The Brilliant Fighting Master
902 Did You Hear Me?
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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902 Did You Hear Me?

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was wearing a boa robe which was windproof and snowproof. Squinting his long, narrow eyes, he sounded as if there was no room for negotiation.

None of the Icy Spirits spoke. Everyone was gazing at the Icy Spirit King.

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Blood Shadow Royal Uncle snorted. The air over his head started to distort and rumble. Soon, a portal showed up. Everyone present could see what was there in the portal. 100,000 soldiers were waiting to go through the portal to step onto the Icy Spirits' land. There were so many of them that the troops looked like an endless wave. Their weapons, which were dangerous and threatening, were ready. These soldiers could start a war immediately.

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty is serious!"

People were shocked. The Icy Spirits started to worry about their fate.

"The Icy Spirits don't have a choice," the Icy Spirit King responded at once. Soon, the brocade box with the immortal elixir was passed on to the Blood Shadow Royal Uncle. He opened the brocade box. A smile turned up the corners of his mouth. He took the immortal elixir out of the box to gaze at it.

"You did the right thing," Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said.

As soon as he finished speaking, the portal in the air gradually closed. Later, it completely disappeared. The crisis brought about by the 100,000 soldiers was therefore resolved.

"Royal uncle, why don't we destroy the Ice Palace to teach them a lesson?!" the sacred prince said unhappily.

"Ask me this question when you become an adult." Blood Shadow Royal Uncle did not explain to him what he meant by this.

The sacred prince was not convinced. In his eyes, it was Jiang Chen who had stolen his woman from him.

"Get married now. The Blood Shadow Dynasty will be here to witness the union of these two," Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said.

"Okay." The Icy Spirit King would do whatever Blood Shadow Royal Uncle told him to do.

He could not be as unbridled as Jiang Chen, who could go wherever he wanted. The Icy Spirit King's land was here, and all of his people were here. There was no way they could run away.

"Jiang Chen, I'm sorry for putting you in this position," the Icy Spirit King said.

"Doesn't matter."

If he could, he would have liked to invite his parents, all of his family members, and his friends to the wedding. However, the Blood Shadow Dynasty was so oppressive. He really did not have another choice.

As expected, strength will prevail.

If it were not because of the fear of bad feelings, the Blood Shadow Dynasty would probably really start a war to weaken the Icy Spirits so that they would be removed from the Eight Spirit Clans.

At dusk, a wedding in which no one was laughing started in the Ice Palace.

The two troops of the Blood Shadow Dynasty stayed outside. Blood Shadow Royal Uncle, two generals, and the Icy Spirit King were sitting at the same table. The marriage proposal had only happened the day before, and today the couple was getting married. It was unprecedented.

Jiang Chen really wanted to enter the status of God of Fire Descends to the World to kill all of the soldiers of the Blood Shadow Dynasty. However, if he really did it, he would bring the Icy Spirits great trouble, and no one would thank him for that. There were too many involuntary choices in life. If he were stronger than the whole Blood Shadow Dynasty, he would not have had to worry about those things.

"Bring the bride here," Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said.

Leaving his uncomfortable feelings behind for the moment, Jiang Chen looked over.

Soon, the bride, in a red wedding dress, walked over slowly, following Cloud Guardian.

"Apprentice sister." Jiang Chen murmured. The red wedding veil the bride was wearing seemed to Jiang Chen pretty similar to the masks some people had been wearing in the Title Battle, because he could not see the bride's face or perceive her actual energy.

This seemed reasonable to him, since those from the Blood Shadow Dynasty were there. Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was gazing at the bride too, but neither could he perceive anything.

If it were not for the custom of weddings, he would have sent a subordinate to lift the veil. However, someone else was really going to do that. Knocking on the table, the sacred prince got to his feet. He came up to the bride as quickly as a light beam, about to remove her veil. People were shocked, especially the Icy Spirits. It would be a great shame for them, especially so for Jiang Chen.

