The Brilliant Fighting Master
900 A Large Army Bearing Down Upon The Border!
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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900 A Large Army Bearing Down Upon The Border!

People tended to believe things favorable for them. It was difficult to give up illusions. When a con man was disclosed, his most loyal vindicators were usually those who had been conned by him. As long as they refused to accept that the con man was actually a con man, they could keep believing they had spent the money they had been deceived about in a right way.

Only wise people would wake up right away. Jiang Chen always thought he was cleverer than most people, but even he could not distinguish truth from falsehood.

The marriage proposal group, formed of famous people, did not know the inside story. They were surprised to see the Icy Spirit agreed to the marriage between a human and a Spirit. They came up to Jiang Chen to congratulate him immediately.

The Icy Spirit King said he would organize a grand party to celebrate. At dusk, many humans and Spirits gathered outside the hall of the Ice Palace. Everyone was happy.

The Icy Spirit couldn't have the nerve to play tricks before so many people. Yao Yuntong thought, since the marriage proposal group was formed by so many famous people. The Icy Spirit had agreed to the marriage in those famous people's presence. If he went back on his word, it would have a negative impact.

Jiang Chen expressed his gratitude to every senior who had come here to help him put up the front. He was going to proceed with caution. Members of the marriage proposal group started to leave the next day.

Yao Tianshi was leaving with his daughter to look for their inheritance as well, since he had escorted Jiang Chen to the Icy Spirit smoothly.

"Father, why don't we stay for a few more days?" Yao Yuntong did not feel easy leaving Jiang Chen alone with the Icy Spirit.

"Yuntong." However, Yao Tianshi had made up his mind. He could not stay with Jiang Chen to protect him for the rest of his life. It was unrealistic.

"Yuntong, don't make things difficult for uncle. If it's not safe for me to stay with the Icy Spirit, other places won't be safe for me to stay either," Jiang Chen said.

"It's not the killers from the Nether World School that I'm worried about." Yao Yuntong said in a low voice. The Ice Palace was important for the Icy Spirit. If the killers from the Nether World School assassinated him here, they would have to pay a big price. Even if they succeeded, they would not earn much from it.

"It's all right." Jiang Chen shook his head. Even if something happened between the Icy Spirit and him, he would not want to get this father and daughter involved. This was private between the Icy Spirit and him.

"After today, this will be the center of attention of the whole world. The Icy Spirit won't act recklessly." Jiang Chen said confidently, "If I really want to go, the Icy Spirit won't be able to stop me."

Seeing him like this, Yao Yuntong gave up trying to persuade him. She left with her father reluctantly.

Late that night, Jiang Chen was staying in the depths of the Ice Palace alone. The Icy Spirit did not slight him. Where he was living was usually for the Icy Spirit's most important visitors to stay. Everything seemed perfect. All he needed to do was to wait for three days to meet his apprentice sister.

The next day, the whole Three Middle Realms learned that Jiang Chen's marriage proposal had been accepted by the Icy Spirit, which was unprecedented. Since people had heard about the proposal before, they were not very surprised at the proposal itself. What surprised them was the Icy Spirit had really agreed.

"I'm sure it's because they want the inheritance of the title Invincible God of War."Someone said out of jealousy.

The Spiritual Ladies of the Icy Spirit were all fair-skinned and extraordinary. They were adored by numerous people, just like the Nine Heavens Fairies. However, due to the gap between humans and Spirits, Spiritual Ladies were not for the human race. It was really exciting that Jiang Chen had accomplished the impossible.

When people heard of the bride price Jiang Chen had offered, they even thought it was actually a steal for the Icy Spirit, which was contrary to the common belief that Jiang Chen had tried to get in with the Eight Spirit Clans.

All kinds of rumors regarding Jiang Chen popped up. Some of them were true, while others were false. One of them was especially noteworthy. No one knew how it started. It said Jiang Chen had a divine body.

At first, no one believed it, because Jiang Chen was from the Realm of Nine Heavens. If he had a divine body, it would have been impossible for him to achieve what he had achieved through practicing on his own. However, the rumor was very detailed. It was said that Jiang Chen's divine body was achieved by practicing.

He achieved a pseudo-divine body first through his celestial phoenix genuine blood and the origin of fire dragons, thanks to which no weapon could harm him. It was an amazing body. Then, the pseudo-divine body and his Holy Pulses of Nine Clouds merged further to acquire the divine body. People turned to history books to confirm it, and they found such a method did exist.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

However, not many people believed it since it sounded too absurd. A divine body was difficult to acquire. However, how would a person strong enough to acquire a divine body through practicing do such a shortsighted thing? In addition, according to this rumor, the essence blood of a divine body was a medicine with wonderful effect. No matter whether it was used to practice or to refine elixirs, it would be of great help.

The essence blood of a divine body would emit a golden radiance which contained endless energy. Many people were tempted. If Jiang Chen were not who he was by then, he would have been caught for experiments. However, all these rumors in the outside world did not create any big disturbance in the Ice Palace.

The Ice Palace was so heavily guarded that Jiang Chen had to give up the idea to look around during his stay there. Fortunately, when he said he was leaving the Ice Palace to practice somewhere, the guards did not stop him. They said he was free to do that.

After one night's pondering, Jiang Chen finally tumbled to the Icy Spirit's actual plan. The truth was they had not made any decision yet.

He was surer about it at dawn the next day.

"Jiang Chen." However, at this moment, the Cloud Guardian came up to him. Like the other Icy Spirits, the Cloud Guardian would not get old, so she still looked like a young girl.

"Please don't take what happened before to your heart. We did that for Xue'er's sake," the Cloud Guardian said.

"I know." Jiang Chen did not react strongly. He was not a saint. This woman tried to kill him back then, and she also insulted him verbally. He would not make her pay for it for his apprentice sister's sake, but he would not treat her as a friend either.

"Xue'er has ended her seclusion ahead of schedule after learning of your arrival," the Cloud Guardian said.

Jiang Chen was shocked. He did not anticipate that. And it repudiated his assumptions.

"At the same time, the Blood Shadow Dynasty has sent in troops. They have entered the Spirit Territory of the Icy Spirit from the left and the right side," the Cloud Guardian added.

What happened to the Blood Shadow Dynasty the day before was a crying shame for them. The sacred prince would not let it go so easily.

"The Spirit King is going to hold the engagement party today. Please get ready," Cloud Guardian said.

"Got it. Can I see my apprentice sister now?" Jiang Chen said eagerly.

"No hurry. Xue'er has a spirit heart of supreme level. We can't let the Blood Shadow Dynasty find it out. You'll see her alone after the engagement party," the Cloud Guardian said.


Seeing him react so coldly, the Cloud Guardian was not very happy, but she covered it well.

"The Blood Shadow Dynasty and that disgusting sacred prince will attend tonight's engagement party too."

"No problem. I can handle that."


Then the Cloud Guardian turned around to leave.

Jiang Chen stayed there alone, absorbed in thought. The Icy Spirit could not be lying. The Blood Shadow Dynasty's troops were bearing down upon their border. If this was a show they were putting on, that would cost them too much.

"I see." Jiang Chen made up his mind. He was eager to meet his apprentice sister this night.

At dusk, the Blood Shadow Dynasty's legions formed by thousands of soldiers arrived at the Ice Palace in a storm. This was a powerful army. Their dark golden armors were all of the magic weapon level.

Thousands of these armors would endow the army with great military power even if average people were wearing them. Not to mention that these soldiers were all Venerables.

Those in the Ice Palace felt highly threatened.


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