The Brilliant Fighting Master
899 To Accept His Marriage Proposal
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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899 To Accept His Marriage Proposal

Chapter 900 – To Accept His Marriage Proposal

The youngsters' ranking was an imitation of the strong people's ranking. It was classified by age. Generally speaking, the youngsters' ranking was more eye-catching, because the youth were very competitive, and they were the future.

Besides, strong people did not compete with each other so much. Once they fought, it would usually be a life-or-death fight. That was also one of the reasons that they could not get as much attention as the youth got. However, no one could deny the importance of the strong people's ranking.

In the Three Middle Realms, a ranking list was equal to a fame list, in which contemporary strong people's situations were recorded. They were ranked by their comprehensive abilities. As long as one's name was included on a fame list, one would be respected by 100,000 people.

For example, Shen Junlin was only one step away from the Martial Emperor.

"Tianjue Sword Master Li Xiao, along with Jiang Chen's marriage proposal group, is here to meet the Spirit King."

However, this was only the start. Another voice rang out.

Ranked third on the swordsmen's fame list, Li Xiao was as famous as Shen Junlin.

"Overlord Spear Li Hu, along with Jiang Chen, is here to meet Icy Spirit King." A muffled voice was heard. Any spear user knew who he was. Li Hu was the strongest spear practitioner on the Fame List. He had fought alone with a legion of thousands of people once.

"Nameless Knifeman, nice to meet you." An unusual voice followed. The whole hall was shocked. No one knew who the Nameless Knifeman actually was, including his real name and his background. He was the most mysterious man. He could kill people with only one knife attack. He was so mysterious that it was impossible to track him down or find him, but on this day he came as a member of Jiang Chen's marriage proposal group.

In the hall, the Icy Spirit and the Blood Shadow Dynasty were looking at Jiang Chen like they were looking at a ghost. The Icy Spirit King, as cold as ice, also frowned slightly.

"Spirit Emperor Xiao Xuan is here to meet the Icy Spirit." When this voice was heard, it created a great disturbance in the hall. There were not only human beings, but also a capable Spirit in this marriage proposal group.

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Seeing so many strong people ranked on the Fame List all of a sudden, the Guard General was scared out of his wits. This poor thing thought they had come to attack. In the end, more than 20 tidily-dressed strong people ranked on the Fame List had landed at the door of the hall and were walking into it.

The bald man and the sacred prince were struck dumb. They kept stepping back out of fear. If they started a fight, they did not even have enough people for those strong people to kill.

"Welcome, everyone!" The Icy Spirit King stood up. He did not dare slight so many strong people.

"Icy Spirit King."

The visitors were all very polite. They saluted the host first and then came together behind Jiang Chen. This scene almost made people regard Jiang Chen as the great emperor of the human race leading a group of independent warlords.

Jiang Chen smiled. That was the charm and the strength of an alchemist. It was the Elixir Association who had asked these people to do this favor to come here to put up a front for him. They would not have agreed, but the Elixir Association had become more influential, since it had made immortal elixirs.

Fortunately, these strong people did not know it was Jiang Chen who had made those immortal elixirs. Otherwise they probably would have bothered him.

"Is such a marriage proposal group grand enough for you?" Jiang Chen asked.

The bald man could not say anything. The sacred prince opened his mouth, but did not say anything either.

"Where is your bride price? The marriage proposal group is one thing, but the bride price is another. Where is it?" the bald man said.

He could not say anything since he had realized it was probably the Elixir Association who had invited these people, so he tried to shift the topic.

"It's the bride price that really matters!" he emphasized.

Shrugging his shoulders, Jiang Chen took a roll of parchment paper out of the mustard seed ring.

"This is...?!"

The parchment paper was quite new. People could still smell ink on it.

Thinking of the title Jiang Chen had just got, people immediately realized what it was.

The Cloud Guardian came up to him in person and took the parchment paper with a complicated look.

"This is the instruction of the inheritance of the Invincible God of War," Jiang Chen said.

"Okay. This will be a guarantee for your and Xue'er's future. Your kindness..." The Icy Spirit King said seriously.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha. You are down at heel. Aren't you embarrassed that you are using a piece of paper, an inheritance instruction that you won so hard, as the bride price?!" The sacred prince interrupted the Icy Spirit King with a harsh laugh.

Jiang Chen ignored him. He then took out a brocade box to give it to the Cloud Guardian.

"Oh? What is that? Some treasure you found somewhere accidentally?" The sacred prince sounded scornful in an odd tone.

However, no one took notice of him. The Cloud Guardian came up to the Icy Spirit King with the brocade box.

Frowning,the Icy Spirit King opened it. A brilliant golden light surged out of the box. People could not help but take a deep breath when they smelt the rich aroma of elixir emitted from the box. Even smelling an immortal elixir would bring great benefits.

"Immortal elixir?! That's an immortal elixir!"

The strong people standing behind Jiang Chen could not sit still anymore. They walked up involuntarily.


The Icy Spirit King was given a scare. Thinking they were going to rob the box, he hurried to close it.

However, he lifted a corner of the brocade box again to confirm it was indeed an immortal elixir. Then he showed a rare smile.

"Jiang Chen, do you know the Immortal Alchemist well? Could you introduce us to him?"

The strong people present came up to Jiang Chen full of excitement. Their eyes were blazing.

The Elixir Association invited so many people to help Jiang Chen, and Jiang Chen had just given away an immortal elixir. Of course, people would associate him with the Immortal Alchemist. However, they had never realized it could be Jiang Chen who had made those immortal elixirs, since he was too young.

"Seniors, the Elixir Association doesn't allow me to say anything about it. Please understand," Jiang Chen said.

They were not surprised, but Jiang Chen sounded like he knew a lot about the Immortal Alchemist.

On the other side, however stupid the sacred prince was, he knew the value of an immortal elixir. He could not even close his mouth due to the surprise.

"What do you think?"

The Icy Spirit King put the brocade box aside, looking toward those from the Blood Shadow Dynasty.

Huh! The bald man left with the sacred prince, who did not say anything. They knew it did not make any sense for them to stay there.

"Jiang Chen, how dare you compete with me over a woman! Let's wait and see!" The sacred prince said something funny before leaving.

Jiang Chen had never taken him seriously. For him, the sacred prince was only a clown.

The sacred prince kept yelling out of rage, since he could not get any response.

"Jiang Chen, you can marry Xue'er," the Icy Spirit King said.

Jiang Chen could hardly believe what he had heard. He had been ready to hear the Icy Spirit King's objections again.

Yao Yuntong and Yao Tianshi exchanged a look, also confused.

"Did we overthink on our way here?" Yao Yuntong said.

After soothing his throat with saliva, Jiang Chen said, "Can I see apprentice sister?"

"Apprentice sister? You mean Xue'er? You'll see her in three days. You'll see each other then," the Cloud Guardian said. She had intended to kill Jiang Chen after learning about his relationship with Li Xue'er. She would never have anticipated that one day she would say such things to Jiang Chen.

"Stay with us now. Stay here from now on. We're a family now," the Icy Spirit King said.

Jiang Chen nodded, very happy. However, he somehow felt there was something wrong, but he did not know what it was.

I'm probably just overthinking, Jiang Chen thought to himself.


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