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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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908 Rage!

Jiang Chen did the best he could, dashing around among thousands of soldiers trying to kill him. He was not really thinking much, because he actually tended to sign his own death warrant. Feeling thrilled seeing his enemies' blood, his sword attack was getting fiercer and fiercer. No matter how many people they had, no one could stop him.

"Jiang Chen, go to hell!"

All of a sudden, a familiar voice rang out. Together with it, a flood-like spear radiance poured down from overhead. To his surprise, it was the sacred prince! The very same sacred prince who was burned to ashes by Jiang Chen.

It turned out that he did not die. Otherwise the Blood Shadow Dynasty would not have let Jiang Chen go. The sacred prince regarded Jiang Chen as his biggest enemy. He went all-out to attack the latter. The power of this spear attack was not any weaker than that of Ning Haotian, who had alien beast blood.

Jiang Chen raised both of his swords to resist. He was sent flying dozens of miles away. However, it was simply due to inertia; it had nothing to do with which one of them was stronger.

However, the enemy that was around took the chance to beseige him. The blades of the Nether World School also showed up again.

"A Single Spark Makes a Great Fire!"

"Divine Thunder Transforms to a Sword!"

Jiang Chen snarled in anger. The enemy around him were like flying moths darting into a fire. More than half of them either died or got injured immediately.

"Jiang Chen, stop struggling. You will die today. That is out of the question. The more people you kill today, the bigger price your family and your friends will have to pay!" An Earth Spirit Son said in a fury. There were many others who threatened him in this way, but this time, Jiang Chen looked over at him. With a beast-like ferocious look, Jiang Chen dashed toward him.


This guy was scared out of his wits. Those who had tried to stop him were all dispersed. In the end, the Heavenly Fault Sword and the Red Cloud Sword pierced into his body at the same time. The power of the two swords tore him apart!

The Spiritual Son died! He was the strongest one that had been killed up till then. At the moment, Jiang Chen was even crazier than in the Title Battle. He was not using any external force, but his performance was even greater than that using external force. The Great Venerables lurking in the dark could not sit still anymore. Someone finally launched an attack.

A mountain fell from the sky. It was a real high mountain, coming from a Spiritual image attack. It smashed against Jiang Chen's head.

"Wind and Fire Swords Wheel!"

Jiang Chen was still fearless. Raising his two swords over his head, he ran through the mountain from its foot to the mountaintop. In this way, the mountain completely collapsed.

"He is so strong." Many of his enemies felt helpless. They thought no wonder Jiang Chen acquired a divine body. It made him look like a deity. If he kept improving himself, he would be really dreadful.


All of a sudden, Jiang Chen spit blood. After the successive fights, his internal injuries had gotten worse.

"Ha, ha, ha, Jiang Chen, you insulted me the other day. Did it ever occur to you that you would die because of me one day?" The Flame Emperor's disciple yelled at him. He did not join in the fight. Around him, there were people protecting him. As long as he was there, Jiang Chen's Divine Fire Ring would be restricted.

Jiang Chen was already very weak. And he was under the most fatal attack. Everyone on the scene was in a killing frenzy. They swarmed over.


However, it was not Jiang Chen who screamed. It was the Flame Emperor's disciple. A blade of frozen sword was in his chest. It pierced through his heart and took away his life. This Flame Emperor's disciple had been laughing at Jiang Chen because the latter had never anticipated he would die this day. However, it was actually the disciple who died.

He tried very hard to turn around. What he saw was a very pretty woman.

"Damn it!"

It had never occurred to the Great Venerables who were protecting the Flame Emperor's disciple that someone else would attack him. They were all focusing on Jiang Chen. They attacked together in rage, intending to injure the woman severely.

"That's not good."

However, since everyone was thinking the same thing, that they would injure her severely with their Spiritual powers all added together, they were enough to kill her thousands of times.

The Ice Spirit Saint, Nangong Xue, was trying very hard not to scream, although all of her bones had been broken, because she did not want Jiang Chen to be affected by her screams.

However, Jiang Chen, surrounded by the enemy, still saw it. He became so angry that he was even a little demented. Not afraid of death at all, he turned extremely pale. His flushed red face lost color. He was completely sober.

The agony appeared on his face again. The spiritual pattern of his Divine Fire Ring showed up. A strong and profound power was breaking out. As soon as the Flame Emperor's disciple died, the restriction of the Divine Fire Ring was gone.

Nangong Xue knew it clearly. That was why she had risked her life to kill the Flame Emperor's disciple with her sword.


Seeing Jiang Chen in the status of God of Fire Descends to the World, Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was frightened out of his wits. He ordered a retreat, the farther away the better.

The hundreds of soldiers that had darted up to Jiang Chen were swallowed by a heated energy right away. The others were scared to death. They hurried to retreat. Jiang Chen did not stop. He flew over at high speed, as if he was chasing stars and the moon, to pick up the Ice Spirit Saint who was about to fall.


Nangong Xue was like a broken ice sculpture. She was losing her life rapidly.

Jiang Chen took out his silver needles in a hurry. However, when he was about to treat her, he found it was already unnecessary. Attacked by numerous Great Venerables together, even if there was a celestial being here to treat her, Nangong Xue would not survive. He held up the hand with the needles in it and stayed in that position for a long time.

"Would you comb...comb my hair...one more time?" Lying in his arms, Nangong Xue made an effort to hand him the comb made of thick ice. He once threw the comb onto the ground. Some of its teeth were broken.

"Yeah, yeah. I'll comb your hair..."

Jiang Chen took the comb. He reached for her beautiful hair, his hand trembling.

Nangong Xue was happy to hear that. A faint smile crept over her lips. And that smile lingered on her face forever.

Royal members of the Icy Spirits had pure Spirit blood flowing in their bodies. They would turn into ice sculptures after death.


The ice sculpture exploded in Jiang Chen's arms and turned into sparkles.

"Aaah!" Jiang Chen screamed in anger like an injured wild animal. His voice was completely hoarse.

His enemy, staying more than hundreds of miles away from him, was wandering, gazing at Jiang Chen in the status of God of Fire Descends to the World and counting the minutes.

"Three minutes have already passed?"

"Not yet. Let's wait a little longer."

"He can only persist for three minutes. By then killing him will be as easy as killing a dog."

"All of you will die!!!"

All of a sudden, Jiang Chen screamed again. The weather abruptly changed. The earth was shaking. The enemy was scared to death and raced to get away. They retreated another 150 miles, but it turned out Jiang Chen was not where he had been.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.

"This guy was bluffing. He was waiting for his chance to run away!"

"Let's go!"

The Spirits and the Blood Shadow Dynasty's army swarmed over. All of them wanted to be the first to kill Jiang Chen.


All of a sudden, an endless fierce flame surged from Jiang Chen's body. It soared into the air and expanded into a sea of fire.

"That's not good! That's the Sky-burning Evil Flame! He has lost his senses!"

"It's not only the Sky-burning Evil Flame. He has also exerted the Sovereign's Power and the power of thunder and lightning!"


All of them pissed their pants. They tried to flee. However, the fire expanded so fast that it swallowed them in an instant. No matter if it was a Venerable or a Great Venerable, as soon as they were caught in the fire, they turned to ashes immediately. Furthermore, the fire was spreading 300 miles per second. It was impossible to outrun it.

"Switch on the portal! Switch on the portal!"

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle turned on the portal and went into it with his men.

However, just as he started to feel relieved, he felt a hot wave coming from his back.


Blood Shadow Royal Uncle turned around. Then he, together with all his men, were all burned up.


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