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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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903 The Bride

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle turned around. Opening his eyes wide, he was trying very hard to struggle. However, neither the God of Fire Descends to the World nor the Sovereign's Power was something he could shake off.

The two generals attacked from the left and the right sides. Both of them grabbed Jiang Chen. However, Jiang Chen was not affected. On the contrary, the two generals started to burn. Soon, they ended up in the same state as the sacred prince.


Jiang Chen completely ignored them. He gave the royal uncle another slap.

"Did you hear what I said?"

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle pursed his lips and gnashed his teeth. His eyes looked like they were going to emit fire.



"Did you hear me?!"

Jiang Chen gave him another two slaps, repeating his question.

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was seeing stars. Blood trickled from the corner of his mouth.

Pah! Pah! Pah!

Jiang Chen gave him another four or five slaps. He did not show any mercy. Blood Shadow Royal Uncle's face got swollen.

"Enough!" Blood Shadow Royal Uncle yelled, discharging saliva. He could not put up with it anymore. He was the royal uncle. Almost the whole world had to follow his orders. He had never been humiliated like this before.


Jiang Chen used more strength. He was not slapping anymore. Those slaps were as heavy as punches. Blood Shadow Royal Uncle's teeth were knocked out, together with lots of blood.

"I'm faint."

The timid Icy Spirits could not believe what they were seeing. Some of them went weak at the knees and fell onto the ground.

However, Jiang Chen did not stop.

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle flew into a rage. However, seeing Jiang Chen raising his arm again, he hurried to say, "Wait!"

"I'm asking you whether you heard me or not!"

Jiang Chen raised his left arm and gave Blood Shadow Royal Uncle another loud slap.

"Yes...yes, I heard you..." Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said.


Jiang Chen gave him another merciless slap. This time, even Blood Shadow Royal Uncle's nose was broken. His face was totally ruined.

"I heard you! I heard you!" Blood Shadow Royal Uncle could not take any more slaps. He sounded extremely sad and shrill.

Not until then did Jiang Chen let go of him. Standing on the table and looking down at him, Jiang Chen said toughly, "Now, bring your army here. I'll show you what the Sovereign's Power is like."

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle reached for his cheek. Even a slight touch of it would cause him great pain. He was going to find someone to avenge him immediately, but, at the thought of the two generals' deaths, which Jiang Chen had caused so easily, he was scared out of his wits.

"The Martial Sovereign's follower! This is the way a Martial Sovereign's follower should behave!"

The youngsters of the Icy Spirit were all brave people. Seeing what Jiang Chen had done, they felt pepped up.

Jiang Chen jumped off the table and walked toward Blood Shadow Royal Uncle. Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was very frightened. Still sitting on the ground, he kept retreating by moving his hips backward.

Jiang Chen came up to him and gave him another punch. The punch almost killed him.

Then, taking the immortal elixir back, Jiang Chen said, "This is a gift for my bride's family. You think you can take it? Get away, now!"

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle got to his feet and left in disgrace silently.

At this moment, the Icy Spirits all got nervous and upset. The army of the Blood Shadow Dynasty might attack them right away. However, half a minute passed, and nothing happened. This half a minute should have been enough for Blood Shadow Royal Uncle to do everything he needed to do to bring the army.

That meant Blood Shadow Royal Uncle had given up!

After losing two generals and the sacred prince, he stopped being as tough as he was at the start, when he had led the army here intending to destroy the Ice Palace. As for the reason, it was certainly because of the Sovereign's Power Jiang Chen had shown.

"Spirit King."

Jiang Chen came up to the Icy Spirit King, handing him the immortal elixir. This time, even the Cloud Guardian, who was standing next to the Icy Spirit King, was looking at him with awe.

He had come to propose marriage to the princess just the day before. No one was mean to him, as he had expected. However, the Spirits just could not help but show the natural pride they had without knowing it. Now this pride was gone.

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The Icy Spirit King took the immortal elixir. He did not know what to say.

"If the Blood Shadow Dynasty pursues this any further, tell them it was me who did everything." Then Jiang Chen walked back to the bride. He said loudly, "Let's continue the wedding."

Speechless, people thought this man was really mentally strong. However, at the thought of his ability to use the power of the Martial Sovereign, they also felt there was nothing to worry about. They were only confused about one thing—why hadn't Jiang Chen broken out until then? Was it really because what the sacred prince had done pissed him off so much?

People finally started to laugh during the wedding after those from the Blood Shadow Dynasty had left. The youngsters came up to Jiang Chen and the bride one by one to drink a toast to them. For them, what Jiang Chen had done was worth admiring.

The Eight Spirit Clans were ruled by the Blood Shadow Dynasty. Those from the dynasty were always very arrogant. The Spirit had never seen them so embarrassed.

"Time to go to the bridal chamber!"

The youngsters mocked, taking Jiang Chen and the bride to the bridal chamber. Two red lanterns were hanging outside of the room, and a red ribbon was tied to the door.

After pushing them into the room, the youngsters pressed their ears close to the windows and the door. However, a ward was soon deployed in the room. Separated by the door, the room and the outside became two worlds.

In the bridal chamber, everything looked jubilant. Everything was red. It was not commonly seen on this territory always covered by snow. The bride was sitting on the edge of the bed, rubbing her clothes. She seemed nervous.

At the thought of the cause of his death in his previous life, Jiang Chen found that experience had always haunted him. He was afraid he would be stabbed again when he lifted the veil. Of course, he knew that was not going to happen.

Holding two tiny cups in his hands, he walked to the bed slowly.

Hearing the footsteps approaching, the bride started to breathe fast.

"I know you're not my apprentice sister," Jiang Chen said. The bride froze. Her breath slowed down. That was what she was worrying about, but she did not know Jiang Chen had already found it out.

"My name is Nangong Xue." A beautiful voice came from behind the veil.

"Ha, ha, how wonderful. So, you're the Xue'er that the Cloud Guardian and the Spirit King have been talking about. Yeah, even if I wanted to take action against this, I don't really have a good reason," Jiang Chen said in a self-mocking tone.

"You attacked the Blood Shadow Dynasty while knowing that I wasn't your apprentice sister? Why?" the bride asked.

"Answer my question first. How is my apprentice sister now?"

Jiang Chen put one cup on the bedside table and drank the liquor in the other cup.

"The Icy Spirit King will never allow your apprentice sister to be married to a non–Icy Spirit, no matter if it's you or the Blood Shadow Dynasty." The bride answered with pity. She added, "This is not against you. It's only because your apprentice sister is too important to the Icy Spirit. She is the Icy Spirits' future. She will help us to get rid of the tyranny of the Blood Shadow Dynasty!"

"Because she has the supreme Venerable heart?" Jiang Chen asked after hesitation.

"Exactly. We Spirits are different from you humans. We don't get improved step by step. Due to the Spirit body we have, our breakthrough and improvement are always in quantum leaps."

"And for this reason, the hierarchy of the Spirit isn't very stable, especially among different Spirit clans."

"That's how the Kill Talents project started. All Spirit clans are afraid of the sudden rise of a Spirit emperor or even a Spirit Venerable in other clans," the bride explained to him.


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