Fortunately, Jiang Chen acted in time before the sacred prince could remove the veil. Standing in front of his bride, he grasped the sacred prince's wrist. This time he did not turn to God of Fire Descends to the World. He released thunder and lightning and the Alien Flame, and the sacred prince fell onto the ground, unable to fight back.

"Jiang Chen, I will kill you!" the sacred prince shouted.

"Do you really think I don't dare deal with you?" Looking down at him, Jiang Chen spoke. His look was as cold as ice.

"Do you dare? If you dare do anything to me, however trivial it is, the Blood Shadow Dynasty will not leave you in peace!" The sacred prince felt rather weak physically, but he was still confident enough to talk big.

Jiang Chen squinted his eyes. Still grasping the sacred prince's wrist, he would not let go.

"Jiang Chen, let go of the sacred prince." Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said calmly. The two generals beside him had already gotten to their feet.

"It's my wedding today. This is my bride. No man will tolerate what the sacred prince tried to do." Looking over, Jiang Chen said in a profound voice, "Stop treating me in the way that the Blood Shadow Dynasty is used to. It's useless to treat me in this manner."

"Kill him then." Raising his thick brows, Blood Shadow Royal Uncle put down the cup in his hand.

"What?" His response shocked everyone on the scene, including the sacred prince.

"Royal uncle?"

"Kill him. Kill the sacred prince. Don't you understand what I am saying?" Blood Shadow Royal Uncle stared at Jiang Chen. His look was as sharp as a sword.

Jiang Chen pulled a long face. He was getting angrier and angrier. The anger he had been holding back was about to break out.

"Jiang Chen, don't act on impulse." The Icy Spirit King was anxious, afraid Jiang Chen would really kill the sacred prince.

"No one is allowed to touch my woman. Not even an intention is allowed." Jiang Chen took a deep breath. The Sky-burning Evil Flame rose. He gathered it in the palms of his hands. Instantly, his palms emitted a brilliant colorful light.

The sacred prince screamed. Where he was grasped by Jiang Chen vanished first. Then his whole arm turned to ashes. The fire spread so fast that after devouring his arm, it started to burn his trunk.

"Aaah!" The arrogant sacred prince finally realized that there were some people who were not scared of the Blood Shadow Dynasty's threats.

"Royal uncle, it's your fault!!" That was the sacred prince's last word. Then his face also turned to ashes.

A chilly wind started blowing the sacred prince's bone ash away. In this way, he became nothing left in this world.

The place became deathly silent.

The Icy Spirits were as pale as ghosts, but, at the same time, they felt as if they had finally vented. The sacred prince was really too arrogant. He had been bullying them. Although they tolerated him again and again, in the end he had tried to insult the bride. If Jiang Chen had not done anything, he would have failed to be a responsible man.

"You!" Blood Shadow Royal Uncle, who had trash talked, was startled. He was shaking like a volcano that was about to erupt.


A sharp whoosh came. Jiang Chen came up to the royal uncle's table.

When people looked over, many felt dizzy, because Jiang Chen had seized Blood Shadow Royal Uncle by his throat. He lifted the latter up.

"Today is my wedding day. I don't care what grudges you Spirits have between you. I'll kill whoever pisses me off. 100,000 soldiers are great, huh? Bring them here. I'll kill all of your generals. Let's see what you will say then!" Jiang Chen said.

"He's crazy! They're both crazy!"

With their heads in their hands, the Icy Spirits could not believe what they had seen.

Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was now very high up. He had started to throw his weight around as soon as he had arrived. Not even the Icy Spirit King had the nerve to go against him, but Jiang Chen was seizing him by his throat, lifting him up, and threatening him.

Without any expression on his face, Blood Shadow Royal Uncle looked like a woodcarving. People could see the gloom and coldness in his eyes.


Jiang Chen slapped him across his arrogant face with his other hand.

Together with the loud slap, Jiang Chen's voice could be heard, "Did you hear me?"


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