The Brilliant Fighting Master
906 To Make A Clean Break
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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906 To Make A Clean Break

This was a powerful method. He was able to get the information he needed by reading through others' memories. It came, however, with a high chance of causing irretrievable consequences. It could cause dementia or even death.

However, except for the paleness of her face, the Ice Spirit Saint looked fine. It also proved how skilled at the method the Icy Spirit King was. He must have used it many times. Information gotten through such a method was beyond compare. It contained more truth than information told by others.

The Icy Spirit King learned that Jiang Chen had told the Saint everything on their wedding night. If they had dealt with it immediately, the situation would not have become as tricky as it was at the moment. What the Icy Spirit King worried most about was the harm that could be caused to the Saint.

"Bring Jiang Chen here," he said.

The Guard General left the Ice Palace with a team of royal guards to look for Jiang Chen in the snow mountains. He was standing in a tiny, artificial hot spring, created by the snow that had melted from his body temperature.

"This drunkard really knows how to enjoy life," the Guard General laughed. Then he ordered the guards to bring him over.

Jiang Chen was half-awake and half-drunk. He had no idea what was happening.

The Guard General made a snowball. Throwing it into Jiang Chen's face with medium strength, he said complacently, "Prince Consort, the Spirit King wants to see you."

Jiang Chen had completely lost his prestige since he had become an alcoholic. He was brought into the palace by the royal guard.

"Is this what the Invincible God of War should look like?"

Seeing Jiang Chen even unable to stand steadily, people in the hall involuntarily shook their heads. The Saint was the first to walk up to him. She helped Jiang Chen to stand and whispered something into his ear. Jiang Chen woke up a little bit, but he was still pretty drunk. He looked up at the Spirit King sitting on the throne.

"Your seclusion finally ended?"

"Jiang Chen, don't be rude!" Seeing him so arrogant, the Cloud Guardian scolded him.

"Shut up!!" Staring at her with a sharp look, Jiang Chen said, "I wish I could kill you now. Don't give me any excuse to really do it!" He knew the mirror in the bridal chamber must have been her idea.

The Cloud Guardian pursed her lips. She seemed to feel humiliated, eager to say something, but she did not dare.

"Stop making a scene here even though you're drunk. The Icy Spirits didn't treat you unfairly. Or do you think even the Saint isn't good enough for you? Is this why you're torturing and humiliating my daughter in this way?" The Icy Spirit King said angrily.

Jiang Chen threw the Saint a glance. The light shining in his eyes dimmed. 

"If you're not happy, you two can split up," the Icy Spirit King said.

"Ha, ha, ha. What a hypocrite you are. If you want to have done with me, just say it.. I've been ready for it," Jiang Chen spoke with scorn.

"You hid from us that you had a divine body. You cheated us into marriage! That's horrible. But now you are speaking with so much confidence?"

"That's my private life. Why should I tell everyone about it? Is it anything to do with you if I can't be a Great Venerable? If it were not for my apprentice sister's sake, do you really think I would have thought highly of you Icy Spirits?"

It was normal to speak bluntly when people were drunk. They would just say anything that came into their mind. Everyone in the hall was pissed by him now.

"You talk as if it were just a walkover. You killed the sacred prince and the generals of the Blood Shadow Dynasty...."

"Why do you think I said you could put the blame on me?" Jiang Chen interrupted him with no holds barred. Pointing at the Spirits, he said, "I've anticipated this. If I didn't have three minutes left for God of Fire Descends to the World, you would have thrown me out, wouldn't you?"

No one answered. Even the Icy Spirit King did not respond, because he was totally right.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"You say whatever you want to say, and you want to take the moral high ground too? You want to make a clean break with me, want to have done with me? Fine. Just do whatever you want." Jiang Chen was indifferent. Nothing mattered to him for the moment.

"You're too unbridled! If the Blood Shadow Dynasty learns you only have three-minutes-long Sovereign's Power, you won't be able to walk out of the Realm of Spirits at all!" The Guard General scolded.

"What? Are you threatening me with this?" Jiang Chen glanced at him disdainfully.

"Jiang Chen, if you understand everything, let's part on good terms," the Icy Spirit King said coldly.

"No problem. I only have one request. I want to see my apprentice sister." Jiang Chen had almost sobered up when he made the request. He said seriously, "I don't think this is too much to ask, considering how I helped the Icy Spirits."

"You helped the Icy Spirits? What did you do to help the Icy Spirits? You left us in an awful mess. And we'll have to deal with it on our own!" The Cloud Guardian said immediately. However, she repented as soon as she had finished speaking.

As expected, Jiang Chen threw her a glance. As their eyes met, he came up to her, seizing her by her throat.

"What did I say?" Jiang Chen asked in a cold voice.

The Guard General reached for the handle of his knife with his right hand as soon as he saw this, but the Icy Spirit King stopped him right away. He did not want Jiang Chen to use the last three minutes of the Sovereign's Power to deal with the Icy Spirits.

"Jiang Chen, let go of auntie." At the entrance of the hall, a cold female voice rang out. She immediately attracted all of the attention. Everyone in the hall looked toward the door in shock. A white-clothed figure was standing there. She looked so pure and as pretty as a goddess.

"Apprentice sister?" Jiang Chen sobered up completely. Pleasantly surprised, he let go of the Cloud Guardian and walked toward the entrance step by step.

His apprentice sister was standing in a poor light. Jiang Chen could not see her face clearly. However, before Jiang Chen could walk into the light, the voice came again. "Just go. Leave the Icy Spirits."

"Apprentice sister, I...." Jiang Chen felt heartbroken, as if he had received a heavy punch. He felt he could not breathe. His mind went blank.

The Ice Spirit Saint did not have the heart to see him like this. She wanted to say something, but she lowered her head out of shame when she saw the figure at the entrance.

"The Icy Spirits are my responsibility. We can't be together anyway. It is destiny." As soon as she finished speaking, the white-clothed figure disappeared. She left with the snow and wind.

Jiang Chen was too weak to chase her. He was in extreme pain.

Gnashing her teeth, the Ice Spirit Saint flew out of the hall into the deeps of the snow mountain to catch up with the white-clothed figure.

"You shouldn't have been so cold to him. You have no idea what he did for you! They lied to you!" The Ice Spirit Saint said anxiously.

"It doesn't matter anymore."

Standing with her back facing the Saint, the white-clothed figure said, "We'll be in big trouble soon. Everyone will be in danger. The Icy Spirits won't be able to survive without me."

"Why doesn't it matter?! You cared about Jiang Chen. You never asked any favor, but you asked me to...."

"So what? You did me a favor on your bed?!"

It was dreadful when suppressed feelings broke out.

The whole world was booming. An avalanche happened. All of the snow mountains around them collapsed. Wind was roaring. Snow was flying. The whole world went mad.

The Ice Spirit Saint lowered her head. Smiling bitterly, she said, "Xue'er, you might be very talented, but you really know nothing about life."

Some minutes passed, but she did not get any response. When she looked up again, she found the white-clothed figure had disappeared. Where she had been standing, something on the ground was sparkling. It was her tears. It could be clearly seen on the snow mountain.

"I'm sorry." The Ice Spirit Saint was in torment. She had never thought things would have ended up this way. When she went back to the hall of the Ice Palace, she learned Jiang Chen had left.

The Spirit King was discussing the situation with the others. They were going to publish a statement to make a clean break with Jiang Chen.


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