The Brilliant Fighting Master
901 To Get Married Today
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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901 To Get Married Today

The Icy Spirit had refused the sacred prince in a tough manner the day before, without leaving him any room for negotiation. If the Blood Shadow Dynasty did not do anything about that, they would not have been the rulers of the Spirits, and neither would they have had the power to subdue the Eight Spirit Clans.

Out of the Ice Palace, the dynasty's armies coming from the left and the right side were endless. Even the snowfield was partitioned.

Jiang Chen noticed that the Icy Spirit had not put up any defenses. There were no other soldiers except the royal guard, which did not have many soldiers.

"The Icy Spirit deceived the Sacred Emperor and insulted the dynasty. It's an unforgivable crime."

"Today, if Icy Spirit doesn't give us a satisfactory explanation, the thousands of miles of snowfield here will be reddened by your blood!"

Two generals shouted out threats in profound voices. They sounded like thunder. The Icy Spirit King flew out of the palace, followed by the Cloud Guardian, the Guard General, and others.

"The dynasty is the dominator of the Spirit. The Icy Spirit has no intention of offending you," the Icy Spirit King said, as coldly as always.

"It's not what you told me yesterday!" The sacred prince walked out of the army, holding the same spear he had used the day before. Wearing a golden armor and having a coat draped over his shoulders, he looked extremely brave and majestic.

"Thousands of clans obey the dynasty because the dynasty is strong enough to protect the Spirit." The Icy Spirit King said, "But we won't allow any prince to marry one of our Spiritual Ladies in such a casual way. The dynasty told us to do so and the Icy Spirit collaborated with you, but Xue'er would rather die than agree to the marriage. Besides, Jiang Chen came to propose marriage to her...."

"Jiang Chen? Huh! Jiang Chen, get out here. Are you scared of my military power?"

Irritated at the mention of Jiang Chen, the sacred prince shouted angrily at the Ice Palace.

"You are retarded. Go back and drink your mother's milk." Flying into the air, Jiang Chen was fearless facing the legion formed by thousands of soldiers.

"How dare you! How dare you disrespect the prince!" The two generals stared at him in anger. The energy they gave off was overwhelming.

"He is the prince of the Spirit. Anything to do with me? Are you Spirits so used to being arrogant that you really believe you are the human beings' masters?" Jiang Chen said with a cold smile.


What he said started a great disturbance. The army was irritated. They used a spiritual image to launch an attack. They had so many people, and it was an army that had killed many people. Their spiritual image attack was powerful enough to destroy the world.

A scarlet giant animal appeared in the air, dashing toward Jiang Chen.

"Woooo!" Jiang Chen growled before the spiritual image could approach him. An invisible energy wave spread. It did not only smash the spiritual image, but also drove the orderly army into chaos.

"Jiang Chen, you!" The sacred prince suddenly screamed. Standing behind two generals, he should be very safe. However, it happened so fast that the generals did not come to themselves in time. In the end, people saw Jiang Chen seizing the sacred prince by the throat. Although he did not make too much effort, in the status of God of Fire Descends to the World, he still caused the sacred prince lots of pain.

"Listen up, Blood Shadow Dynasty. Stop assuming the majesty of the tiger. You have no control over me. Neither can you control me. Now since I'm going to marry an Icy Spirit, the Icy Spirit won't fight with you alone." What he said reminded people of who he was. He was the Martial Sovereign's follower, not some average human.

"Let go of the sacred prince!" The two generals said anxiously.

"Anyway, I already killed two of your Spiritual Sons. I don't mind killing another," Jiang Chen said in a cold tone.

By then even the Icy Spirit was not sure what Jiang Chen would do. This man was mad. He might really do it.

"Jiang Chen...if you're strong enough, don't...don't turn to any external force!" Flushing, the sacred prince said in the end.

"Ha, ha. What did you just say? You said I was scared of your military power, but you were shouting hiding behind the army? Now you are accusing me of using external force?"

Jiang Chen could not help but burst out laughing. This sacred prince was really an immature kid. He was using more and more strength. The sacred prince's neck cracked due to the heavy burden, as if it would be broken any time.

As pale as ghosts, the two generals did not dare approach Jiang Chen.

"Jiang Chen, don't act on impulse." The Icy Spirit King said at this moment.

Jiang Chen stopped adding more strength. He hesitated for four or five seconds before he let go of the sacred prince. Then he returned to where he had been.

"Sacred prince!"The generals hurried to come up to the sacred prince to check his situation.

"Kill...kill all of them!" The sacred prince's eyes were bloodshot. Waving his arms, he ordered the army to slaughter the Icy Spirit.

"Icy Spirit, is this the explanation you gave us?!" One of the generals growled in anger. The legion of thousands of soldiers raised their arms to cheer, shattering the frozen snow to pieces.

"The Icy Spirit never agreed to the dynasty's proposal. We only said we would try our best to collaborate. Now Xue'er would rather die than agree to the marriage. And the follower of the Martial Sovereign came to propose to her too. If the dynasty still insists that we give Xue'er to you, it'll be nothing else than trampling on the Icy Spirit's dignity," the Icy Spirit King said in a tough manner.

As soon as he finished speaking, one figure after another appeared from the snow mountain out of the Ice Palace. They were all warriors with strong energies.

"It's Thick Ice Army! Is this a declaration of war?"

These Icy Spirit warriors did not look like living creatures at all. Their skin was crystal clear. Their armor was also made of thick ice.

All of them were Venerables. There must have been tens of thousands of them. They spread across the mountains and surrounded the two armies of the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

"Icy Spirit King!" The two generals were both angry and shocked. In their eyes, the Icy Spirit was too audacious.

"If you want the Icy Spirit to send a dead body to the Blood Shadow Dynasty, where is the position of the Eight Spirit Clans? The dynasty is pushing us too far." The Icy Spirit King suddenly sounded very stern.

"It's me who proposed. If you want to fight, I'll fight with you!" Jiang Chen said proudly.

In an instant, no one responded. The air was charged with tension. Swords and bows were ready. A battle was on the verge of breaking out.

"The Icy Spirit King seems very resolute."

In the crucial moment, a giant figure landed between the two parties.

"Royal uncle!" The sacred prince shouted emotionally.

It was the Blood Shadow Royal Uncle indeed, who had had grudges with Jiang Chen in the past.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"It's not the Icy Spirit who are resolute. We've tried everything. However, the dynasty still insists on the marriage. Isn't it the same as robbery?" The Icy Spirit King said.

"You Icy Spirit are impotent. You can't even change a Spiritual Lady's mind. That's all I can say." The Blood Shadow Royal Uncle was very direct. It was also very arrogant of him to say this in the presence of the Icy Spirit King.

"Send your Thick Ice Army back. What we have here is only the vanguard. We have troops of 100,000 soldiers waiting outside your Spirit Territory. They are perfectly ready. They'll land on the Ice Palace anytime," the Blood Shadow Royal Uncle said.

The Icy Spirit became very anxious.

"Jiang Chen is the Martial Sovereign's follower. He is also the Invincible God of War. If you had turned to any average human, it would be an insult to the dynasty." The Blood Shadow Royal Uncle added. He sounded like they had given up their initial intention.

"Since you, Icy Spirit, went back on your word first, we'll call the whole thing off if you give us that immortal elixir as compensation."

The Blood Shadow Royal Uncle kept speaking, as if it was a one-man show. He did not leave the Icy Spirit any room for negotiation.

"Besides, Jiang Chen must get married with your Spiritual Lady tonight to prove this wasn't an excuse to refuse us."


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