The Brilliant Fighting Master
896 Guard General
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The Brilliant Fighting Master
Author :Zhang Muzhi
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896 Guard General

"You are probably going to be disappointed today." Yao Yuntong stood on the deck, looking at the spiritual land full of ice and snow before her that was comprised of just a single color. When she learned that Elder Bing Shan was in secluded cultivation and linked this matter with other affairs, she detected something, and she believed that Jiang Chen was also aware of it. However, Jiang Chen wouldn't give up before getting a precise answer.

As they continued venturing into the depths of the spiritual land, the temperature was becoming lower and lower. However, all the Ice Spirits they witnessed didn't seem affected by it at all, and they all wore thin clothes as they ran around. There were many cities here, which seemed like sculptures made out of ice, just like in children's fairy tales.

Many Ice Spirits noticed them, three humans on a ship, and couldn't help but start making guesses about their aims.

"Humans! Why have you come to our clan's land?"

"The Ice Spirit Clan's land isn't a place you can come to when you want."

"If you didn't come for an important matter, then just leave!"

A group of Ice Spirit Clan's youngsters landed on the deck and started speaking rudely. They had just run into them inadvertently, but when they witnessed a group of humans flying through their land, they became irritated.Find authorized novels in Webnovel,faster updates, better experience,Please click for visiting.

"Get lost!" Jiang Chen's face was expressionless, and he spoke rudely.

"How daring! What did you just say?" Their leader was infuriated, and he strode forward. He said "You dare to run wild in our Ice Spirit Clan's land? Who are you?" The others followed closely, and they were all infuriated. If Jiang Chen didn't give them a proper explanation, they would all teach him a lesson.

Jiang Chen, who was looking at the distant horizon, turned his head around and said, "I will give you a last chance to get lost."

"Impudent!" The Spirit's power rose drastically, and he planned to make an attack. He was an Ice Spirit and didn't fear anything.

"Don't do it!" Someone recognized Jiang Chen suddenly and had a stunned expression as if he had just sighted a ghost. He pulled his companion close and whispered to him.

"The Invincible God of War Jiang Chen." The Ice Spirit Clan's youngster was so scared that his knees went soft, and his anger disappeared completely.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. We didn't know that it was you."

"We are really sorry for offending you."

"Please don't be upset!"

They all wanted to run away quickly after apologizing. It was only after they realized that Jiang Chen didn't plan to continue with the confrontation that they relaxed and left. After that, they stopped where they had been before and followed the flying ship with their gazes.

"I was really frightened!"

"He's as youthful as the rumors say."

"Do you all think that he would have really attacked us?"

"He dares to kill even the Blood Shadow Dynasty's members, and many Spirits were killed by him."

"He's traveling to the Ice Palace, will he really offer a marriage proposal like the rumors say?"

"What a coincidence! The Blood Shadow Dynasty's bride-escorting team has just arrived."

"This is going to be a good show to watch."

After they discussed this matter for a while, they also flew toward the Ice Palace. The Ice Palace was the Ice Spirit Clan's royal palace, and it was where the royal family resided and the core of the royal power. All Spirit Clans lived by the feudal system.

"Jiang Chen, we can still go back now if you want." Yao Yuntong noticed that Jiang Chen wasn't in a good mood. She didn't know how to comfort people like Ji Yinyi did, and she just spoke bluntly. She didn't want Jiang Chen's hopes to end up thwarted.

Elder Bing Shan went into secluded cultivation and didn't come out. This was already one untruth that he had engaged in. However, Jiang Chen had to assume that Elder Bing Shan went into seclusion because he had a moment of enlightenment. Even if there was little chance that this was true, Jiang Chen would still go to the Ice Palace.

Jiang Chen expressed that there wasn't any need to go back, and they all continued forward.


After a short while, the flying ship entered the Ice Palace's range, and a team of armored Ice Spirits barred the flying ship's way.

"I'm Jiang Chen, and I came here to pay a visit to the Ice Spirit Clan's King," Jiang Chen said.

"Jiang Chen?" This group of guards knew him, and they were all surprised.

"The Invincible God of War Jiang Chen?" The guards' leader asked.

"That's me."

"Please wait here for a while, I will go to notify them. This is one of the Ice Spirit Clan's important regions, and it would be dangerous for you to barge in." The guards' leader wore an amiable smile on his stern face.

"Thank you for your trouble." Jiang Chen heaved a sigh of relief. This affair wasn't as terrible as he had imagined. He had befriended the Ice Spirit Clan in the Title Battle, and he had even indirectly helped their saint get the Future Spirit Emperor's title. When Jiang Chen witnessed the guards' response, he realized that they were grateful to him. The guards who had stayed behind wanted to speak but hesitated. They wanted to question Jiang Chen, but they were afraid of offending him.

"What do you want to know?" Jiang Chen said with a smile.

"When you fought six masked men, what were you thinking?"

"At first, you weren't a match for them, so why did you still continue fighting? Were you confident that you would manage to achieve a breakthrough?"

"You made a great massacre and didn't spare anyone. Did you consider such a matter's consequences?"

When the guards realized that it was easy to approach him, they started inquiring one after the other, and their eyes were filled with adoration and worship.

"What are you doing? Just take a look at yourselves?"

It was a pity that before Jiang Chen replied, the guards' leader rebuked them. The guards were frightened, and they closed their mouths and stood straight.

"You are really... Jiang Chen will assume that we are just a mob if he looked at your current appearance," the guards' leader said, before he revealed a meek smile. He said, "Jiang Chen, did you really come for a marriage proposal?"

"Damn!" The guards wore a disdainful look when they realized that their leader was even more interested in gossip than they were. 

"It seems like you don't have any prejudice against the Human Clan." Yao Yuntong was interested in this group of honest guards.

"Great experts can come from any clans, and it's only weaklings who take pride in their familial or clannish backgrounds," the guards' leader said. Such words were stated by a Spirit, and it was really surprising. It was at this moment that several light beams flew over from a distant place.

"You are really disgraceful! It's really an insult to us that the likes of you have Spirit blood flowing in your bodies." After the light beams came to a stop, a group of mighty soldiers appeared, and their leader started rebuking the guards' leader. Jiang Chen noticed that this Spirit's status was higher than the other. He wore an armor of excellent quality and had reached a high level of spiritualization.

The guards who had left them with a good impression had all lowered their heads and didn't dare to talk back.

Humph! The person speaking still hadn't vented his anger completely, and he directed his sharp gaze at Jiang Chen. "A human like you dares to barge into our land arrogantly and come to ask to see our king? Who do you think you are?"

"Who are you?" Jiang Chen asked.

This person seemed in his 30s and was ice-cold and arrogant. He was really haughty and conceited!

"I'm the general of the royal family's guards who is in charge of all of the Ice Palace's royal guards."

It turned out that all those soldiers were royal guards, and the previous soldiers had belonged to just a regular guard army. There weren't at all on the same level.

"Did you assume that you could run amok just because you got the Invincible God of War's title? A Great Venerable can easily kill you as before," the Guard General said.

"Is that the case? How you will kill me?" Yao Tianshi left the ship's cabin clasping his hands behind his back. He raised his head and looked at this group of royal guards. Upon witnessing such a person appearing, the Guard General's expression changed drastically and became solemn as if he was facing a great enemy.

"All people coming from distant lands are guests. You are a Guard General, yet you have still disgraced the Ice Spirit Clan," Yao Yuntong rebuked him. She never treated strangers well, and she was like this even when Jiang Chen met her for the first time.


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