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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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905 Rumors

"He rose in the Realm of Nine Heavens. Fighting his way out of there, he got the title Invincible God of War in the Three Middle Realms and gained fame. It is also thanks to him that the saint got the title Future Spirit Emperor."

"He came to the Icy Spirits to propose marriage. The Icy Spirit King gave him two options since he was really excellent. He could either choose to marry the saint or go away."

"As to Jiang Chen's choice, you've already seen...."

The Cloud Guardian sighed, shaking her head. She looked full of pity, as if she felt it was unfair for Xue'er.

"Auntie, turn it off." The voice Jiang Chen had been dying to hear spoke plaintively. Not even the whistling wind could cover the sadness in her tones.

The Cloud Guardian waved her hand. The screen disappeared.

"I'm going to practice." The woman turned around to walk into the deep mountain, as if she had not been affected at all.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click www.webnovel.com for visiting.


When Jiang Chen woke up, he saw his bride sitting at the dressing table combing her hair, which had gotten messy because of last night's passion. Her long hair was like a waterfall. Her skin was fair and supple, as smooth as silk. Her profile was breathtaking. She was not wearing many clothes. A coat was draped over her shoulders. Her long slim legs had the most wonderful curves in the world. Her feet were like works of art. They were flawless. Her fingernails were like crystals, while her toes were like pearls.

"You're awake?" She stopped combing her hair and turned around. She was the Ice Spirit Saint!

Spiritual Ladies and Spiritual Sons were decided by their Spirit clan when they were born. They had extraordinary talent. Their clan took the utmost care to train them. They were sent to other realms to avoid being targeted by the Kill Talents project.

Saints were also decided when they were born. They were usually Spirit King's daughters.

"Could you comb my hair?" She said with a smile.

Jiang Chen sat up. Clutching his forehead with one hand, he said, "I told you I had a divine body. And I'm not really the Martial Sovereign's follower."

"Yeah, I know," the Saint said indifferently.

"Then why did you...?"

"As long as neither of us mentions it, others will never know. I believe you will be able to break the curse of the divine body," the Saint said.

Jiang Chen was quite touched by her. She had said it so calmly, but it actually needed a lot of courage to speak it out loud.

"It's not going to work. There is a conspiracy against me. The rumor about the divine body was just a start. Soon, they'll...." said Jiang Chen.

"Could you comb my hair?" the Saint interrupted him, handing him the comb.

Jiang Chen gazed at that perfect face. There was no worry on it at all. Jiang Chen was struck dumb. He took the comb made of thick ice. It was small and exquisite. Jiang Chen got to his feet and walked towards the Saint. Standing behind her, he saw both of them in the mirror.

She was sitting there, and he was standing. She pressed her lips into a smile. She was looking at him through the mirror.

Jiang Chen flipped. He walked closer to her. Suddenly, he stopped, staring at the mirror and struck dumb. His look was pretty scary.

"What happened?" The Saint was dumbfounded. She did not understand what had happened.

"Was that necessary?" Jiang Chen's eyes were red-rimmed. He punched the mirror.

The Saintess stepped aside to dodge. She saw lights emitted from the broken mirror when she was about to ask him what was going on. Numerous spiritual patterns showed up.

"Was that necessary?! Really?!" Throwing the comb away, Jiang Chen walked out of the bridal chamber.

"I didn't know about it...I swear." The Saintess was as pale as a ghost. She certainly knew what was wrong about this mirror. What they did last night was all played out before that person.

Jiang Chen put on his clothes and came to the entrance of the Ice Palace.

"Bridegroom, what are you up to?" The Guard General was not surprised. He stood at the entrance to stop Jiang Chen.

"I want to see the Spirit King. Get away!"

Jiang Chen was willing to sacrifice himself, but he could not allow his apprentice sister's feelings to be hurt because of some misunderstanding.

"Jiang Chen, you enjoyed that, didn't you? What else do you want? You don't have a heart," the Guard General said with a cold smile.

However, he stopped smiling when Jiang Chen gave him an angry look. He said, "The Spirit King took your immortal elixir. He is in seclusion now."

"I want to see the Cloud Guardian then!" Jiang Chen added.

"The Cloud Guardian isn't here. She is in charge of the Spiritual Ladies, so she doesn't have to stay at the Ice Palace."

Jiang Chen realized no one would come to see him for the moment. After leaving the Ice Palace, he walked absentmindedly in the snow. Before he had come here, he had been ready to accept whatever would happen, no matter how terrible it was. However, when it had really happened, Jiang Chen found he could not feel relieved. He walked and walked. In the end he walked out of the territory of the Ice Palace and arrived in another city, but he seemed to not notice it. He kept walking until he saw a bar. He stopped for a while and walked in. Jiang Chen had never liked strong alcohol, because he did not think it was for a man of noble character. He liked to feel tipsy when he drank, but this day, he really wanted to get drunk.

The appearance of such a weird human in a city full of Spirits was certainly eye-catching.

"Isn't that Jiang Chen? Didn't he get married last night? Why is he here trying to get himself drunk?"

"What on earth happened?"

The passersby were talking about it. No one knew what had happened.

Jiang Chen drank all day, from morning to night. Even his divine body could not handle so much alcohol. He was dead drunk. In the end, the Ice Spirit Saint came in person with some soldiers to take him away.

By then the whole world knew about their relations. The passersby were all guessing what had happened.

The next day, some people saw Jiang Chen walking in the snow mountains again, leaving empty liquor bottles along the way.

It started a discussion among the Icy Spirits.

The same thing happened every day. After Jiang Chen passed out after getting drunk, the Saint would come to take him back, ignoring others' peculiar looks.

At the same time, more rumors appeared, claiming Jiang Chen had a divine body. At first, no one took them seriously, but, gradually, people heard more and more suspicious points. For example, if Jiang Chen did not have a divine body, why was he able to fight with the Earth Spirits with pure force?

Why did his body show such a terribly high performance in the fight competing for Invincible God of War?

Most important, how did he manage to handle the Alien Flame and the Striking Thunder Power?

People raised more and more suspicions. They found information about divine bodies in books. It seemed the divine body theory could explain all of their suspicions indeed.

Ning Haotian, who also came from Jiang Chen's realm, claimed the essence blood of divine body could be compared to divine medicine. It was because he had exchanged essence blood with Jiang Chen that he had been able to achieve what he had achieved. It started a great disturbance. It made sense to people.

Jiang Chen knew nothing about this. He had become an alcoholic.

One day, the Ice Spirit Saint was summoned to the hall. She knew what it was about. There was a complex look in her eyes.

"Look at yourself. You're the Ice Spirit Saint. Now you're turning into a joke of the Icy Spirits," the Icy Spirit King said unhappily.

Because of Jiang Chen, many rumors regarding the Saint had arisen.

She kept silent. She did not respond.

"Let's get down to business. Do you know anything about the rumors that have been spreading recently?" The Icy Spirit King said.

"No," the Saint replied.

"But I haven't mentioned what the rumors are about."

The Saint turned pale. However, the more she pretended to be normal, the more she gave herself up. All of a sudden, she felt her brain was being devoured by a vast sea. Everything about her was being flipped through.

"Xue'er! I'm very disappointed in you!"

After getting the information he wanted to get, the Icy Spirit King finally showed his anger.


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