deliver a grave blow to it, and it would lose so much power that it would be unable to continue controlling the Eight Great Spirit Clans. At this moment, in the depths of the dynasty's palace, the sacred prince opened his eyes suddenly, his forehead covered with sweat, as if he had just had a nightmare.

"It's really terrifying... Is this why the Sky-burning Evil Flame is so terrifying?"

The sacred prince was once killed by Jiang Chen, but that wasn't his true body, just a clone. It would be impossible for him to form a clone with his current cultivation level. However, everything had an exception to it. The sacred prince possessed a special spiritual power, and the whole Blood Shadow Dynasty was supporting him.

After he was hunted down by the Nether World School, the Blood Shadow Dynasty tried all possible means to help him form a clone. The downside of the way they discovered to form a clone was that his consciousness had to alternate between his true body and the clone, and he couldn't form a clone that could function by itself like true almighty beings. The pain and suffering borne by his clone were also true and genuine, and this was why the sacred prince, who had been killed by Jiang Chen twice, was infuriated, and he really wished to tear Jiang Chen into shreds.

It's really a pity. He should have already died within his own Alien Flame, the sacred prince thought to himself. However, he still had a restless feeling for some unknown reason, as if a great mountain were weighing upon his chest.

The sacred prince was not aware that a black-clad youngster had appeared at the Blood Shadow Dynasty's border. The youngster looked in the imperial capital's direction and flew toward it. However, the minute he stepped into the dynasty's territory, all their detection formations picked him up immediately.

"Stop!" A group of armed soldiers stopped the youngster. "A human? A human dares to fly around in our Blood Shadow Dynasty? What do you take this place for?" The soldiers' leader was a Great Venerable, and he did not take the human seriously.

However, it seemed like the youngster didn't hear him and just continued proceeding forward.

"I have asked you to stop! What are your intentions intruding into our dynasty?" The soldiers' leader flew into a rage and pulled out his weapon. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

"I want to destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty." The black-clad youngster finally spoke.

Upon hearing him, the soldiers' expressions changed drastically, and they all began to focus their whole power on executing this black-clad youngster. However, the youngster just snapped his fingers and the whole team of soldiers turned into ashes, without even managing to let out a single miserable scream.

"I came to destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty!"

"To destroy the Blood Shadow Dynasty!"

The black-clad youngster shouted loudly with a voice that was as loud as thunder. It transmitted to all corners of the Blood Shadow Dynasty, and everyone was shaken by it. The black-clad youngster was obviously Jiang Chen.

"He's too strong! How did he manage to achieve this?" The Azure Demon was always following Jiang Chen closely, and he was surprised to witness him kill a Great Venerable with just a snap of his fingers

"He has turned into a demon and got into an eternal Fire God Descent's state," the Flame Emperor said.

"Isn't that impossible? Doesn't this mean that he's already invincible and matchless!"Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"He isn't just matchless, and he's more terrifying. His current power is greater than the usual Fire God Descent's state by several folds. However, previously, he was consuming energy resources, but now he's consuming his own life-force. It can continue on for a day, a month, or a year. Every attack's intensity is different, as is his consumption."

Upon hearing what the Flame Emperor had said, the Azure Demon immediately recalled someone, and it was Jiang Chen's father, Jiang Qingyu.

"Could it be that both father and son will have the same fate?" The Azure Demon became anxious and inquired about what he should do.

"A Demonic Seed was born in his Doctrine Heart, and none can stop him. It will be only after he has made a great slaughter and let blood flow until it forms rivers that he can get a chance to survive this. However, he has gotten into this special state, and he will surely die," the Flame Emperor said.

"He wants to bury the whole Blood Shadow Dynasty along with him." The Azure Demon understood Jiang Chen's aims.

Meanwhile, the dynasty's army flew over from all directions. "Who had stated such conceited nonsense?"

The Blood Shadow Dynasty was the overlord of the Three Middle Realms, and no one would dare to even gasp for breath loudly in front of its members. Yet, a person arrived today and stated that he would destroy them. Everyone in the dynasty was infuriated!


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